The Baby Maker

Chapter One – The Old Couch In The Attic

Teresa Lisbon was ecstatic when she found her old red couch. She had had some idea long ago that it was up here, in the deeper part of the attic behind some old files and racks, but she honestly never thought she'd ever see it again.

Of course, she was wrong. And she was quite delighted to be so.

Smiling, Lisbon ran her hand over the smooth surface of the fabric. She closed her eyes and hummed at the feeling of being reunited with a long-lost…companion?

Is companion even the correct word for a couch? She wondered idly, and her mind drifted over to how much time Jane spent on his old leather one in the bullpen.

"Ah, getting reacquainted, I see."

When Patrick Jane made a sudden appearance, Lisbon couldn't help but jump a little. Yes, the man spent as much of his time up here in the attic – even after Red John had long since died – but he still surprised her for some reason. Mostly because she hadn't been up here in a while and he was either absent (possibly up in the attic, she knew) or on his couch in the bullpen.

Lisbon blushed a little and looked down at her old couch. "Yeah, I just never thought I'd see it again."

He held a cup of tea in that little blue teacup of his, and she could have sworn her heart sped up a little when he lifted the piece of porcelain to his lips to take a small sip. And he did it in an elegant manner, too.

Jane moved closer until his back leaned up against one of the neighbouring racks. "It's been up here all this time." He looked around the attic and grimaced a little at some cobwebs here and there.

She shrugged, "I'm never on this side."

Seeming to weigh her words in, he nodded his head back and forth before taking another sip of his tea. This time it was quite a generous sip, rather than before. It almost seemed like he was preparing himself for something.

And that was…kind of nerve racking, in all honesty. When he gets a certain look in his eye, it can be quite dangerous.

Jane set his tea aside, on a nearby shelf, as he moved away from the rack he was leaned against. Fiddling with his jacket, Jane smiled at her and she felt some sort of…fear? Excitement? When her husband gave her that look she knew he was plotting something.

"I want to test a theory of mine."

She blinked. "A theory?"

Jane drew his lips into a thin line and nodded. "Yes, a theory that I have had for quite some time."

Lisbon quirked her eyebrow at him.

"What theo—."

She was cut off when his hand cupped the back of her neck and when his lips were placed over hers. At first, she was a bit surprised. Their boss, Agent Michael Hartson, made it explicitly clear that they were not to engage in any sort of office romance. They had to keep that all at home, for the most part. Though, that didn't stop her husband from stealing a kiss (or a feel) every once in a while.

When she finally returned to her senses after the initial sensation of his lips over hers, Lisbon's eyes slipped closed and she moved so that her hands would slide through Jane's hair. His other hand, the one not holding onto the back of her head, wrapped around her waist and pulled her petite body closer to his.

Both of their jackets had been shed long before he un-tucked her shirt and ran his slightly calloused hands over the length of her back. His fingers took special notice of each and every vertebrae, almost as if he were counting each one.

His lips moved to her ear and she trembled. This was not a good idea, she knew it, but she nevertheless allowed him to have his way with her here, on her old red couch in the creaky attic. And when it was all over, she lay predominantly atop his body, her head on his chest. Their hands were clasped and she could have sworn that she saw a slightly smug look on his face as he drifted off into a light slumber.

That was another attribute of Red John no longer being a bother in their lives. Patrick Jane could finally find the time to go away to dreamland and take her with him on a glorious adventure.

You guys have no idea how bad I spazzed out typing this author's note. On the next bit of this note, I want to say that this story is complete and super short (as you can tell already, as the actual story is tiny). This was actually written last year and just sent ahead to Holly (BrownEyesParker). I hope you enjoy! :)