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Chapter One - Smiles

Katniss smiled. She loved her little sister so much. Everything about her just made Katniss so happy. She especially loved it when her baby sister laughed or flashed a smile. Katniss would count the gaps from the baby teeth that her sister had lost. She loved every little thing about her little sister. Especially her name, because Katniss had named her herself.

Primrose. That's we she named her, after the beautiful flower. But she decided to call her Prim for short. She thought it was a beautiful name for a beautiful baby, but when she told her parents her idea, they looked at each other, confused, and asked Katniss what she was talking about. But eventually, she convinced them to name the baby Primrose. That was about seven years ago, when Prim was first born. When Katniss was four.

Katniss was so lonely at that time. Her parents were always too busy to pay much attention to her. That's why she was so excited when Primrose was born. Well, she thinks Primrose was born. Honestly, Katniss really has no idea how Prim came to be. One day, she was just there. But Katniss didn't question it. She was far too excited to wonder how it had happened.

"Do you know what you want for your birthday?" Katniss asked, she braided Prim's hair.

"I don't know." Prim shrugged. "I don't really want anything. Having you as a sister is all that matters."

Prim smiled her heart-warming smile, and Katniss smiled back. Her sister, even at the age of six years old, was so mature and sweet and all, entirely hers.

"Maybe Mom and I could make you something special for dinner," she suggested. "What would you want?"

"What's your favorite dinner?" Prim asked.

"Lamb stew, I think."

"That's my favorite, too," she said automatically, smiling sweetly.

"Great!" Katniss said, as she finished Prim's hair. "I'll go ask Mom right now, if we can do it."

Katniss slid off of her bed and ran toward the door, closely followed by Prim. They ran together all the way down the stairs, but they stopped at the kitchen doorway. Katniss looked in and saw her parents sitting at the kitchen table, their backs facing her. They were talking quietly, they looked upset. Mrs. Everdeen even came close to tears, but her husband stopped her quickly and whispered something to her.

"Go in," Prim whispered. "Just go in. We can cheer them up."

Katniss nodded and followed Prim's instructions. She walked into the kitchen, and her parents stood up and turned around quickly. Katniss smiled and playfully pulled the paper out of her father's hand. He went to grab it back, but his wife stopped him. Katniss looked down at the paper carefully. It appeared to be some kind of brochure. At the top, it read "Panem's Home For The Mentally Ill". The rest was too long, and Katniss didn't care to read it all, so she looked up at her parents.

"What's this?" she asked, pointing at the paper.

Her parents exchanged a worried glance, but they said nothing for a few seconds. Finally, her father faked a smile and rushed over to the kitchen counter. He picked up a candy and held it up.

"Want a lollipop, Katniss?" he asked.

"Okay." Katniss shrugged, as her father handed it to her. She looked over at Prim, who was now staring at the ground sadly. "Wait, doesn't Prim get one?"

The smile disappeared from her father's face, and her mother looked as if she was about to cry again. She sighed and took a step toward him.

"Kaiser, don't-"

"It's all right," he cut her off. "If Prim wants one, Prim can have one."

He cleared her throat and slowly reached for another lollipop. Just as slowly, he handed it to Katniss, who smiled gratefully. She then turned to Prim, who was also smiling slightly.

"Here, Prim!" Katniss said, holding out the lollipop for her. "Here, take it."

Prim reached out for the lollipop. But just as Katniss let go of it, it fell to the ground. Prim frowned and bent down to pick it up, but she still could not manage to hold onto it. She sighed and looked up, obviously embarrassed.

"I'm too klutzy." She blushed. "Could you carry it for me, Katniss?"

"Sure." Katniss picked up the lollipop and turned to her mother, who still had tears in her eyes. "Maybe, she needs glasses!"

Her parents said nothing in response, so Katniss shrugged and told Prim to follow her, as she opened the back door and ran into the yard. Together, they ran for their father's hammock, which was tied to the two trees at the far end of their yard. Katniss climbed onto it first, then reached down to pull Prim up next to her. They both lied down and stared up at the sky.

"Mommy still doesn't like me," Prim said quietly.

Katniss sighed. She always tried to comfort Prim and tell her that their mother did love her, but it wasn't true. Every time her mother hugged her before bed, she refused to hug Prim. If Katniss even asked her to watch Prim, her mother would give her a funny look, shake her head, and walk away. Her mother would never even feed Prim. So, Katniss had to take care of Prim since the day she came to be. She hugged her and kissed her and did her hair and fed her. She tried to be everything a mother should be, but she knew that deep down, Prim wanted their real mother's love as well.

"That's not true, Prim," Katniss lied.

"Yes, it is. She loves you more than she'll ever love me."

"I'm not even sure that Mom loves me."

"She does, Katniss. She loves you, she loves you so much."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah." Prim nodded, as she rested her head on Katniss's shoulder. "She really loves you."

"Thanks," she said quietly.

"Any time." Prim smiled at her older sister. "I'll always be here for you, Katniss. I'll always be here to help you."

"I know you will, Prim."

And Katniss smiled again. She could not have asked for a better sister.