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Three to five minutes had never felt so freaking painstakingly long in my life.

I sat perched on the bathtub in Rose's bathroom, chewing my fingernails into nubs. "Is it time yet?"

She turned around and glared. "It's barely been a minute. We have to wait two whole minutes."

I rolled my eyes. We were on the third damn test. I had a feeling I already knew the answer. "Can I look at it? Why are you being all weird about it? You're going to show me, so move!"

"Fine! Shit!"

She backed up and let me through, and the only thing I could do was shake my head.

"Positive. Knocked up status is a go."

"Holy shit," she breathed out. She plunked down on the edge of the toilet and ran her fingers through her hair. "I can't believe it."

I waved it in the air. "Believe it, dude. You're baking babies!"

When she looked up at me, the smile on her face was about as beautiful as they came. "I'm having a baby!"

I nodded and felt tears sting my eyes. She'd wanted a baby for so long, and if there was anyone in the world that deserved it, it was her.

"Holy crap."

"Mmhmm," I hummed. "Congratulations, mama. Those thunder thighs are going to come in handy."

She covered her mouth and let out a small whimper. Her eyes teared up, and she fell back against the wall and slid down, landing with a thud.

"I can't believe it. Finally. After all this time!"

I was so excited for them. She'd told me that she wanted a baby from the first day I met her, but I never realized how long they'd been trying, and how hard it had been for them to succeed. It made the whole experience sweeter.

I was going to be a sort-of aunt. I wanna-be, for sure, but the best damn aunt any kid would ever want to have. The fun aunt. Crazy aunt. The aunt that would buy the beer and give the alibi. The kind of aunt that would cause Rose to sprout grey hairs out of her ass.

"Let's go tell the new pop!"

She shook her head and stood quickly. "No! Not yet. I want to make this special for him. He's going to flip!"

I was a little disappointed. I wanted to see the big guy's face when he found out, and I had a feeling it was going to be an intimate announcement, so I knew I'd miss it.

"Can I tell Edward at least?"

I gave her a pouty face, begged her with my eyes. "Pretty please. It's going to kill me to keep this to myself!"

"Tell him to keep it to himself, though. You know my husband, the stalker, will be over there and if he slips before I tell him, I will make sure you two never have babies. You got me?"

"Yes, fine! He's not some ol' bitty that gossips with his friends. Sheesh. Calm yourself mommy!"

"It's surreal, that's all. I'm just so excited and I want to make sure it's special. When I tell him."

"Okay," I soothed. "I understand. I'm just excited. This is like, the coolest thing, Rosalie. Thank you for letting me be here. Thank you for wanting me to be here."

She squeezed me tighter. "You're my family, Bella. Of course I wanted you here."


It had been a long day, and I couldn't wait to get home to Edward. He'd been on the road for a few days, and we'd barely had any time to ourselves since getting back from Chicago.

Getting myself situated in his space had gone fairly well. I felt more comfortable there than anywhere I'd ever lived. It sounded super lame, but it was like I had always belonged there.

I could hear the roar of laughter as I walked up, and smiled. It was nice to hear for a change. For so many years, I'd arrived home to silence—even when I lived with my mom and then my dad. There was seldom laughter, that was for sure. I spotted a few of the guys cars in the parkway, and excitement bubbled up in my belly. I liked having them over. It was so normal, so real. It was pretty much the best part of living with him. The sounds. The laughter. The happy.

"Honey, I'm home," I hollered from the entryway. I threw down my bag, took off my jacket, and went into the kitchen to start dinner. I was ravenous, hungry enough to out-eat the entire hockey team.

I grabbed some turkey, cheese, and condiments from the fridge and placed them on the counter. Just as I turned to get the bread, Edward walked into the room and everything else was forgotten.

"Hey," I said.

He looked so relaxed in his jeans and t-shirt, and again, I couldn't wait until playoffs were over so he'd be all mine. I had to admit—I was torn. It was exciting, and yet, I was really looking forward to spending more time together. Just us again.

He cleared the room, taking slow, long strides until he could wrap his arms around me. I stood on my tiptoes and puckered my lips for a kiss. His lips lingered, his arms squeezed tighter, drawing me forward, and I sighed, happily."

"What are you doing in here?"

"Just thinking."

He moved his lips across my jaw, and muttered against my skin. "Dangerous."

I giggled. "I thought you guys would be hungry. If I'd known we were having company, I would have stopped off to pick up pizzas or something. Sandwiches are about as good as it's going to get."

"You don't need to do anything. They're about to take off, anyway."

I couldn't help it. I smiled. "You mean I actually get to have you all to myself?"

He hummed against my hair and rocked me in his arms. "I had plans. I was wondering where you were. Where were you today?"

I pulled back and smiled, bigger than I had since the day we met. "I worked late. Rose took the day off. I was with her all morning, and then went in to close up and help out."

"Is she sick?" His face fell, concern lining his eyes.

"I wouldn't say that… well, she will be."

"Can you explain that?"

I jumped back, waving my hands around and bounced on my heels. "She's pregnant! They're having a baby!"

His smile beamed. "No shit? That's awesome. Has she told Emmett yet?"

I shook my head. "No, and she made me promise that you wouldn't say a word to him. She's going to tell him soon, but she wants it to be special, and a surprise."

"That's really good, babe. So you were there when she found out."

I nodded, excitedly. "Edward, it was so cool. She lost it, like in a good way. She wants this so much. I'm so happy."

Something passed in his eyes and it did something to my insides. It was that silent hope, that one day, a long ways away, that would be us. We'd have that good news to share with friends, we'd have a little bun in the oven, and eventually, a baby to cuddle.

I was in no way ready, and after the freaking not-so-subtle hints from his mother, I was even more sure I wanted to wait. But I had to admit, looking forward to it was pretty awesome.

"So, let me get rid of these assholes and we'll celebrate. I want to take you out tonight. We haven't had a date since… we started dating. I think I owe you a night out on the town. My fiancé."

I squealed. "For reals? Where? What are we going to do?"

He winked and turned to walk out of the room. "It's a surprise. Put on something pretty and meet me down here in an hour."

I didn't need to be told twice. I grabbed all the crap I'd laid out and chucked it back in the fridge before running up the stairs to get ready.


I kept biting down on my lip to stop myself from asking him where we were going. I couldn't help it. I was excited. I hadn't seen him so dressed up in a while. It took every ounce of willpower not to just reach over and feel all over him in his dress slacks. The beard was sort of working with his whole get-up, but in my head, I kept picturing his clean-shaven face with his sharp jaw line and pretty skin. He looked so snazzy, so much like a freaking man.

I had to admit that I wasn't looking too bad myself. I spent a little extra time twirling my hair into nice waves, dabbed on a couple extra dabs of makeup, and put on a pretty dress—just like he asked. I'd actually gotten quite a few dresses since we'd gotten together. He seemed to like digging around up my skirt, and I sort of loved that he did it.

It was all about convenience.

He pulled up in front of a pretty ritzy looking restaurant, and I looked down, suddenly unsure about the little ditty I was wearing. It was nice, but it was in no way dressy.

"We're eating here?"

He smiled and reached over to grab my hand. "No. Not here. There."

He pointed across the street and I let out a sigh of relief. "Oh good. This place looks…"

I wasn't sure how to describe it, but honestly, it looked like one of those places you have to eat dinner before you get to. Mini meal restaurants with squishy meals and snooty waiters.

Uh, no thank you.

He helped me out of the car once he parked the monster of a truck of his, and laced his fingers with mine as we walked across the street. The restaurant was more of a sports grill, and I smiled. It was so much better than I thought. Cheese. I couldn't wait to order every cheesy item on the menu.

I was still starving.

The bashful little hostess seated us in a booth toward the back, at the request of Edward, and then took our drink orders before taking off like her ass was on fire. I could tell she was flustered by him, but at least she had the decency not to act like a hooker—like they usually did.

He snuggled into the booth next to me and threw his arm over my shoulders. "I love you," he whispered, kissing the shell of my ear. "Sam said this place has the best cheese fries in the city. Only the best for my girl."

I was like putty in his hands. I melted against him and closed my eyes, soaking up every drop of his attention. Would I ever get enough of him?

No. Answer was never. Ever.

"I love you because you remember that I love food," I told him. It was ridiculously true. He knew and remembered everything. Every dumb little thing, he never forgot.

"By the way. Your mom called while you were getting ready."

"Ugh," I groaned, rolling my eyes. I grabbed the menu to give myself something to do. "What'd she say?"

I really didn't even want to know. I was so glad she was gone, and more than that, I was done with her. It was a screwed up thing to say, and think, but it was true. She made me miserable—a nightmare always there to throw a curveball to mess up my life.

It was hard to admit that she just didn't like me. She didn't like having a kid—never had. She wasn't cut out for it and I was sick of feeling like an inconvenience to her, until I was convenient. It was a bitter pill to swallow, for sure. Edward and his family taught me a lot in the time I spent there, and the most important thing was that blood didn't make family. She was no more than a stranger to me. I was building my own life with a new, self-built family, and I'd never been happier.

That was part of her issue, I was sure of it. She loved rubbing my nose in the fact that I was a failure. It must have really chapped her ass to see me so happy and moving forward.

Edward filled up all the gaps she'd left open and then some. She'd never have what I had, and for that, I felt badly for her. Not enough to invite her to stay and be a part of my new life, but enough for me to let her go and not worry about dealing with her anymore.

"Let me guess. She needs money. A place to stay. She's marrying a king."

He snorted and moved to grab his menu. "Nah, nothing so extreme. She wanted to know why you haven't' called her."

Again—eye roll. "Did you tell her I was busy, with you know… life."

That was just like my mother. She hadn't called me since she left, but expected me to hunt her down. It wasn't going to happen.

"I did tell her. Then she started bugging me about the wedding."

Figured. She was such an asshole.

"What'd you say?" Honestly, I was a little curious about his answer. We hadn't talked much about when we were going to actually get married since leaving Chicago, and I was a tad anxious.

"I told her she'd know as soon as we sent out the invitations."

My jaw dropped. Damn… he really, really, hated my mom. "Did she freak out?"

"Probably. I hung up before she could. If I had my way, I wouldn't invite her."

I understood that, to be honest. Knowing my mother, she would ruin it just to get attention. It wouldn't surprise me a bit.

"She'll find out when it is and spoil it if we don't. I'm so sorry my mother is a freak."

I looked back down at my menu, gritting my teeth. I was annoyed that our beautiful date was being sullied by my stupid mother. She could turn a rainbow into poison arrows.

He reached over and grabbed my chin, turning my face up to look at him. "She'll get an invitation just like everyone else. If she starts anything, she's out. I promise you that your wedding will be amazing. Everything you ever wanted."

I blinked away tears and smiled. "Our wedding," I clarified.

"Our wedding."

Just as he leaned in to kiss me again, the waitress walked up and the moment was gone.

We both ordered the cheese fries, cheese burgers, and I got a chocolate shake. He didn't usually eat so much crap before he had to play, but it was a special occasion, for many reasons, so I was glad he just let loose. He had a tendency to get anal about things sometimes, a quirk I found frustrating now that we were living together, but I was getting used to it. He forgave me for my messy crap, and so I let all the other stuff go.

Compromise. It was new, but I was getting used to it.

After we ate, we walked around the area for a while, just people watching and enjoying the fresh air. In was up there on the list of best dates ever. We just enjoyed being together, holding hands, smiling at each other, and taking in the city. We didn't walk for long—I wore new shoes—and decided to go back to the house and watch movies.

Once we were comfortable and curled up on the couch with goodies—ice cream for me, frozen yogurt for him—and the smelly dog at our feet, we turned on the movie and snuggled up for a nice quiet night of nothing but us.

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