This story is a little side project of mine, unrelated to my other stories. I absolutely love the show "Once Upon a Time" and thought it would be fun to do a story about my favorite SVU girls in Storybrooke. But even if you aren't a fan of the show, I think you will still enjoy the story. Give it a shot.

The plot is basically this - after a road trip mishap, Alex, Olivia, Casey and Abbie find themselves in Storybrooke, Maine. They slowly begin to realize this is not a normal town. After one of them goes missing, it's up to the others to learn the secrets of the town and the people in order to find their missing friends. All the while, the Mayor of the town, Regina, sees herself in Alex and Alex's desire for power. She tries to lure Alex to the dark side. Can she resist? And can they find their missing friend?

Set during the current season of SVU and "Once Upon a Time" - the curse has been broken and magic is in Storybrooke.

It's a beautiful August day, and Alex, Olivia, Casey and Abbie are enjoying their third day of total freedom. They have nearly two blissful weeks ahead of them – away from the busy city and their stressful jobs. They are set to arrive at the Cabot family cabin in Massachusetts in five days. But until then, they are enjoying a nice road trip across the East Coast in Alex's Mercedes.

Everyone's laptops and iPhones are in a bag in the trunk of the car – they want no outside distractions during the road trip. This is for them.

Alex is wearing her favorite pair of Rayban sunglasses and opens the driver's side window a little more, allowing the warm wind to come in and completely wreck her perfectly brushed hair. Normally this would trouble her, but today she just grins and turns the radio up louder.

Olivia smiles at her from the passenger seat. "Maybe when we stop for gas, we should get our phones out and find out exactly where we are."

Alex glances at her. "I don't need my phone to tell me that – we're somewhere in Maine. I have a paper map in my glove compartment if you want to look at it."

Olivia rolls her eyes good-naturedly at her. "A paper map? This isn't the 90's, Alex," she says with a laugh. "At least turn on the GPS." Olivia reaches to turn on the GPS system in Alex's car, but Alex places her hands over hers, effectively stopping her.

"Don't turn that thing on. We're fine. Every day we all live by schedules and destinations. We have places to be at certain times. But right now, we're free. We're on the open road, no worries. As long as our phones are in the trunk, the outside world can't bother us. And I rather like not knowing exactly where we are. When we need to start heading for the cabin, I'll turn the GPS on and we'll get our phones. But until then, enjoy this, will you?"

Olivia nods in understanding and leans back in her seat. It's a relief to see the normally stressed and tightly-wound attorney cutting loose and being carefree. It's a rare side of Alex, and a pleasant one. Olivia isn't about to interfere with it.

Suddenly, an electronic sound from the backseat causes Alex to look in the rearview quickly. She has a clear view of Abbie and Casey, and she narrows her eyes, trying to figure out which one of them is guilty.

"One of you has your phone," Alex says, in an accusing tone.

Abbie and Casey are both grinning, and they both shakes their heads. "No – I can honestly say neither of us has our phones. They are being held hostage in the trunk, remember? You put them there," Abbie says.

Alex knows she's right; they have been in the trunk since the last rest stop. The car hasn't even stopped since then. But she knows an electronic sound when she hears one, and she definitely heard one.

"I heard something," Alex says, glancing once more in the mirror. "I thought I declared this car electronics-free for this road trip."

One look at Olivia, and Alex know something is up. Olivia is biting her bottom lip, trying not to laugh.

"Are you in on this?" Alex asks incredulously. "This conspiracy against me?" She's attempting to sound serious, as if having an electronics device in her car is the crime of the century. Olivia shakes her head and turns away, looking out the window, trying to hide her smile.

"Okay, how about this – the first person to confess gets to pick the next restaurant we stop at. No matter what it is," Alex proposes. As a seasoned attorney, she's skilled at laying deals out on the table.

And this deal is particularly tantalizing. It's dangling in front of Abbie, Casey and Olivia, demanding to be snatched up and cashed in.

Casey is the first to give in. "Okay, fine."

"No!" Alex yells in objection, knowing that Casey biting first means they are going to be subjected to a greasy burger joint on their next stop. "Anyone else, please!"

Casey ignores her. She holds up an iPad. "Abbie smuggled in her iPad. We were playing Trivial Pursuit…and Angry Birds."

"Casey!" Abbie says with a laugh. "Really? Did you have to tell her we were playing Angry Birds? Of all games?"

Alex starts to laugh. "Wow, Angry Birds, huh? I don't think I can be friends with either of you knowing that you play that."

"Abbie has an insane high score. She must play it all the time."

Abbie is laughing so hard she can barely speak now. "Honestly, Casey! Shut up! Everyone doesn't need to know I have no life."

Alex takes one hand off the wheel and reaches towards the back. "Surrender the iPad."

Casey hands it to her and then sits back, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "I choose a hot place for our next stop." The car is filled with groans.

They drive for another hour before the stop. And this time, they don't stop by choice.

They have just passed a sign that reads "Welcome to Storybrooke". The road is surrounded by woods on either side, and they are the only car within sight.

"Storybrooke?" Olivia says in amusement. "Interesting name for a town."

The 'check engine' light suddenly lights up, and moments later smoke starts coming out of the hood of the car.

"Shit," Alex comments, pulling over immediately. "The car is overheating." The smoke gets worse until Alex cuts off the engine and removes the keys from the ignition.

"Maybe you're out of coolant," Abbie suggests.

Alex turns around and faces Abbie. "How do you check for that?"

Abbie smiles at her. "Pop open the hood – I'll look. I know a little."

Casey suddenly giggles. "She probably doesn't know how to open the hood."

"Hilarious, Casey," Alex throws back, reaching down for the lever and popping the hood as Abbie gets out of the car. As Abbie walks by Alex's open window, Alex yells out, "Do you really know what you're looking for?"

"Just a little," Abbie admits, propping open the hood and leaning in to take a look at the engine.

"I think it's time to get those phones," Olivia says with a wink, reaching across Alex and pushing the button to release the trunk before Alex can object.

Casey beats Olivia to the trunk. By the time she gets there, Casey has the bag unzipped and has her phone in her hand. She looks up at Olivia with a frown. "I'm not getting any service."

Olivia quickly finds hers, and to her dismay discovers the same. She sighs and picks up Alex and Abbie's phones, checking them both. Out of four phones and three different phone services, not one is picking up a signal.

Olivia stops in front of Alex's window to deliver the bad news while Casey goes to the hood to give Abbie a hand.

"Do you know what the problem is?" Casey asks a very confused looking Abbie. She follows Abbie's gaze at the engine, having no idea what she is even looking at. The extent of her automotive skills is checking the oil and washer fluid in her own car; everything here looks foreign to her.

Abbie looks at her and laughs lightly. "Not really, no. I thought I knew how to check for coolant. Turns out I don't."

Casey laughs. "Aw, you don't have mad car skills? That makes you less of a woman, for sure."

Abbie closes the hood, no closer to know what's wrong than she was when she was actually in the car. "I guess we call someone then."

"Guess again – no service on the phones."

Seconds later, Abbie and Casey have joined Olivia and Alex, who has gotten out of the car and is leaning against the driver's side door. "Can't fix it, Carmichael?"

"Afraid not," Abbie reports. "I'm sorry."

Olivia hands the phones out and everyone tries theirs once more before throwing in the towel.

Alex sighs heavily and goes around to the trunk, her friends following her. "I guess we'll have to leave the car and go find a working phone or a mechanic – whichever comes first." She opens the trunk and pulls up the felt inside, exposing a hidden compartment underneath. "I'll hide our laptops here so we don't have to carry them, and then I'll lock the car. Everyone grab their purses."

They do as they're told, and stand by as Alex locks up the car and pockets the keys. "Come on – let's see what Stroybrooke has to offer."

So what did you think? After this chapter, the story will be told from alternating POVs. This chapter just set the tone of the story. Leave me a review and let me know if you want me to continue!