A/N: So an anonymous reviewer named Talexx pointed out that Aunt Taffy actually sells candy to one other adult besides Mido: Emmy. I hadn't talked to Aunt Taffy that much in my game, so I went and found her...and sure enough, she offered Emmy a basket of candy if she ran around the market in less than a minute. Since Talexx is anonymous, I can't PM them to say thanks for pointing that fact out to me. So I decided to write a bonus chapter and dedicate it to them instead.


Aunt Taffy usually didn't mind the color yellow. Yellow was a happy color, a warm color, a color that usually didn't make her feel as though she would fall over in a twitching stress pile if she saw it just one more time...

And just her luck, yellow came in the form of Emmy Altava.

Taffy had dealt with two types of adults in her life: regular and persistent. Regular adults usually asked for candy and gave up after being denied only once. Persistent adults usually asked for candy, came back at least one other time after being denied, tried to bribe Taffy, and then gave up after realizing that she didn't give in easily. Now it seemed a though the candy maker had come across a third category: Emmy Altava. Emmy had been to Taffy's stand about nine times since her arrival in Misthallery, and although she had been denied each time, the woman had returned every day just as hopeful as before. And each and every time, Taffy had to stare at that bright yellow jacket as she explained once again that she would not sell candy to Emmy because she was an adult. She was starting to feel like a broken record, and the excessive exposure to the stupid color was giving her a headache. Any other adult no matter how persistent would have given up by now, so why hadn't Emmy?

Taffy rubbed at her temple in annoyance. She was too old to have to deal with such exhausting circumstances. She instead focused on a calming thought: it was already past noon, and there had been no sign of the category 3 nuisance anywhere. Maybe she wouldn't come at all. Taffy closed her eyes, crossed her fingers, and hoped for this to be true. Maybe she could finally give her eyes a rest from that dreadful yellow, and maybe she could actually relax and not have to repeat her "no adults served" speech for the umpteenth time, and maybe—

"Hiya, Aunt Taffy!"

Oh no, I hoped too soon. Taffy opened one eye and caught a glimpse of bright yellow. No. She wasn't doing this today. "I've already told you, no candy!"

Emmy Altava stared at the candy-maker with determination. "I know, you've reminded me nine times, but there must be something I can do to persuade you differently! Luke keeps rubbing the fact that he can buy your candy in my face, and I need to prove him wrong!"

Yeesh, by the way she acts you'd assume she was a child herself. And now she's pulling the "will work for candy" bit. Taffy rolled her eyes.

Emmy sensed the disbelief, "I'm serious, just name it and I'll do it."

"Alright: run around the market in less than one minute and I'll give you a whole basket of candy."

The yellow clad woman raised an eyebrow, then slowly made her way to the entrance of the market. Taffy smirked. The request was so ridiculous that no one would ever actually do it. and judging by the way Emmy had walked away, Taffy had a feeling that the woman wouldn't be coming around too much anymore.. After all, she had been denied ten times now. Her spirits at this point could not be too high. Maybe now Taffy would be freed of the Emmy Altava curse for good, maybe Emmy would be so devastated she would leave as soon as tomorrow, maybe now Taffy could go back to her norma life, maybe now—

Taffy's thoughts were interrupted by a blur of yellow and the sound of heavy panting. "I...I did...running...whole...market big, I..."

Emmy trailed off to catch her breath, leaving the older woman to stare at her in shock. "Wait...you seriously just ran around the whole marketplace?"

"Tha...That's what you told me to do."

"I...Wow." Taffy wasn't sure what to say. An adult had actually ran around the entire marketplace in less than minute because they had been promised candy. No other adult that Taffy had ever met was that eager to get candy. Not even Mido was that eager to get candy, and that was saying something. Maybe Taffy had judged the woman in the yellow jacket too early.

Emmy had begun to catch her breath as she asked, "So, may I have some candy now?"

She even said "May I" instead of "Can I", Taffy thought, shaking her head in disbelief. "You sure can. One basket of candy coming right up!" The old woman quickly put together a basket of some of her best sweets. "You're different than most adults, you know."

"Oh. Thanks!" Emmy said, too distracted by her delicious gift to pay attention to Taffy's compliment (or what she assumed to be a compliment). "I can't wait to brag to Luke!" And with that, she was off, a blur of yellow left in her wake.

Maybe Taffy would re-consider her policy. If there were more adults under the Emmy Altava category, she wouldn't mind serving them. Of course they'd have to prove their placement by running around the market place in less than a minute, but it'd be a nice source of entertainment for the old woman.

Taffy smiled at this thought, then closed her eyes. The brightness of Emmy's jacket was still engrained in her memory, but she didn't mind so much anymore. In fact, yellow seemed to be the old woman's new favorite color.