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Ash: Do I get to save the world from an unknown threat?

Misty: You?! What about me? Am I not helpful, Ash?

Ash: (sweatdrops) Uh...

Me: (grins) And, on that note, I think we'll exit stage right-

Takato: Hold it! What about the plot twist?

Me: (grunts) Basically, you Tamers, Ash, Misty, Brock and some other trainers-and some authors/Tamers from a different world-mainly ours-have to band together to stop a Digimon from destroying them and ruling over all 3 of our worlds.

Misty/Rika: You'd better make sure nothing bad doesn't happen to MY Ash!!/MY Gogglehead!!

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Digimon Tamers/Pokemon: Three Worlds Collide

Prologue-Troublesome Beginnings

"I'm not gonna lose to some illusion!!" -Ash Ketchum, "Pokemon 3: Spell of the Unown"

"This battle has only just begun!!" -Takato Matsuki, "Grow Mon, Grow"

"Different worlds, different beginnings, different places and different people...yet, they all connect in some way or another...What connects these humans and binds them together throughout these universes despite their many differences...? And, will they ever get the opportunity to learn about it...?"

Mewtwo, one of the most powerful Pokemon ever, cloned from Mew, watched alongside a cloned Pikachu and Meowth as the clouds high up into the sky started swirling, intermixing and changing, brewing...before the storm...

Today, our heroes Ash, Misty and Brock are preparing to board the Fast Ship S.S. Aqua. Rested from their adventures as the Chosen Ones, Ash and Misty have no idea what fate has in store for them...

(A/N: In case you haven't read my stories "The Best of the Best" and "The Power of Two," you should go and do so before you read this.)

"Remind me again why we couldn't just have Espeon teleport us to Vermillion?" Ash groaned while boarding the S.S. Aqua, with Pikachu and Chikorita on either side of his shoulders.

Irritated by Ash's behavior, Misty pushed her boyfriend towards their cabin with one hand and held onto Togepi with the other. "Because the S.S. Aqua is rumored to be one of the fastest ships ever, and I'm sick of being teleported from place to place and having to walk everywhere!"

"You'll have to get used to it, 'cause we'll be doing a lot of walking after Vermillion!" Brock stated calmly before Misty stopped pushing Ash and yanked Brock inside the cabin by his ear!

"The last time I had to walk-or do anything that resembled moving-we'd gone to Pallet, and the last thing I need now is to walk places!"

Ash sighed deeply while eyeing Pikachu and Chikorita with a solemn look on his face. "Fast or not, this'll be a looooooong trip to Vermillion."



"Ash? Is that you?"


"Huh-?" Ash was genuinely surprised and amazed to see the face of an old friend. "Richie!"

"Hey, Ash. So, I see you're going back to Vermillion City, huh?"

"Yeah. I've decided to get back into the Indigo League."

"By the way, would you like to have a 3-3 Pokemon match to pass up the time?"

"You bet!"



At this moment, Misty exited the cabin, confused on why Ash hadn't followed them in, and smiled when she saw the reason why.

"So, you're the reason why Ash is gonna get his head boxed in. It's good to see you, Richie."

"Same here."

"Ash-what's with all the commotion?" Brock asked while getting out of the cabin at that second. "Oh, now I get it! How you doing, Richie?"

"Good, but if it isn't bad, I would like to battle before our Pokemon get too old to battle!"

Ash, Misty and Brock shared a much-needed laugh for a few moments before Ash turned his Pokemon League hat around.

"All right-time to get started!"

(Upbeat tempo from "Pokemon The Movie: 3 soundtrack)

Everybody wants to be a Master, everybody wants to show their skills

Everybody wants to get there faster, make their way to the top of the hill

(Each time, you try...)

Gonna get just a little bit better

(Each step, you climb...)

Is just one more up the ladder...

Within seconds, Ash, Misty, Brock and Richie were on the lower deck of the ship where Pokemon battles were allowed to take place. Ash knew he had to be on the lookout. No doubt Richie had gotten better ever since their last encounter, but so had he! As usual, Brock was the referee for this match, as he'd been for so many of Ash's personal battles, and Misty was on the sidelines, cheering Ash on.

Richie smiled while pulling out a Pokeball and tossing it onto the deck. Instantly, a Charizard-known as Zippo-appeared, ready for battle. Ash couldn't help but grin while pulling out his own Pokeball and sending out his Charizard, always intrigued whenever two Charizard, trained by two different trainers, would react in battle. Instantly, both he and Richie climbed on top of their respective Charizard, Ash making sure both Pikachu and Chikorita-who didn't want to leave Ash-stayed with Misty so they wouldn't get caught in the crossfire. At that second, the two Charizard took to the skies, firing their Flamethrower attacks at each other at the same time, their trainers watching the two attacks explode the second they collided! Richie yelled out for Zippo to use his Slash attack, and the Fire/Flying type revealed his claws while aiming directly for Charizard and Ash! Ash, on the other hand, wasn't going to have his Pokemon be taken out this early in the game, so he yelled for Charizard to dodge the attack, which he did, of course. Feeling the thrill of competition heat up, Ash ordered Charizard to try a Tackle attack, one which Richie quickly countered with. The two of them seemed to be evenly matched, until Ash remembered an attack he'd taught Charizard while helping out Liza back in Johto. He yelled out for Charizard to use Sunny Day, and instantly, Charizard roared while feeling his firepower boost up tremendously! Instantly, the Fire/Flying type fired a powerful Flamethrower attack, one that Zippo couldn't avoid, and hit him hard, nearly causing Richie to fall off! Ash knew he would have to go all the way, but make sure that Zippo took the brunt of it. He ordered Charizard to use Seismic Toss and, the Dragon Pokemon smiled while grabbing Zippo in a bear hug and spinning around and around in the air with him-and Ash and Richie as added passengers, naturally.

WHAM!!! Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Chikorita and Togepi-who'd woken up from the impact-winced as Zippo collided with the deck belly-first, so that way, he would take the damage and not Richie. Charizard landed gracefully onto the deck and roared in triumph while shooting a Flamethrower into the sky.

Chorus: It's a whole new world we live in...yeah...

It's a whole new way to see...

It's a whole new place with a brand-new attitude...But you still gotta catch 'em all-and be the best that you can be!

Richie smiled broadly while recalling Zippo, and unleashing his second choice, Happy-his Butterfree. Ash couldn't resist sending out Chikorita, who immediately nuzzled her leafed head against Ash's cheek! Sighing, Ash motioned for the Grass-type to head out into battle, a motion that Chikorita instantly obeyed. At that instant, Ash and Richie yelled out for their Pokemon to use Tackle attack, one move that both Chikorita and Happy obeyed! The two Pokemon collided with each other, step for step, determined to win this match. Both Chikorita and Happy struggled to remain on top, but, eventually, Happy broke off the attack by heading back up into the sky. Ash's eyes narrowed as he advised Chikorita to be on her guard.

Everybody wants to make a statement, everybody needs to carve their mark

To stand alone on the victory circle, stake their claim when the music starts

(Give it all you've got...!)

You can be the very best ever

(Take your best shot...!)

What you've learned will come together, oh...

At that second, Ash ordered Chikorita to fire her Vine Whip attack and to drag Butterfree down. Richie wasn't in this to lose, and he had Happy dodge the attack before yelling to use Sleep Powder. Ash wasn't about to bow out, and had Chikorita dodge the attack before it would hit. Unfortunately, Chikorita had unknowingly walked right into Richie's trap! A moment later, Richie ordered Happy to use Stun Spore, and within seconds, poor Chikorita was paralyzed! Ash gasped in worry at seeing his Pokemon unable to move, so he ran out to the deck and carefully picked her up. Chikorita knew the match was lost and it was now 1-1, but she wasn't happy with the fact that she'd gone up against another Bug-type and had lost. Ash comforted his friend while returning her to the safety of her Pokeball. Now, Ash was down to one last Pokemon, and the choice was obvious as to whom Ash was going to choose next...Pikachu.

Chorus: It's a whole new world we live in...(oh, we live in...)

It's a whole new way to see...(whole new way to see...)

It's a whole new place with a brand-new attitude...But you still gotta catch 'em all-and be the best that you can be!

Ash knew everything was riding on these last two matches, so he ordered Pikachu to launch a full-powered Thunderbolt attack directly at Happy, one attack that not only collided, but knocked him out on impact! Richie smiled broadly as he recalled Happy, acknowledging that Ash and Pikachu were an unbeatable team, but so was he and his own little power pack...Sparky, Richie's own Pikachu! Instantly, it was a war between Electric Pokemon, like with the Charizard, but in this case, it was the deciding match-which would fall, and which would triumph?

Whole new world...whole new way...whole new place...

...Whole new world...whole new way...whole new place...

Chorus: It's a whole new world we live in...

It's a whole new way to see...

It's a whole new place with a brand-new attitude...But you still gotta catch 'em all...! (oh...!)

Ash and Richie smiled, knowing that this was going to be really awesome, before ordering their Pikachu to use Thunder Attack-the strongest attack an Electric Pokemon had...until now, that is. Instantly, both Pokemon charged up before firing a full-on attack aimed directly at each other! Naturally, the attacks canceled each other out, so Ash advised that Pikachu use Quick Attack. Richie had Sparky counter with Agility, and both Pikachu were a blur on the deck! That's when Richie ordered Sparky to use Thundershock, and Pikachu had been caught off guard! He immediately came to a stop, and Ash knew that if he and Pikachu were going to win this, they would have to unleash the latest Electric attack unknown to the Pokemon world, until now:

"Pikachu...THUNDER BLADE!!!"

Chorus: It's a whole new world we live in...

It's a whole new way to see...

It's a whole new place with a brand-new attitude...But you still gotta catch 'em all...!

It's a whole new world we live in...

It's a whole new way to see...

It's a whole new place with a brand-new attitude...But you still gotta catch 'em all-and be the best that you can be...! (song continues on upbeat tune; fades out)

At that second, Pikachu launched himself high up into the air, using his tail as a spring board-like in "Enter The Dragonite!"-to go orbital in the first place. The skies had already turned cloudy, and now lightning was flashing. Immediately, Pikachu was struck by numerous bolts of electricity, and his body arched downward, making him look like a weather mane. That's when Pikachu soared through the air, powering up for his most powerful attack ever, his cheeks sparking with jolts of electricity as he pointed his paws straight at Sparky...


BLAM!!! A gigantic explosion resounded throughout the ship so much so, that everyone-the captain included-came down to witness what had happened. When the smoke cleared-about 3 minutes later-Sparky was on the ground, clearly unconscious, and Pikachu stood atop of him, a tired expression on his face, but one of content as well.

"We did it again, Pikachu!" Ash declared as he ran up and pulled his best friend-Pokemon wise-into a hug.


That's when the unthinkable happened-a metallic arm flew through the air, snagged Pikachu out of Ash's hands and pulled him up!


"Pika pi!!"

The crowds gasped in astonishment as Ash, Misty, Brock, Richie and everyone else ended up seeing a gigantic balloon float away with Pikachu in tow!!

"Prepare for trouble-we've outsmarted you!"

"And make it double-we've got Pikachu!"

"To protect the world from devastation..."

"...To unite all peoples within our nation..."

"...To denounce the evils of truth and love..."

"...To extend our reach to the stars above...!"



"Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"

"What are you three doing here?!!" Ash exclaimed impatiently as the balloon started sailing away.

"Why else would we have come, twerp? To grab your Pikachu!" Jessie sneered.

"True, we may have helped youse guys out a lot of times, but we're Team Rocket members 1st and people 2nd." Meowth added.

"This'll be your last hurrah, so-tootle-oo!" James giggled manically as the Team Rocket balloon picked up speed.

"We can't let 'em take Pikachu!" Ash yelled out while pulling out a Pokeball. "I choose you...CHIKORITA!!!"

"Chiko!" Once again, the Grass-type Pokemon emerged from her Pokeball, completely recovered from the Stun Spore attack.

"I'll help out too, Ash! Go, Poliwrath!!" Misty added as her Water-type Pokemon, fully evolved from a Poliwag, emerged from his Pokeball beside Chikorita.


"For once, I'm glad to see you! Get ready for battle!" Jessie demanded heatedly to her Patient Pokemon the second he appeared.

"Chikorita, use your Razor Leaf!" Ash yelled.


"Counter it!" Jessie responded instantly.

"Wobbuffet!!" Immediately, the number of leaves were sent flying back toward Chikorita!

"Waaa! Chikorita-dodge 'em!" Ash exclaimed worriedly.

"Chiko!!" The Grass-type quickly avoided her own attack.

"Arbok-take that little pipsqueak out with your Poison Sting!" Jessie said gleefully while James and Meowth kept pulling the hand containing Pikachu up.

"Charbok! Charr!!"

"Poliwrath-use your Water Gun!" Misty advised.

"Poliwrath!!" Most of the pins were deflected, but not all of them, hitting Chikorita and sending her down to the ground!

"Chikorita! Are you okay? Say something!" Ash pleaded while helping his Grass Pokemon back onto her hoofed feet.


Ash could already tell that Chikorita still hadn't forgiven herself for what had happened earlier. Just because she was a full-Grass Pokemon meant that she was vulnerable to most attacks, but that didn't always happen! Ash told her in that same manner, making sure to wipe away any tears off her face.

"Sometimes, you can resist being poisoned, or paralyzed. Sure, you can't avoid going to sleep, but I do that on every occasion-or, at least when Jigglypuff's around! The point is this-no matter the outcome of a battle, I'm proud of you, win or lose! You always come through for me in lots of ways, like when you and Pikachu worked together to protect your Fighting Pokemon friends, or when you and Charizard teamed up to help Misty capture Raikou. (A/N: That would be in my story, "The Power of Two!") Don't you see? You've got strengths that Pikachu doesn't have, so there's no need to be jealous of him. And, I know we'll beat Team Rocket again, if we can work as a team!"

"Chikori!!" Ecstatic, Chikorita happily gave Ash a kiss on the cheek before she started glowing brightly in Ash's arms! Ash gasped in amazement as he gently put his Pokemon down onto the deck, stepping back beside Misty, Brock and Richie to witness this event. Team Rocket and Pikachu-who still hadn't been dragged up far enough into the basket-got to see it too. When the light faded, Chikorita had grown somewhat taller, petals appeared around her neck, and the leaf on top of her head was now at an angle.


"I...I can't believe it! Chikorita evolved into Bayleef!!" Ash exclaimed excitedly while pulling out Dexter, his Pokedex.

"Bayleef: The Leaf Pokemon-the evolved form of Chikorita, a spicy aroma emanates from around its neck. The aroma acts as a stimulant to restore health."

Ash could only stare in shock at his newest Pokemon, who had a look of confidence in her eyes. "Bayleef! Bay, bay!"

"Got it! Bayleef, use your Razor Leaf to cut Pikachu down, then Vine Whip to catch him!"

"Bay!!" With swiftness, the Grass Pokemon rapidly fired off three razor-sharpened leaves that actually freed Pikachu the instant the first leaf sliced through the arm! Two of Bayleef's vines soared high up into the air and successfully snared Pikachu before gently bringing him down.

"Why didn't you do something to get Pikachu up here?!!" Jessie ranted angrily to James a second later.

"Uh...I saw the light?" James remarked meekly.


"Okay, Bayleef-send Pikachu soaring back up to Team Rocket so he can give 'em a Thunderbolt attack!"

"Bayleef!!" Pikachu was launched back up into the air high enough so that he was practically in view of Team Rocket once again.

"Pika...CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" Instantly, the three villains shrieked as they were jolted by numerous bolts of energy seconds before the balloon exploded.

"Why can't we ever win against these twerps?!!" Jessie wailed irately.

"Possibly 'cause they're the heroes?" Meowth piped up grimly.

"Well, at least we'll get more time throughout the rest of the story...hopefully." James noted.

"We're blasting off again..."

"Wobbu..." (ping!)

"We did it!!" Ash screamed excitedly while hugging Pikachu and Bayleef tightly, gulping as he was pulled into a gentle kiss by Misty a second later. Brock couldn't help but laugh.

"Interesting, huh, Richie-Misty said she'd help Ash out, but she just stood by on the sidelines and let her man do the work for her!"

"I'LL SHOW YOU STANDING ON THE SIDELINES!!! GET BACK HERE!!! LET'S SEE IF YOU ADORE GIRLS WITH A BUSTED LIP!!!" Misty ranted angrily while chasing Brock around the lower deck, Ash, Richie, Pikachu and Bayleef laughing...until the clouds started moving in the air, lightning crackled once again and thunder boomed!



"What's wrong, you two?" Ash asked cautiously while staring up at the sky, which was now starting to change color.

"Something's coming...something even worse than Team Rocket ever could be...!"

Across time and space, through dimensions, and past galaxies-not really, but in a different world-another group of heroes were in a similar situation while facing down something that wasn't a Pokemon, but rather...a Digimon, known as...

"Pharoahmon, an Unidentifiable Digimon-Mega level! His NecroMist and Fist of Nile attacks are truly ancient!"

Wanna be the biggest dreamer...

Running full speed through both the future and the present...

"Gogglehead, get down!!"

Takato Matsuki gasped in shock as his wife, Rika Matsuki, dived forward and tackled him, bringing them both down to the ground hard, but still alive, even as their Digimon partners, Guilmon, Renamon and the other Tamers made their way toward them. I know what you're thinking: how did the Tamers get themselves involved in this? Simple, yet effective-following Takato and Rika's wedding-that almost never happened-and the honeymoon-that also, almost never happened-the Tamers finally thought their adventures were behind them. How wrong were they? VERY wrong, especially when, as everyone was relaxing in their own way-Takato and Rika, adjusting to married life, Henry and Jeri, adjusting to their own budding relationship, Kazu, Kenta and Ryo, adjusting to college, Susie, Ai and Mako-adjusting to junior high, and, eventually, high school-a Digimon seemingly bioemerged out of nowhere! Good thing Guilmon sensed it immediately, as did Renamon. Cyberdramon, deDigivolved into Monodramon, sensed it as well, as did Leomon, deDigivolved into Elecmon. Even Impmon sensed the Digimon's presence.

And that brings us back to our current situation, where Takato and Rika had basically made it ahead of the others to find out about their latest adversary.

"Takato, are you crazy?! You could've gotten killed! I don't see anymore magic rings created by Shibumi on your hands-do you?"

Rika was trying to be sarcastic during the last part, but Takato saw the worry in her violet-shaped eyes. She had good reason to be. Following the climactic battle against the Ice-Reaper, Gallantmon: Crimson Mode had used the sun's solar energy to change into his Magna Mode, and Digivolved to the Fusion level! That one powerful attack, Crimson Eclipse had done both Takato and Guilmon in for a time, until the ring created by Shibumi, given to Janyu-Henry's father-and then to Takato, had used the last of its energy to restore Takato and Guilmon back to normal.

"I knew you were behind me, Rika! What's with the violent tendencies?! For the past few weeks, it's been, 'Gogglehead, do this,' or 'Takato, come rub my shoulder!' Are you okay?"

Blushing slightly, Rika was about to respond, but a voice interrupted.

"Hey, Chumly-did we miss the fireworks?"

"Apparently not, Kazu."

"Whoa!" Terriermon's eyes widened a bit as the entire team found themselves stared at by the Digimon. "Talk about your moving sphinxes!"

"Less chat, more splat!" Takato noted while pulling out his Digivice. Rika, Henry, Jeri and Kazu followed suit.

"I just remembered something..." Kazu whispered to Kenta as MarineAngemon exited Kenta's pocket.


"I forgot my homework in the dorm room!"

"That's probably because you didn't do it again." Kenta mumbled.

"Well-I was-I mean, I-"

"He's funny!" MarineAngemon laughed quietly.

"Maybe so, but he does need to buckle down and get some work done!"

"Okay, okay-after we kick this Digimon's heinie, I'll go get some work done." Kazu promised.

"I'll hold you to that."

Biomerge Digivolution!

"Biomerge, activate!" Takato, Rika, Henry, Jeri and Kazu yelled as the five of them transformed into data and merged with their respective partners.

"Guilmon Biomerge to...GALLANTMON!!!"

"Renamon Biomerge to...SAKUYAMON!!!"

"Terriermon Biomerge to...MEGAGARGOMON!!!"

"Leomon Biomerge to...SABERLEOMON!!!"

"Guardromon Biomerge to...HIANDROMON!!!"

That's right, I've realized it-I forgot to do my homework! That's one puzzle, puzzle, puzzle

"Who am I?"

Even if I slide and skin my knees, I've gotta stand right back up! I know my chance will run away!

"Lightning Joust!!" Gallantmon screamed while launching his attack directly at the enemy, who used his own personal shield-that looked like the opening from a casket-to block it!

"See if you can block this, big boy! Spirit Strike!!" Sakuyamon growled angrily while sending out four dragons of power aimed at Pharoahmon. Laughing, the Mega Digimon vanished into thin air!

"Where'd he go?" HiAndromon asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Stay on your guard! He's still here somewhere..." Gallantmon warned, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

"Fist of Nile!!"

"Huh? Ahhhhh!!" SaberLeomon roared in pain before deDigivolving back into Jeri and Leomon!

"Jeri!" Henry cried out from inside his sphere. "Are you all right?! Say something-ANYTHING!!!"

Despite being as weak as a pencil sharpener, Jeri responded by moving her head and getting up to her feet.

"You'll pay for that one..." Henry growled heatedly while preparing his main attack. "GARGO MISSILES!!!"

"NecroMist!!" Instantly, he was shrouded in mist, the attack dispersed.

"I'm not letting this guy get away!" Takato insisted inside of his sphere as Gallantmon hustled inside the mist at a fast pace.

"Gallantmon, hold on! You're being as hotheaded as Terriermon is!" Sakuyamon yelled out before heading in after the Exalted Knight.

"Hey! I resent that." Terriermon snapped before MegaGargomon, along with HiAndromon, headed inside.

Jeri grimaced as Kenta helped her stay up, a worried expression on her face.

"Be careful..."

Chorus: Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything-that's the answer!

I'll fly farther than anyone through all the tomorrows...

The mist had surrounded practically everything! The Digimon were glad they could still see each other throughout it all.

"So...where'd this guy go to, anyway?" Rika asked, still in a temperamental mood, Takato figured.

"I've only heard rumors of Digimon with powers like these, but apparently, they can literally blend in with their surrounding environment, and shape it into their own."

Everyone eyed Sakuyamon with a look of astonishment. Digimon, with those kinds of powers?

"Intriguing." Henry noted.

"Maybe so, but hightly dangerous. I suggest we find another plan of attack-"

"Fist of Nile!!"

WHAM!!! MegaGargomon and HiAndromon were hit-hard-by the enemy, and were sent flying out of the mist as Henry, Terriermon, Kazu and Guardromon.

"And, then, there were two..." Pharoahmon chuckled evilly as he menancingly made his way forward.

"Yeah, but two can be as dangerous as the one!" Gallantmon roared as he glowed a dangerous shade of crimson.

Mode Change Digivolution!

"Gallantmon Mode Change to...CRIMSON MODE!!!"

Fly to the horizon, our courage has gained wings! In order to grow big and strong, I'll run, too

For a long time, I've heard the countdown-I'm prepared!

Let's start now, change into zero!

"Are you guys okay?" Jeri asked as she, Kenta and Susie-who had arrived recently with Lopmon in tow-helped Henry and Kazu up.

"That creepy jerk ambushed us! We didn't even get a chance to attack." Kazu grumbled.

"Takato and Rika are still in there!" Henry exclaimed worriedly.

"You think they might be...?" Jeri began, but never got to finish her sentence.


BLAM!!! The mist vanished to reveal Gallantmon in his Crimson attire, Sakuyamon crouched down in front of him, and Pharoahmon, smoldering from the use of Gallantmon's main attack.

"Most impressive. But, the villains in this story never go for the secondary characters, when they should do exactly that! They always try to take down the big man, the leader, but that won't happen in this case-"

"Of course it won't, 'cause I'm here to stop you! JUSTICE BURST!!!"

WHAM!!! Justimon's powerful attack sent Pharoahmon down once again, but he wasn't that badly damaged.

"What are you doing here?" Rika griped heatedly from inside her sphere.

"You guys didn't seriously think I would stay out of this battle, do you? Saving the world is all I have to live for these days." Ryo cracked smugly.

Holding up a fist-though she knew Ryo couldn't see it-Rika hissed, "I'll give you 5 good reasons, here and now!"

"If you two wanna pummel each other into dirt, be my guest, but until then-try to remember the evil sphinx-shaped Digimon who still seems bent on destroying our world, and our friends!" Takato warned as Pharoahmon started his assault on the others!

"We've gotta figure out someway to help 'em! But how, when we're all too weak to Biomerge?" Kazu asked frantically.

"If I could have one of those Hybrid-level cards you guys used before, Henry, I know I could help out." Jeri admitted to herself.

"That's it!" Henry suddenly found the answer he needed. "If we could use the Hybrid-level cards, we just might have a chance!"

"Yeah, but it's not like those cards just pop outta thin air-do they?" Kenta asked. His answer came in the form of four glowing lights, changing into cards-Hybrid-level cards!

"Apparently, I was mistaken."


"Digimodify!" Henry, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta and Susie screamed as they slashed their cards through.

"Staff of Hope, activate!" Henry yelled out.

"Saber of Light, activate!" Jeri added.

"Blade of Power, activate!" Kazu replied.

"Nunchaku of Reliability, activate!" Kenta added.

"Book of Sincerity, activate!" Susie finished.

Immediately, their cards either merged or transformed into those particular weapons. Henry's Digivice and card merged to reform his old weapon. Jeri's Digivice and card did the exact same thing, becoming a green blade of extreme energy. Kazu's card and Digivice merged as well. Kenta's card and Digivice changed into their own separate nunchaku. Susie's card and Digivice changed into a book big enough for her to read in, if she wanted to.

"With these in our arsenal, that Pharoahmon doesn't stand a chance!" Kazu noted.

Chorus: Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

We've gotta believe, disappear into the twinkling instand

I'll run, not turning away from my heart's target, through all the tomorrows...

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything-that's the answer!

I'll fly farther than anyone through all the tomorrows...

Gallantmon, Sakuyamon and Justimon were barely hanging on by a thread-Gallantmon and Sakuyamon even more so, because Takato and Rika were still linked to each other after all this time.

"Hang on, Chumly-we're here to help beat this guy down!" Kazu yelled bravely as he launched himself through the air, holding his Blade tightly as it glowed a brownish color before striking. Pharoahmon roared in pain at that second, and Kazu knew he was done.

"Yo, Kenta! You're up!"

"Right! Now, how did those turtles do this...?" Kenta started swinging the nunchaku around until he found a rhythm, and repeatedly used it over and over on Pharoahmon, the Mega Digimon growling in pain, agony and anger.

"Jeri? I've used this weapon already, so just go for it." Henry advised. Jeri nodded before turning toward the Mega Digimon.

"Thanks." Jeri raced forward and used the green power beam fired from the Saber to strike Pharoahmon through the chest! Susie, on the other hand was skimming through the book she had in her hands, while Lopmon was frantically pacing in front of her.

"Susie, how long can it take you to find something to help your friends?" Lopmon asked worriedly.

"This is the first time I've used a book like this, and I want to get it right, Lopmon."

"Let's give Gallantmon some room, Sakuyamon. Thunder Clap!!"

Rika glared at Justimon through her sphere with a glare of malice. "You'll regret coming here in the first place, Akiyama...AMETHYST MANDALA!!!"

As Pharoahmon screamed in pain, Susie finally found what she wanted.

"Here-a binding spell! Hopefully, this will work." Within seconds of making sure she could accurately read it, Susie chanted loudly and within moments, Pharoahmon was trapped.

Chorus: Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything-that's the answer!

I'll fly farther than anyone, through all the tomorrows...

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everythiing-that's the answer!

Wanna be the biggest dreamer...

Running full speed through both the future and the present...(song continues on; ends abruptly)

"Pharoahmon, prepare to join the other gods in myth...FINAL JUSTICE!!!" Gallantmon roared as he launched his ultimate attack, instantly deleting Pharoahmon where he stood. The other Tamers cheered as the three remaining Mega Digimon deDigivolved into their Rookie forms, Cyberdramon excluded.

"You gotta be kidding me?!" Impmon gasped as he ran in, with Ai and Mako behind him. "We took the subway to get over here, and the adventure's over with?"

"Goody-hey, where are my cream puffs?" Calumon asked as Terriermon whistled while walking away from the In-Training Digimon, hiding some bags of cream puffs in front of him.

"Probably not..." Takato noted as he, Rika and the others looked up toward the sky to see it changing color, lightning flashing, thunder rumbling, etc, etc, etc...

"This would usually be considered 'the calm before the storm.'" Renamon noted grimly.

"Hopefully, they weren't right." Rika admitted while pulling Takato close to her chest, narrowing her eyes at the same time.

"Yeah...what she said." Takato added while staring up at the sky, which had only been crimson moments ago. Still, Takato knew something was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon...!

(A/N: This will be the only chapter in which you'll see it from my POV. After this, it'll just be normal POV.)

When I was younger, a part of me was curious to know if there really were other worlds out there, like Spider-Man's world, or Batman and Robin's world, or even the Tick's world. But, I never, in my wildest dreams, would've ever guessed that the Digimon world would be real, at least, not until I received BlackTerriermon.

(BlackTerriermon's Note: Yay! Finally-I get some screentime! A/N: You're ruining the story for everybody-go find something to eat for us!)

The reason I received him as a partner-or, as my friend's partner would call him, "lop-head," was nothing short of a miracle. I was flipping through my cards when I came across my BlackGargomon, BlackRapidmon and BlackMegaGargomon cards. I wanted sooooo badly for there to be a BlackTerriermon card to complete my set. Surprisingly enough, I got my wish, as a lop-eared dog-rabbit-darker than your average Terriermon-appeared out of my computer and advised to me, "Momentai! You wish for something, it'll probably come true."

It's been almost a month now since I got him, and we've gone through quite a lot. We've chatted with other authors online who have Digimon, too, though one keeps wanting to face my partner in a battle. Ironically enough, he wants the battle as well!

On that strange day, BlackTerriermon looked out the sky and saw what Ash and Takato had seen-the sky changing color, yadda, yadda, yadda, so my Data-type informed me of it.

"DC! Yo-DC! Did you fall asleep at the computer again?"

"That was only once, and I never should've mentioned it to you! Now, what's wrong?"

"The sky's acting really weird. Think we should take pictures?"

Rolling my eyes at the last comment, I looked outside, which confirmed what BlackTerriermon had said-the sky was changing color, lightning was flashing, and thunder sounded.

"Okay-let's go check it out, but stay out of sight! If my Mom sees you, you're gone, and I don't want that to happen."

"Momentai, DC. Nothing'll separate us-not even death."

"Thanks, but don't talk like that. You'll just make me even more worried than before."

The thunder resounded again and lightning flashed as BlackTerriermon and I literally blended in with the night in our world, not knowing that we were being watched.

"Finally-there he is! Now, it's payback time..."

"What have I told you about the rule of the Tamers...?"

"'Respect other Tamers, and their Digimon,' but he deserves at least a butt-whooping!"


"...Fine. But, if he makes one wisecrack about cats, it's on!"

Whoa! Different dimensions? Different planets named Earth? What's going on here? Find out next time on "Three Worlds Collide!"