A little fluffy drabble for Herolunchboxes over on Tumblr

"Red Hood, we have a problem"

Great that was the last thing he needed: a Bat problem. He was supposed to be meeting Tim for some information swapping and making out in approximately two minutes and forty seven seconds, and he was already late.

Stupid Gotham and her never ending crime. He had stopped five muggings on his way there, five, which is making him late and; Tim like punctuality… and he likes Tim so…

"Dickybird what is it? I'm on my way to an important meeting, are you sure you can't handle it yourself?"

He hears an exasperated sigh on the other end of the comm, meaning that he was probably the last person Dick had tried to contact, and the only person to pick up.

"I would, but he starts screaming every time I try to get near" he? He who?

"Nightwing what are you talking about?"

"Tim, he's been de-aged, looks about six… I can't get near him… he looks at me like I'm a ghost."

"Oh...!" he started running, if he was correct Tim would have already been waiting for him on the top of the theatre in Park Row. For once he loved Babybird for his OCD.


"Dick, I don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but you've grown up to look a hell of a lot like your father…"

"Yeah… but what's that got to do with anything?"

"Dick, Tim suffered from nightmares about the Flying Graysons' deaths until he was fourteen… he probably does think you're a ghost"

"Ah crap, what am I going to do?" Jason sped up, checking his watch.

"Hang tight, I'm three minutes out."

The pair were easy to spot on the vast expanse of Tim's rooftop. Jason took off his hood, mask and guns; discarding them in favour of a kind smile and soft eyes. Dick backed off, giving Jason room to move if Tim ran and letting him get much closer to their brother than Dick ever could.

"Hey there, Timmy is it?" the small child looked up at him, bright blue eyes shining with tears, and nodded. "Are you okay there?" this time there was a hesitant, minute, shake of his head. "Is it my brother here? Are you scared of him?" Tim nodded, and then shook his head.

"Is he real?" it what a quiet and harsh whisper, only audible to Jason because Tim was starting to move closer and closer to him.

"Very real Timmy" The small child, dressed only in Tim's, now too big, undershirt, shuffled cautiously towards Dick, poked him and ran back hiding behind Jason "You okay?"

Tim nodded and tugged Jason down just that bit further from where he was already crouched until they were both at the same height. Cupping his hands around his mouth, Tim whispered in Jason's ear

"Are you Batman?"