Yoshizilla's the only one who's wrote anything for this character.

I intend to change that. Yoshi's everywhere... EVERYWHERE. But he does make a good point, why isn't there anything about these people? What, do you need any MORE Mr. L fics? DO YOU?

You can throw me down,

Why couldn't he just turn fast enough? Mario dashed behind him, making it very hard for the King to even see the plumber. Of course, the next thing he knew he was being picked up, and his arms flailing in the air.

You can hurt my pride,

The King of Bob-ombs hated the helpless feeling this experience gave him, it became an even bigger insult when you considered how low quality Mario's mustache was to his. Then, despite Mario's not that high on the strength meter, it was enough to toss him into the air, and BAM. The cold, hard, ground.

You can make me frown,

The power star inside of him was energizing, but it might not be enough. King Bob-omb stomped in fury, causing a mild tremor. Mario shook his head back and laughed, running and jumping like a fool. Wait for the right moment, and! He'd caught Mario in his arms.

But you can't remove my power that's inside,

Yes! He swung around, causing the Italian to yelp. Then he loosened his grip and whoosh, the plumber went flying through the air, to a painful fall off of the mountain.

"I won because my mustache is superior!"

Of course, he'd be back in a few minutes. But the King didn't matter, he'd take as many victories as he could scrape.