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Rapunzel, Merida and Hiccup found Jack Fatty Frost sitting at the Slytherin table stuffing his face with every kind of food he could find. "Sthey Guyths!" Jack grumbled through a mouth full of food, taking a big and loud swig of pumpkin juice, he reached for a plate of Empire Biscuits and tossed some onto his pile of collected foodstuff, his Slytherin housemates were inching away from Jack, protecting their food from his black hole of a stomach.
His three friends gave each other knowing glances, grinning wildly; they hopped into the table next to Jack, digging into his collection of delicious food, laughing as they toasted their cups that were filled to the brim with sweet pumpkin juice.

Flynn Ryder smirked at the laughing friends and marched right over to them, "Hey Blondie, how's your day going?" Rapunzel turned around and rolled her eyes at his unbelievable smolder, "For the one millionth time, Flannigan Rider, my name is Rapunzel, and will you please leave me alone?!" Flynn laughed and stroked his chin, with a smirk, he grabbed the apple out of the blonde's hand and took a big nasty bite, "I love it, when they play hard to get." Rapunzel was so angry she was speechless, "Ugh!" She growled in frustration, "You have been following me around all day! Leave me alone!" If only she had her frying pan…

Fed up with Flynn and a bit annoyed that her lunch time was being interrupted, Merida stood up, her cheeks as red as her hair and held a chicken leg to Flynn's nose, "Listen here you pretty boy-" Merida began, a cold hand was placed on her shoulder, "That's quite enough, Merida." The flaming haired girl spun around to see a pale-skinned Ravenclaw student standing tall behind her, there was also a smaller ginger-haired Hufflepuff girl, standing next to her, the Hufflepuff gave a small smile, "Hi there, sorry to burst in on your beat-down, but I think my sister can take that from here, right Elsa?" Elsa was staring Flynn Ryder down, her icy blue eyes staring into his own light brown ones, suddenly Flynn felt vulnerable. "If I ever catch you trying to lead on another girl again, you will be sorry." Flynn froze, but kept his ground, brushing off his shoulders, "Pfh, whatever." He murmured and casually walked away, hands in his pockets.

"Whew!" The Hufflepuff girl exclaimed, breaking the moment of tension, "How awkward was that?" The four friends looked at the girl curiously, "And you are…?" Rapunzel asked, taking a swig of pumpkin juice from her goblet, the Hufflepuff girl blinked, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Anna Arendelle!" The girl named Anna introduced, "Uh-huh, and who's the scary pale girl, who probably scared Flynn Rider for the rest of the school year?" Hiccup asked, to whom Anna laughed, waving a hand at the fish bone boy. "I'm sure he's fine, and um, this is my sister, Elsa." The pale girl shifted her weight from one foot to the other awkwardly, looking like she didn't want to be there.

"Nice to meet you all." Elsa stated flatly, "Sister of mine, I will go, um…" Elsa trailed off, the four friends were staring at the pale girl expectantly "I will go and eat my supper now, Anna, until we meet again…" Elsa quickly dashed off to the Ravenclaw table and sat where she could be alone; the four were flabbergasted, how could this girl act so Gryffindor strong one moment and then run off like a baby lamb the next?

"Oh, ha, I'm sorry about that, Elsa doesn't cope well with new people…changing the subject here…may I ask all of your names?" Rapunzel grinned and held out her hand, beaming like crazy, "I'm Rapunzel Gothel, first year in Ravenclaw!" She stated proudly, Merida was next to shake hands with Anna, "And I'm Merida Dunbroch, pleased to meetchya!" Anna beamed, taking Merida's hand, "Ooh, you're Scottish?" Merida nodded, pumping her chest, "And proud of it!"

"Hey, I'm Hiccup Haddock," Hiccup gave a toothy grin and held out his hand, "I like your name! Very interesting." Anna winked, shaking the boy's hand, "Thank you, everybody else makes fun of me for it." Anna frowned, her eyebrows drawing together, "Well, that's not very nice; I bet you are a very unique person, Hiccup." Hiccup blushed a bit, hiding his hands behind his back, Jack was next and he seemed very eager to shake hands with the Hufflepuff girl, "Hello! My name is Jack Frost! I love the food here!" Anna laughed, these students were really fun to be around, she made a note to herself to hang out with them more, "Me too, especially when they put out the chocolate!"

They five of them laughed, and Anna took a note of the four friends, there was Rapunzel Gothel, a girl with long lengths of golden hair. Merida Dunbroch, an interesting girl with a fiery personality. Hiccup Haddock, a scrawny boy with a unique name, and then there was Jack Frost, with his love for food, Anna chuckled to herself, there seemed to be more to them, then meets the eye. How interesting, she mused.

"Well, I guess, I will be heading off now, it was nice to meet you all, and I hope to see you all very soon!" Anna beamed.

The four waved goodbye and returned to their food, "Anna seems really nice." Jack mumbled, munching into an Empire Biscuit, crumbs were flying from his mouth, Rapunzel nodded, "So does her sister, Elsa, it was nice of her to get Flynn to stop bothering me," Hiccup scoffed, "I doubt he's going to stop bothering you forever, he seemed like he was really devoted to you, back there." Merida laughed obnoxiously, "Ah bet he's like that with every lass."

The four friends laughed and began to talk to each other about their first days of school, the Headmaster smiled fondly down at the four, "It seems like Jack is having good fun here, that's good, very, very good." He stroked his beard thoughtfully, "I wonder what will become of Jack and his new friends?"

Suddenly, the wooden doors of the Great Hall flew open, Professor North suddenly stood up, alert fired in his old blue eyes, "What? What is it?" Professor Toothiana asked in panic, her little fairies were flying around in a panic. Professor North narrowed his eyes, "I feel dark magic here."

Professor Dingwall came running into the Great Hall in a panic; his dark green kilt was flapping about as he ran, "TROLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!" He cried, running down the tables of the houses, Headmaster North gave a deep sigh, sitting down in his chair, "Dingwall, we will not tolerate the use of pranks in Hogwarts, especially if they are about trolls, too many teachers and students have played that card so many times, let this be a warning to you." Dingwall suddenly calm, he was out of breath, "Yes, I won't-no, I was wrong! There is a dragon flying about the Quidditch fields! He is burning everything to the ground!"

Hiccup gasped and he immediately thought of his Toothless, "I really hope he's not talking about Toothless." Jack murmured, worry was rising in his voice; Hiccup gave the snow-haired boy a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, Toothless would never do such a thing, besides, he's safe under the bed in my room, and I'm pretty sure Dingwall is just trying to prank us."

A faint roar was heard in the distance, the room went up in whispers and murmurs, Professor North suddenly stood up, "Professor Toothiana, place fire-safe spell on castle, I go to round up teachers, for possible fighting and extinguishing, I'll ask Professor Sprout for powerful, sleeping herb potion, I'll meet you at Quidditch fields."

Amidst all the chaos, Hiccup jumped up from the Slytherin table and ran for the Great Hall doors, almost bumping into a frightened Dingwall, "W-Wait! Hiccup! Where are ya goin'?" Merida yelled, running from the table, Rapunzel stared after the two in panic and surprise, "Where are they going?!" She yelled over the clamor of the students, Jack bundled up most of Rapunzel's hair into his arms and gave her a smirk, "I'm not sure Punzie, but if we follow them, I'm sure a new adventure is sure to begin!" Rapunzel's flabbergasted look was replaced by a confident smile. "Let's go!" She exclaimed.

As soon as Rapunzel and Jack disappeared behind the doors of the Great Hall, Professor North took out his wand, "QUIET!" He exclaimed, raising his arms, all the flames of the candles in the room suddenly flared up, surprising and frightening the students, who finally clamored down, they were all scared stiff and jumped as another roar was heard in the distance.

"Everyone please, do not panic. Now, Prefects will lead their houses back to dormitories. Teachers, follow me to Quidditch fields."

Finally catching up to Hiccup and Merida, Rapunzel and Jack struggled to carry the golden hair in their arms, "Where…are you guys…going?" Rapunzel asked breathlessly, almost tripping on a crack on the floor, "I need to check up on Toothless," Hiccup replied, eyes set on the hallway in front of him, "I hope he's not the one wrecking the Quidditch fields." Hiccup continued, his voice full of worry. Rapunzel and Merida looked shocked, "Wait, what?!" They exclaimed in unison, halting the running group.

Jack winced, they had never told Merida or Rapunzel about Toothless, Hiccup sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "You guys have to promise not to tell anyone, I'm not even kidding, you can't even tell your mom." Rapunzel and Merida nodded, crossing their hearts and swearing they wouldn't tell a soul, Hiccup took a deep breath, "Toothless is my dragon…" He trailed off, "We already got that part, laddie." Merida chuckled; Hiccup shot her a look and continued,

"Long story short, I decided to bring him here as my pet and cast a shrink spell on him so I could pretend he was a cat, that way, he wouldn't get lonely while I was here, at Hogwarts." Hiccup finished, looking down, "Sorry I didn't tell you two earlier…" An awkward silence filled the air, "Wow! You've got your own dragon, Hiccup?! Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Rapunzel exclaimed, Merida grinned, "Yeah, Ah want to see this 'Toothless' for myself!"

Hiccup smiled, "Okay then, off we go!" He exclaimed, running down the hallway.

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