Hello citizens of the world! How are you guys out there in the universe? Any how, this happens to be one of my first turtle fanfictions...2012/2013 Universe, I LOVE the series by the way XD, and I happened to just so happen to have a nearly finished series here I've been working on since I've first seen the show! Woohoo! So let's get on with the show!

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Saved By the Turtles: PART 1

"Come on guys! We can't give up, lives are at stake here!" Leonardo called to his brothers, who were fighting against the malicious alien robots, the Kraang.

The original plan was to stop the Kraang's plot of spreading mutagen across New York, however with a few conflicts here and there, wham! They ended up getting caught in a spider web, and trying to save the few captured lives strangled in it.

Raphael took out Kraang droids left and right with his Sai. "We'd better hurry up and get them out of here before the Kraang bring out the cannon!"

Donatello whacked a 'bot with his Naginata. "I think I saw a lab along in the corridor we came down!"

Michelangelo was fighting off another wave of Kraang droids that were advancing them. "Dunno how a lab is going to help us, dude!"

Donnie groaned when the end of his Naginata was shot off. "Mikey! The labs are where they're conducting the experiments! Most likely humans will be there!" Mikey's eyes brightened with realization. "Ohh…now that makes sense."

"Come on!" Raph grabbed his childlike brother by the shell and sliced his way through the droids. Donnie and Leo picked up the rear, as the Kraang continued fire.


I woke up with a splitting headache and a terrible pain in my side. "Last time I go off on my own after those Kraang droids…" I muttered. My vision was blurred very badly and I could barely move. Suddenly, a door opened and I could see a dazzling light, like it was coming from a hallway or something. "Hey…those lights need to go off, I'm trying to…"

I looked confused. Sleep? I thought. No, we're fighting the Kraang…why would I be sleeping? I tried to sit up, but my arms were too weak, and they instantly gave in causing me to fall hard on my chest. I groaned in pain.

"Told you Mikey." A voice said.

"Woah, dudes! These guys are turtles!" another voice had said. I rolled my eyes inwardly. Well we wouldn't be giant frogs…not that we haven't been confused with the amphibians before.

"Mikey, just help us carry them." Another voice scowled.

"Put me down…" I heard one of my sisters, mumble. "Sorry, but we need to get you out of here…" a shy voice answered. Suddenly I felt myself being carried by a pair of strong arms. I was grateful, but terrified all the same…but we were being saved…and I was glad. "We're gonna get you out of here." I could barely make out the face, but I gave a weak yet thankful smile, before falling to unconsciousness.

No one's POV

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, April O'Neil, and Master Splinter were patiently waiting for their mystery guests to come to.

"What do you think we should do sensei?" Leo asked Master Splinter.

The old rat pondered on this question for a second. "Befriend them and ask of their knowledge of the Kraang. It is most likely they could know something we do not, but take precautions, my sons. They will be frightened or enraged, their injuries show signs they will not be calm or welcoming when they awake."

Leonardo nodded to his sensei, as the old rat announced his departure.

Mikey studied the four mutants (obviously female) squished together on the couch. "Do you think they live in the sewers like us?"

Raph, who was reading a comic book on the steps, rolled his eyes. "Why don't you wake them up and ask." Mikey shrugged. "Okay." Mikey reached down to poke one of the acquaintances lying peacefully on the couch.

Mikey's finger was two centimeters from touching the freckled face of the youngest-looking of the she-turtles. She bore a bright orange mask that was decorated with a feminine touch, a white daisy tucked on the side, and tied up in a perfect bow.

April pushed Mikey's hand away. "Don't wake her up! You wouldn't want to be disturbed in your sleep would you?"

Donnie waved a finger Mikey, taking up for April. "April's right, Mikey, I'm pretty sure that girl doesn't want to be bothered. Didn't you here what sensei just said?" "But-" Movement interrupted a predicted naïve remark from Mikey.

The girl in the bright orange sat up, eyes still shut, and she yawned widely. "Totally worth it…" she achieved through her yawn. "Even if I have a belly ache from all of that-" As she rubbed her eyes, she opened one of them in mid-sentence.

She stared from Mikey, to Leo, to April, to Donnie, and finally Raph. "…Okay…" she started slowly. Suddenly a broad smile appeared on her face, her bright blue-green eyes glittering. "Omigosh! Lisa is so not gonna believe this! I've been kidnapped by turtles! And a human…but turtles! Omigosh! BEYOND EPIC!"

Raph groaned. "Great, now we've got to deal with Miss Sunshine…let's hope her friends aren't anything like her."

Well that went brilliantly...eh you decide not me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch the new episode of TMNT XD.