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It was a really simple dream. Kid and Patty were just walking. He wasn't too sure where they were going or why it was just the two of them going. He couldn't remember if they were walking in a crowded city or in a peaceful park. The whole dream he was focused on her.

He watched her giggle and she told him such silly things. He couldn't remember what she said either or what she laughed about, but the look on her face didn't leave his mind when he awoke later. Kid awoke groggily that morning and wanted nothing more than to go back to that peaceful sleep. He didn't understand why though. It was a pointless dream with no meaning. At least that's what he thought at the moment.

He stood up and let the silly dream slip to the back of his mind. The exact same way he had let the dream of Liz last week slip his mind. Kid sighed. He really needed to stop drinking tea before going to bed. He tried to continue his day as usual.

There was just a nagging feeling as soon as his partners came into view or began to talk. He cautiously watched the two. He even let them walk in front of him instead right beside him. They seemed too involved with their own conversation to notice that he was acting funny he presumed. Kid did what he was best at and over analyzed what it could possibly be.

"Liz, Patty," Kid finally called out, "Who has more souls at the moment?"

Patty let out a loud giggle, "Told ya that's what he was thinkin'!"

Liz sighed, "I guess I owe you a pet hippo. Neither one of us, we are currently equal."

Kid grinned. Ah, what beautiful perfection! They were currently perfectly symmetrical in their gun forms down to the last soul. They were so beautiful…and Patty was very sweet when she wanted to be, but was that better than Liz's maturity? Whose eyes were bluer?

Kid's head automatically tilted. Well, Patty's were a tad bit darker than Liz's, but they almost always had a bit more cheer than her sisters. He couldn't decide whose smile he liked better now. Patty's was very childlike and could make anyone smile back. Liz's was rare though which inadvertently made it more special.

So, he liked Patty's eyes more than Liz's, but Liz's smile beat out Patty's? No, it was the other way around. Wait…damn it, he couldn't decided! Who did he like better Liz or Patty? Neither, his feeling had to be equal to keep balance in their relationship.

'Of course you fool,' Kid thought, 'it's, oh so, very simple. You feel the same for the two. You love both Patricia and Elizabeth.'

Kid's face turned into one of shock. Wait, he loved them? What kind of love? Was it family love? His features quickly crinkled. How many different loves were there? He would have to research. According to-


Kid stumbled back in shock. It took him a second to realize Liz had smacked him dead center in the forehead. Patty was practically dying of laughter on the floor and Liz sighed heavily.

"Honestly, what are we going to do with you?" Liz shook her head, "What was it this time?"

"Kiddo was making stupid faces again!" Patty giggled.

"I apologize, girls." Kid rubbed the spot Liz had hit, "You two should head to class. I'm sure Professor Stein has an interesting dissection planned for today."

Kid put a hand in his pocket and waved goodbye with the other. He turned the heels of his shoes and began to walk toward the library. Surely, that glorious place of books could help him comprehend what type of love he held for his weapons and how common it was.

"Where are you going?" Liz asked pulling him back by the shoulder.

"You're going to wrinkle my jacket." Kid replied, "I have research to do. It's hardly something you'd be interested in."

Liz let him go and shrugged. Patty had jumped up and looked at Liz. They did an annoying telepathy glance and began to walk in the opposite direction of the classroom. He felt it safe to assume that they were accompanying him. Honestly, those two enjoyed any drop of trouble they could get.

Although, considering who he was they wouldn't get into much trouble. He was, once again, behind them, analyzing ever little thing. He squinted as though it'd help him see what he was missing. He sighed and stood up straight. He just didn't understand.

"One," Liz grinned.

Perhaps, he was just tired. Maybe the dream he had was just the sugar in the tea talking.

"Two," Patty giggled.

Was it even possible to love two people in a romantic way? He was sure that whatever book he was to read would say that that was what he was feeling. After all, he was seventeen and he did live with two beautiful girls. Maybe it'd be useless to read any book or ask anyone. This was something he'd have to solve for himself. After all, no matter how much he wished, no words in a book were going to tell him how he truly felt.

"Three," The girls said together before turning abruptly stopping.

Kid gave them a questioning gaze. What could these two mischievous girls come up with this time? He felt himself walk back as both of them kissed him on the lips. Half of his lips were occupied by Patty and the other half by Liz.

What Kid didn't know was that it was the tea talking, in a sense. Turns out, Death the Kid talks in his sleep because of that tea. So, every dream, ever subconscious emotion, desire, and thought was told to the girls at night when he was most vulnerable. Of course, that was Liz's and Patty's secret and they'd never share that knowledge with him.

"Long live the tea!" Patty yelled throwing her fist in the air.

Okay, so they'd give him a hint.

Liz chuckled, "Long live the tea."

"I'm so confused." Kid sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.