Hey! New story, because it's fun to be inspired.

Will include Old Konoha, messed up timelines (lol), Mariko (my OC from the now-Kiri-providence of Hurricane) from the story Emeralds, and...maybe a few wacky Uchihas here and there. Beware of Narutoception, awkward timelines, awkward writing, Obito, Obitopede the ninja bug, "because you let Rin die", and a couple other bizarre topics I like to include.

I'm not going to list out all the themes, they'll just come one by one...

If you haven't read Blue Hair & Green Eyes...well, you haven't had a taste of crazy Old Konoha. (lol)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, because that flashback ended too early. I will miss lil' Senju and Uchiha.

Theme 1: Crash

He was a man of the earth. On the ocean, he was generally all right, but the roaring waves of the rushing storm were not serving him well. His brother, on the other hand, seemed completely at peace, sitting nonchalantly on his mattress. How the white-haired Senju was not thrown from his bed was beyond Hashirama. He was having trouble staying on his chair, let alone doing anything else.

A trip to Uzushiogakure was a trip to see Mito's people.

A trip to see Mito's people meant a trip to see Mito's parents — the clan heads.

Of course, they were due for their detour to Hurricane — Hashirama was sure that Tobirama shared the same thoughts, despite his cool outward demeanor — but the Whirlpool Country was an entirely different animal altogether. There were no cheerful blue-haired people that only knew industry and pretty scenery. The Uzumaki were fierce shinobi, and if they so wished, they'd seal you in a pot and that would be the end of you.

"The Tale of Senju Hashirama". In a pot.

Hashirama shuddered. He imagined some kid rubbing a genie's lamp, except instead of the genie, Hashirama the tree imp would muddle his way out of the container.

Upon expressing this concern, along with all its arbitrarily included side stories, Hashirama added that he also did not want to become a Senju shish kabob. At this, Tobirama snorted and returned to — was he meditating? — whatever it was that he was doing.

When asked what he was doing, Tobirama answered: "Sleeping, nii-san. Sleeping."

So, not finding it odd that his brother was sitting upright while sleeping, Hashirama attempted to remain at his desk quietly. It did not help that his chair was creaky, uneven, and kept tilting with every frequent rock of the ship. No, he could not write in this situation.

Bored, Hashirama slipped out the door and meandered his way down to the girls' room. He was allowed entry after knocking politely, and he shuffled into the room.

Only to find the horror and destruction of a pillow fight's aftermath. If any creature were to have bright red and blue hair, it would have nothing on the two females clutching their bellies in laughter and rolling around on their mattresses. Said mattresses were tossed on the ground, surrounded by pillow fortresses and pillow artillery. Hashirama had never seen Mito so ruffled up, hair tangled here, and maybe there with Mariko's, her robe halfway off her shoulder. He didn't mind that last part, though.

"Am I interrupting?" he asked.

"No, not at all," laughed Mito, attempting to pull her hair back in one neat stroke. She failed, but looked elegant trying all the same.

Suddenly, the boat rocked precariously, and Hashirama tripped over a mountain of pillows. How the two women had so many pillows was beyond him. Disregarding this, Hashirama gracefully turned his stumble into a somewhat awkward leap across the room. Mito watched her husband bumble towards her before stopping and smiling sweetly.

"What brings you here, dear?" she hummed, reaching out to take a lock of his milk-chocolate hair.

"I was restless," Hashirama offered. "Couldn't sit still."

He wouldn't admit that he literally could not sit still, and that Tobirama lacked the energy to make conversation with him. What kind of brother ignored the telltale signs of a distressed sibling? Apparently, the type that Tobirama was.

"Well, you missed the pillow fight," Mito said. "You can help clean up, though."

Now, the boat rocked the other direction, a strong gale creating monstrous waves that hurtled into the side of the vessel.

Hashirama, now thrown backwards, found himself collapsed in the wonderland of pillows, with Mito sprawled on top of him. The two crashed on top of one another, then froze in shock.

From her forgotten position on a flipped mattress, Mariko giggled. Flustered, Mito began to apologize.

"I'm sorry, dear, I—"

"No, no, the ship rocked, and—"

"No, it was I—"

The more this exchange continued, the closer their faces became. When their noses brushed, Mariko squeaked overly loudly and leapt from the mattress to the door in one excited stride.

"I'LL LEAVE YOU TWO ALONE," she said too vigorously, darting away like a squirrel up a tree.

Silence dominated the room. They heard the soft padding of Mariko running towards Hashirama's room, giggling like a schoolgirl, and then the click of a door opening and closing. Mito stared after the girl, before she ripped her gaze back to Hashirama.

"Think she's coming back?" he murmured.


"I didn't think so." He wove a hand into Mito's red tresses and pressed his lips to hers. Her arms wrapped around his torso their legs entangled among the pillows.

Somewhere down the hall, Mariko began to blabber nonsense.

"Slow down," came the annoyed reply.


"You are too excitable, seriously."


"I get it, I get it. Can I go back to sleep?"

"No, listen to me!"

Tobirama glared fiercely. The boat's path changed, churning through tide and throwing them off again. Even so, he did not even slide from his position, while it sent Mariko falling humpty-dumpty across the end of his bed.

"Not in the mood, Shorty."

And it was then that Mariko decided that the room had enough pillows to suffice for a one-sided pillow fight, and she attacked him with the strength of five fluffy kittens.

Mito sincerely believed that Hashirama lived up to his surname. Senju – thousand hands.

"Shorty—" The white-haired Senju was duly cut off by a pillow to the face. He continued glaring a flicked the cushion back at the blunette.

Fluffy kitty pillow attack!

Tobirama began to wonder if he'd really just heard that. Assuming that it had been his imagination, he warded off the girl with the expertise of a Special Pillow Jounin. Besides that, he just really wanted to sleep. (He didn't mind that he got to tackle her to the bed, though.)

Toka walked briskly down the hall. She had a question for Mito, regarding a certain port on the western corner of the Whirlpool Country. She passed Hashirama's room, despite the suspicious Mariko-like squealing and the pillow fight war cries, and continued down to Mito's room. Upon making it to the door, she paused.

Listening, she made a face.

Toka turned on her heel and walked briskly back down the hall.

"Did you ask her?" inquired Arata, Toka's cousin.


"Why not?"

Toka was not sure if she actually said this, but apparently she did, and it scared the Flying Thunder God out of half the Konoha crew (however impossible that seemed):

"Don't come a knockin' when the ship's a-rockin'."

Arata made a face.


Anyway, has anyone watched the movie "Crash"? It's really powerful... good movie.

Though the conflicts are frustrating.

(As for Naruto: I just want more lil' Senjus. AND MITO. WHERE IS MY MITO, SERIOUSLY.)

...yes, good, strong chakra, this way...*touches wall*