((If you must know, this is a yaoi fanfic so Sebastian's and Ciel's relationship would be quite different from the manga/anime))

"Mmmf..." the young master moaned, clinging on to my tie.

"We can't afford to continue going on like this, young master." I pulled out from his deep kiss, "we have piles of work left untouched."

"Oh, come on," he licked his lips in an enticing manner. "There's no need to be stingy, now is there?" He pulled me in again by the tie. Then, with his seductive blue eyes, he stared straight into mine.

"No means no, young master." I sighed, "if we keep going on like this, we'd end up having no work done."

"Actually, I believe that we'd end up doing something if we did continue," still staring at me, he let go of my tie with a shrug. "But it seems that you're not interested. I'm not desperate enough to force a guy who doesn't want to." He leant back on his chair, regaining his composure.

"Young master, do understand that I'm doing this for your health," I continued. "Even missing just a few hours of sleep would get you sick with your composition."

"I know, I know." He replied, not bothering to hide his irritation. After taking his seat, he continued ,"you don't want your food to spoil after all."

I couldn't answer him. His claim was incorrect, but I had nothing to say back. Our contract has long been over and he knows that too. A demon would normally take its master's soul once their contract has been fulfilled . Had he always been thought that he was just food after all these times?

"Have I hit the nail on the head?" He chuckled, shaking his head. "I do not know what to do with you often times." His chuckle turned into a laugh.

"I'll be preparing tea for you, sir, please work hard. Excuse me." I took my leave after making a polite bow.

It was already half past nine when we finally finished all of his work. "You haven't eaten dinner, young lord, so I prepared for you some warm milk... with honey, of course."

He sat on his bed staring silently at me.

"Is there anything, Sir?" I inquired.

"Do I finally get my two weeks off?" He replied, continuing to stare.

"Yes. Since the young ord finished all his work that were due for the following two weeks," handing him the the cup. "You may have your vacation."

"Thank you." He said, licking his lips after downing the cup. "I want you to send the servants to a vacation tomorrow."

"Understood, but dare I ask why?" Tilting my head questioningly at him.

He shook his head with a tired smile. "No reason."

I put away the utensils to tuck my young lord to bed. "Good night, young master." I whispered.

"My goodnight kiss?" he asked.

I smiled softly at him, "you need that one, don't you?" I leaned over and pecked him on the lips. "Was that enough?"

He shook his head with a faint blush, "not enough."

"Your attitude seems to change at night." I joked.

He didn't answer, rather, he looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Then it can't be helped." With a retired smile, I closed in to him and pressed my lips against his. I could hear his heart beating in his chest. Thrilled by the thought, I inserted my tongue into his red lips.

Our tongues entwined against each other. The young master moaned into my mouth as I sucked and bit lightly on his tongue. It wasn't until I looked into his eyes that I noticed he was crying. I stopped.

He started sobbing, wiping his tears with the sleeve of his nightshirt.

"Is something the matter, sire?" I looked at him with concern in my eyes.

He was silent for some while. "You always confuse me."

"I confuse you with what?" I asked, clearing the hair that's covering his eyes.

"Am I really just a meal for you?" He stopped wiping his tears and just allowed them to fall. "You always kiss me and whisper sweet nothings into my ears... but you do not answer whenever I ask you whether I am important or not."

My young lord...

"A part of me says that I'm important to you... while another part of me shots me down and tells me that you're just doing this to add seasonings to your meal. I try to be positive and tell my self I'm important to Sebastian. It's been a few years ever since the contract ended but he hasn't consumed my soul! Neither has he failed to take care of me and hold me as though I were something precious." He took a deep , shaky breath "Everytime! Every bloody time, the nagative wins! But you don't let it! Whenever you do something sweet, it lifts my hopes up. I don't even understand what I'm saying anymore! So just tell me. End this confusion of mine. Which is it? Am I important to you or is it just my wishful thinking?" His trembling voice echoed through the room.

"Young master..."

To be continued.

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