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The morning wasn't anything special. The aroma of coffee and breakfast filled the house like every morning. Death the Kid had the newspaper open in front of him and was intently reading it. He sighed and took a sip of his coffee. It was strong and frankly a bit bitter for his liking.

He was startled as he heard footsteps. He then shook his head feeling foolish; it was just one of the girls. After three months he still wasn't quiet used to living with the two.

He set down his newspaper and was surprised to find that Patricia was up first. The younger sister usually liked to sleep in. He had already made breakfast for the two - thankfully he had remembered he lived with them earlier in the morning – so all the girl had to do was drag herself to the plate and sit beside him. She briefly looked at him and slightly tilted her head up as if acknowledging him. He imitated the motion before breaking his gaze and go back to reading the newspaper.

After a minute or so he caught himself looking at her –he often looked at the two like they were from a different planet which was rather ironic, really- and was engrossed in reading her instead. Her hair was a mess as though she hadn't bothered combing it – she hadn't bothered the least, after all the only one downstairs would be him – her blue eyes were a bit watery from just awaking, she sat hunched forward, and practically scoffed down her food to the point of chocking. Interesting indeed. He didn't want to be rude so he didn't comment on how he really wished she'd try to be more symmetrical in his presence or that she should slow down, the food would still be there. His eyes widened slightly at his epiphany.

He looked down at the newspaper guiltily but still watched her from the corner of his eyes. She had grown up in the streets with her sister and there were a lot of times that they didn't have anything to eat – Liz slowly told him their story on the nights she felt chatty- so of course she'd eat like there was no tomorrow, as though it'd disappear before her. He held in a sigh. Why hadn't she gotten used to it? She could eat whenever she pleased here.

'You're one to talk,' a small voice spat at him, 'it's been years and you still can't control your OCD.'

Kid stood up silently and walked toward the cupboard to get the girl a glass. He set the cup down lightly on the counter and opened the fridge. He was momentarily paralyzed. Was she the sister that liked orange juice or apple juice? After a moment of thought he poured her some apple juice and set it in front of her.

"Thanks." She mumbled as she continued to eat.

Kid simply nodded. She was an interesting creature, truly. She had dramatically changed with him. She now acted like when they had first met and he had called her beautiful on the streets of Brooklyn. For a long time she had been rather cold to him – just like her sister back when she believed they would steal from him instead of staying…were they still considering leaving?- she had cursed at him and called him rich boy, but now she referred to him as 'Kiddo' and would usually greet him with a smile and an embrace that made him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. He assumed that early mornings on a Saturday would forever be the exception.

Her eyes seemed lighter too. They used to be empty and dark just like her tone. Now she was bubbly, well most of the time, and would giggle at everything and anything.

"Whatcha readin'?" Patricia finally asked.

Kid blinked, "Uh, nothing really. How was the shopping trip the other day? My apologize for not being home when you got back, I had a lot of work to attend to."

"You always sound like an old man ya know that?" Patty shrugged, "It was fun. Lizzy and I bought tons of stuff. When you didn't come home we thought it might be the perfect time to run off your money' but for some odd reason we didn't."

Kid blinked. She was brutally honest and, oh Lord Death, he loved that. It stung a little now, he wasn't sure why though.

"You couldn't have anyways you don't know the password to the safe." Kid said taking a sip of his coffee, "It'd be fun to see you try though."

"Eighty eight and the word code is Thompson." Patty said seriously before letting out a big grin, "We were flattered. You should have seen Lizzy's blush!"

Kid had the rim of the cup to his lips and let out a small smile. They were by far cleverer than he gave them credit for. Rather fast at work too considering her had just changed it last month – at their request because it was stupidly easy and they needed more of a challenge.

"I would change it again, but I rather like it now." Kid sighed but his facial expression was amused, "How long did it take?"

Patty tapped her chin and looked up thoughtfully with a smirk, "It was 'bout thirty minutes." She looked him directly in the eyes, "Do you want to get robbed from us or something?"

He shook his head, "Of course not. No one wants to be stolen from, but I'm far too curious as how long you'll stay knowing the codes to everything in this house. Plus, if you and Elizabeth were to leave I'd eventually find you. I'm a grim reaper and finding your souls would be quiet easy."

Patty tilted her head slightly, "You talk about that a lot, seeing souls and stuff. What's it look like?"

Kid was taken aback by her question. He paused for a moment and really thought about it. He tried his best to describe it to her and tell her what hers looked like. It was rather hard to explain how he knew what people felt just by their soul. The closet thing she knew about that was Soul Resonance and it wasn't exactly like that.

"Good morning," Liz yawned as she finally made her way to breakfast, "What are you guys talking about this time?"

Patty pouted as though she was disappointed but Kid and Liz caught the mischievous gaze she had, "Kiddo still hasn't called us Patty and Liz. He still says Elizabeth and Patricia."

Liz groaned in disgust. She took out her coffee mug and poured some coffee, milk, and sugar in it. Kid often referred to her coffee as a cup full of diabetes waiting to happen. She took her plate out of the microwave and slowly dragged herself to the table and conversation. The tips of Kid's mouth curved. Both of them were so alike yet as different as the sun and the moon.

"I don't see what wrong with calling you two that. It's your name." Kid defended.

Liz shook her head, "There is something wrong with calling us that. It just sounds so…so," She paused to think of a real reason but only came up with, "wrong and out of place. I don't like it so you'll just have to call me Liz."

"And me Patty!" Patty giggled.

Kid nodded in defeat. He could never win in an argument against them. It confused him sometimes what they thought was wrong and what was okay. Just last week he had entered the bathroom without knocking, a force of habit considering he used to live alone, and Liz and Patty were in nothing more than their undergarments. He hadn't seen anything wrong and began to brush his teeth expecting them to finish changing; he had just assumed neither would mind the other. How wrong he had been, they had practically chased him out and they had thrown quiet heavy objects.

Yet it was more than okay for them to offer to bathe with him two days later. He was so confused.

"I wanna read the funny comics now!" Patty said snapping him out of his thoughts as she snatched the paper out of his hand.

His grip had been stronger than he had thought because he had received a long paper cut from it. He didn't think much of it. He would obviously heal in a matter of seconds. It only stung a little. Patty and Liz, however, reacted quiet differently.

"Be more careful, Patty." Liz had said.

"Sowwy, Lizzy and Kiddo." She pouted and then looked at Kid, "Does it hurt?"

Kid shook his head, "No, don't worry about it. It's already healing see." He showed her his palm and she studied it intently.

"Want me to kiss it?" Patty asked.

There was a moment of complete silence.

"I beg your pardon?" Kid asked dumbfounded.

"Oh, come on," Liz said, "Don't tell me no one has ever kissed one of your cuts or bruises to make it feel better."

"Why would they?" Kid asked appalled, "As far as I know, kisses are a form of intimacy between lovers."

Liz let out a long sigh and Patty giggled.

"Give him some slack, sis." Patty said, "Just three months ago, he had never been hugged."

"I had been hugged." Kid retorted, "I was just never hugged like that. You almost knocked me over."

Liz shook her head, "Whatever, okay? Just listen, a kiss is intimacy between lovers but there is more than one type of kiss. It's still affectionate just not in a romantic way."

"Yeah," Patty said bubbly, "It's suppose to make ya feel better. Sissy used to kiss mine all the time."

She then took Kid's hand into hers and kissed his palm where he had received the paper cut. He looked at his palm in furrowed eyebrows. It had felt nice.

"And he's about to over analyze it." Liz predicted.

Patty nodded, "And then later he'll do something stupid because he still won't understand."

Kid however was so deep in thought he hadn't heard them. He was, as Liz predicted, over analyzing the whole thing.

"So, when someone gets a cut or bruise you're supposed to kiss it to make them feel better? Is it really okay to do something like that? Am I allowed to do it even though I'm a grim reaper?"

Liz simply nodded her head, "Uh huh, anytime someone gets hurt."

It wasn't until three years from then that Liz and Patty would have to explain to the boy that it wasn't okay to do it to anyone other than them especially not another girl and especially not if the said girl had hurt their lips. Soul Evans wasn't exactly forgiving when Kid had kissed Maka on the lips because of the misunderstanding.