Forbidden Love

By: BubblyBliss

Summary: Title says it all. Boomer and Bubbles hide their relationship from their sibblings, thinking that they won't let them be together. but what happens when they find out? and reds and greens are friends but they don't wanna tell their brothers or sisters because they think nobody will allow it? And they're falling for each other, too... Please R&R. Flames welcome!

Pairing: Blues. Blues are the main ones but there will also be Greens and Reds.

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Chapter 1:

The Confession


Normal P.O.V

The Utonium household. Where three super-powered little girls live. Inside, you could see all three girls in their room, doing their own thing. Bubbles was lying on the ground, drawing and coloring. Art, her favorite thing to do. She had her blond hair tied up in her two signature pigtails. Her big baby blue eyes focused on her drawing a she colored. Bubbles, the joy and the laughter.

Blossom sat straight on the three color bed sheets. She was reading her book that taught her to speak the japanese languague. Like always, she had her long, auburn red hair in a high ponytail. Her pink pupils moved left to right as she read her book. Blossom, commander and the leader.

Buttercup was floating, kicking and punching her piece of meat. She was practicing for when any bad guys decide to do something stupid. Her short, ebony black hair barely moved as she sent the piece of meat her powerful punches and kicks. Her lime green eyes sparkled with action and excitement in them. Buttercup, the toughest fighter.


At Townsville, three boys, similar to the powerpuff girls, punched and kicked a soda machine, making it break and spread soda cans on the grey sidewalk. Each boy grabbed their own soda cans and began chugging down the liquid. A boy with blood red eyes and hair the same length and color as Blossom's threw his empty soda can and spoke. "What do ya wanna do next?" he asked as he wiped his mouth with his red shirt's sleeve.

Another boy with forest green eyes also threw his soda can carelessly. He loked a lot like Buttercup, with his spiky, jet black hair and his mesmerizing forest green eyes. "How about some video games?" he asked.

"Yeah! Video games!" a boy with deep blue eyes said excitedly. His hair was in a spiky wings haircut, and the color was blond. He looked like he could be Bubbles' twin brother.

"Shut up! That was my idea!" Butch, the boy with spiky hair, yelled. Brick took this chance and smacked his blue-eyed brother in the face.

"What was that for?" Boomer asked as he looked at his red clad brother.

"For being so darn stupid!" Butch told his "little" blue brother.

"Come on. Let's go!" Brick said as he shot out to the sky, his two brothers flying close behind.


The Powerpuff hotline phone rang loudly and the three sisters turned their attention to it. Blossom quickly answered it while Buttercup had a excited look on her face. She was ready to kick some butt. Bubbles, on the other hand, looked worried.

Please don't be who I think it is. Please don't be who I think it is. Please don't be who I think it is. Thought Bubbles over and over again.

"Yes, Mayor?" Blossom asked as she grabbed the phone and held it close to her "ear". There was a pause before Blossom replied. "The Rowdyruff Boys? At the video game store?" another pause. "We're on it!" Blossom hung up the hotline and turned to her sisters. "Come on, girls."

Blossom and Buttercup zipped out the room through the windows but Bubbles didn't move an inch.

"Come on, Bubbles!" Buttercup yelled as she and Blossom flew. Bubbles heard her green-eyed sister, but still didn't move. She didn't know why, but everytime she's around Boomer, she can't concentrate. Her fighting skills decrease when she's near him. Everytime she saw him, her stomach filled with butterflies. Butterflies that flew around inside her uncontrollably. She gets nervous, her heart skips a beat, and her mind goes blank. Every single time. Bubbles isn't really sure of what this feeling is. It's her first time experiencing it. When it's time to fight, she really doesn't want to hurt him. But she has to. A weird thing to her is, Boomer's punches have gone softer. They aren't as hard as they used to be. When battles are over and the boys, like always, are defeated, Bubbles is the least beaten from her sisters.

Bubbles saw her two sisters come back in the room and land in front of her. Blossom stood there, with her hands on her hips, looking at her blue clad sister. "What happened? Why won't you go?" she asked.

"Yeah! I want to kick Butch's butt, you know!" Buttercup said as she punched at the air. Bubbles rubbed her arm and looked away from her sisters.

"I, umm, I... I don't feel so good." Bubbles lied. She didn't want to go and have to battle Boomer. She didn't want to go through those feelings that she didn't even know what they meant at all.

"What's wrong?" Blossom asked.

"Umm, my... My tummy hurts." Bubbles said as she put a hand on her stomach.

"Stay here then. Maybe you'll get better." Blossom suggested.

"What? What are we gonna do with little blue boy?" Buttercup asked, referring to Boomer.

"We'll handle him ourselves." Blossom said.

"No! We need Bubbles! She's the only one that knows how to beat him! We don't know what moves he'll make or what type of powers he has! Like me, I only know what Butch's moves will be and every single one of his powers, and you know Brick's! Bubbles knows Boomer's!" Buttercup protested. She already had to deal with Butch. She didn't want to have to deal with the blond ruff, too.

Blosson looked thoughtful. "You're right. Um, Bubbles from one to ten how bad is the pain?" Blossom asked.

"Umm..." Bubbles started.

"Come on! We're gonna be late!" Buttercup yelled.

"Three!" Bubbles shouted. She didn't think about the number. She just said any random number because of her impatient sister.

I should've said a higher number! Bubbles thought.

"It's not that bad then. You can come. Now come on or else we'll be too late!" Blossom said.

Without another word, her and Buttercup zipped out through the windows. Bubbles hesitated before zipping off close behind them.


A the video game arcade/ store, the Rowdyruff Boys were making everyone run away out of the store. They threw any object they saw at them to make them get out of the arcade. Once it was empty, they laughed loudly and high-fived each other.

"That was awesome!" Butch exclaimed.

"Yeah! Now let's play!" Brick commanded. Before they could get close to any video game, the girls zipped in, grabbing the boys' attention.

"Not so fast, boys!" Blossom yelled.

Brick smirked. "Why, if it isn't my favorite pink powerpuff." he said before launching himself toward Blossom. They both sent punches and kicks to each other, each using their special abilities to battle.

Butch turned to Buttercup and grinned evilly "What'cha waiting for, Butterbutt?"

Buttercup hated that nickname. Shre snarled and zipped toward him, both greens beginning to fight with powerful punches and kicks, also using some of their special powers.

Bubbles stood there awkardly, playing with her "fingers" as she looked at Boomer.

"Umm..." she trailed off.

"Come on you little girly!" Boomer said as he shot off to Bubbles.

He grabbed her ponytails and threw her out the store. When he was near, Bubbles grabbed his foot and slammed him on a nearby building. Boomer got up and kicked Bubbles in the stomach, making her crash through five buildings. Bubbles crashed on the last building, falling down onto the ground. Both blues were now far from the video game store. Bubbles slowly opened her baby blue eyes and saw Boomer standing in front of her with a... worried look on his face?

"Are you alright?" Boomer asked as he offered a "hand". Bubbles looked at him confused. She felt the butterflies in her stomach get stronger and stronger. She was getting even more nervous that she began to sweat. He... cared about her? Why was he being so nice at this moment? Bubbles took Boomer's "hand" and he helped her up. She blushed at the touch of Boomer's soft "hand" against hers.

"Umm, y-yeah. I-I'm fine." Bubbles said. She was still holding Boomer's hand, and he was still holding on to her tightly as well. Bubbles let go, blushing madly. "W-why do you care?" Bubbles questioned, switching to enemy mode.

"I wanted to tell you something before my bros and I leave from here." Boomer said. He sounded serious and had a serious look on his face.

Leave out of here? They're leaving Townsville? Where are they gonna go? Bubbles thought.

"W-what?" Bubbles asked. "You're leaving Townsville?" Boomer nodded slowly and sadly. Bubbles didn't want him to go. She'll miss him. His beautiful deep blue eyes, his smile, his laugh, now how will she get her daily battles?

"So, what did you want to tell me?" Bubbles asked. She wanted to start taking off the fact that he was leaving or else she will burst out in tears.

"Well, I-I... I-I..." Boomer stuttered.

"You..." Bubbles said, signaling him to continue.

"I... I li"

"Boomer!" Boomer heard Brick call. He widened his eyes and quickly jumped on Bubbles, making it seem as they were fighting.

"Come on!" Brick shouted once he spotted his brother.

"Um, I'll catch up to you guys!" Boomer shouted.

"Whatever!" Brick turned around and zipped off with Butch.

"Bubbles!" Now it was Blossom's turn to look for her sister.

"Please Bubbles, tell her you're going somewhere or something. I really need to tell you this before we go!" Boomer pleaded. Bubbles looked at him and turned to the sky. She then spotted her sisters looking for her. Bubbles looked at Boomer and nodded. She zipped off to her sisters, leaving Boomer.

"Um, girls?" Bubbles asked. Her sisters turned around and saw her.

"There you are! Let's go home." Blossom said.

"Wait, can I go somewhere real quick? I'll catch up with you." Bubbles said.

"Yeah, sure. Where are you going?" Blossom asked. But Bubbles had already zipped off. When Bubbles got back with Boomer, she looked up at the sky. She watched as her sisters shrugged and headed home, two green and pink streaks left behind.

"So.. What did you want to tell me?" Bubbles asked again, turning to Boomer. Boomer looked around him and there were too many people around. He grabbed Bubbles and took off to the sky

. As they flew, Boomer looked around for a perfect, lonely, and quiet place. He then spotted a lake. A beautiful lake. He began to lower down to the ground. He and Bubbles then landed softly on the green grass. Bubbles looked around at her surroundings, he mouth slightly opened. It was beautiful there. There were many green and vivid trees, there was a breathtaking orangey, redish sunset, and the lake was just stunning.

Boomer looked at Bubbles and hugged her tightly. So tight that it seemed as if he'll never see her again. But, he was never gonna see her again. He buried his face on her shoulder, still hugging her tight. Bubbles was a bit confused of why Boomer was acting like this, but she blushed furiously, her butterflies multiplying, her nervousness getting stronger, and her mind was like there were scribbles all over it. Bubbles slowly lifted up her arms, hugging her counterpart back.

"I'm gonna miss you so much, Bubs." Boomer said. He was still hugging her, and he didn't want to let go. "What I wanted to tell you was that, that I like you. A lot. Very much." Boomer confessed. He let go of Bubbles.

"I didn't know this until yesterday. I noticed it because, everytime I see you, I, I get nervous. And I feel this strange feeling in my stomach and, I just feel all weird. At first I didn't know what all this ment, but then it hit me. The point is, I like you." Boomer finished. Bubbles was surprised and shocked. Her own enemy liked her? One of her biggest enemies liked her. But, she feels the same way around him so, she must like him, too.

I feel all that, too. So... I like Boomer?

"I- I like you, too." Bubbles said.

"Really?" Boomer asked. His face brightened up.

"Y-yeah. I'm gonna miss you so much, too." Bubbles said as he hugged him tightly again, enjoying the warm embrace. Bubbles fit perfectly with Boomer. Like if they were both puzzle pieces waiting to be put together. Boomer hugged back, a tear shimmering as it fell down onto his cheek. Boys can cry too, no? Bubbles felt tears build up in her eyes. She tried to hold them back, but couldn't. She cried onto Boomer's shoulders, hugging him so tightly.

She never wanted to let go.

Ten years passed by since then. Ten, lonely, long years.

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