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Max: Okay-where is he?!

BlackTerriermon: Uh…who?

Max: Millenniummon! I'm supposed to take him on, and he hasn't shown up! 

Me: Um…Takato, Ash and myself are supposed to be the ones who deliver the final blow to that guy, so…

Max: I just want to prove that I can beat him-I've beaten everybody else!

BlackTerriermon: We've heard.

Me: (sighs) Okay-show him what you're made of.

Max: Finally! Okay, you God-like wannabe-just bring it! (screams as he changes into Ascendant 3 within a ½ a second and dives toward Millenniummon)

BlackTerriermon: Don't get yourself killed while we're gone!


BlackTerriermon: (gulps) I'm done for!

Me: (narrows eyes) Hold it! Before you two delete my partner, consider this-how would the two of you feel if you lost your own partners-or, in Misty's case, her Pokemon?

Rika/Misty: …..

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Rika/Misty: …Fair.

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Digimon Tamers/Pokemon: Three Worlds Collide

Epilogue-Pillars of Light

"Nothing's gonna tear us apart…nothing!" –Takato Matsuki

"It's about having the strength to do what needs to be done to save the world!" –Rika Nonaka, The D-Reaper's Disguise

"All of my Pokemon are my friends. We all work together, like a family." –Ash Ketchum

"We're like family, too!" –Misty, Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of The Unown

The Tamers, the Trainers and the authors/Tamers were all amazed-this guy just wouldn't give up!

"What's with this guy? He seems to have lives like a cat!" Kazu exclaimed while inside his sphere.

"Hey! I resent that."

"Not now, BlackGatomon…"

DC narrowed his eyes while raising his Digivice and scanning their latest foe.

"Hmm…there he is: XeedMillenniummon, a higher form of either Millenniummon or Moon=Millenniummon. Curious, to say the least. His Time Destroyer and Chrono Paradox attacks are unpredictable and considered lethal!"

"'Considered lethal?' They are lethal, as I shall show you, by using you as a test subject! A pity you had to choose the losing side…you might have found a place alongside my Tamer and I."

DC snorted derisively at that statement. "No offense, but I despise the guy as much as I do Yamato Ishida. So, I could care less about what would happen to him, but I do care about what happens to our worlds!"

"As you wish. Then, you shall be the first to fall! CHRONO PARADOX!!!"

BlackTerriermon screamed loudly while jumping in front of his partner and putting himself in between DC and the approaching attack!

"Anyone threatens my Tamer, they threaten me! Crimson Blast!!"

A noble effort, but the attack didn't even phase ZeedMillenniummon's attack in the least-it actually increased its intensity as it barreled their way!

"Just lovely…at least we went down fighting!" DC noted while holding his Digivice tightly and noting that BlackTerriermon placed his paws around him at that second.


The attack was dispersed by the entrance of BlackOmnimon and his blade, who wasn't out of this battle yet!

"How dare you interfere in my quest for victory?!!"

Narrowing her eyes, Phoenix growled while still perched on BlackOmnimon's shoulder, "How dare you try to take away one of my closest and dearest friends?! If you harm a hair on his head…you'll answer to me!"

ML sighed while making a motioning gesture to Phoenix. "You're not the only one who's worried about him, you know?"

"Yo, Puss 'n' Boots-where'd you go, anyway? You missed some pretty awesome battles!" BlackTerriermon quipped cynically.

Inside her sphere, Rachel chose to answer, knowing BlackGatomon would undoubtedly say something…not nice to DC's partner. "To the Digital World, to meet one of the Sovereigns…specifically, Azulongmon."

Antylamon turned to GranKuwagamon with a look of astonishment on her face. "Are you serious?"

"Mm-hmm. I received one of his Digi-cores, so that way, we can use it's power to help us defeat ZeedMillenniummon, but he warned me one might not be enough."

"So, what else are we gonna do-wait for this guy to turn us into paste?"


"Nope-we go to Zhuqiaomon's realm, in your world, and try to convince him to lend us one of his Digi-cores."

Takato momentarily took his eyes off of ZeedMillenniummon long enough to yell out, "Go! If it'll help us to defeat this guy, then we'll need all the firepower we can get! Henry, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, Susie, Ai, Mako-go with Rachel and try and convince Zhuqiaomon to let us borrow one of his Digi-cores! We'll hold off ZeedMillenniummon for as long as we can!"

"Try not to get killed while we're gone!"

"Terriermon!" That said, the chosen team of heroes departed with GranKuwagamon for their Digital World once again, possibly for the final time.

"A pity, for now your team is depleted in numbers…and I am about to deplete that number even farther with this one attack! CHRONO PARADOX!!!"

Within seconds, everyone-with the exception of Gallantmon, Sakuyamon, Justimon, Beelzemon, BlackOmnimon, the Pokemon trainers, DC and BlackTerriermon had all vanished because of that one attack!

"That wasn't right for you to do that!" Ash yelled out angrily. "Where'd you send them to?"

"I decided to send them home so they could witness the destruction of their homes firsthand, and I may do the same for you! In fact…I think I will! CHRONO PARADOX!!!"

"RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OMNICANNON!!!" A quick blast of fire from BlackOmnimon's cannon countered ZeedMillenniummon's attack, which saved Ash from certain doom!

"…So be it. You want to be the first one to fall under my rule? Then, as a legendary icon would say, 'just bring it!'"

Nodding, BlackOmnimon roared as he soared forward, with Phoenix and ML hanging onto his shoulders as tightly as possible.

"Gogglehead, we can't leave them to face ZeedMillenniummon alone-even if BlackOmnimon is powerful, he'd be creamed within minutes, if not seconds!" Rika insisted from inside her sphere.

"I know. That's why Ash has a plan to help them out."

"Then, what is it?"

"I'm not sure about that part yet, only that it would buy sometime for the others to get back here."

"Well…it had better work, whatever it is."

Speaking of BlackOmnimon, he, Phoenix and ML were locked in a fierce battle against ZeedMillenniummon, both combatants deflecting each other's blows, move for move!

"Surrender, you ignorant Knight, or better yet, join me and my Tamer in glory! Just refuse your Tamers, and be a part of our grand order!"

In response, the Warrior Digimon unsheathed his OmniBlade and stabbed the Mega Digimon in the gut with it, grins appearing on Phoenix and ML's faces.

"There's your answer, Digital Scum! And, here's another answer…"

Raising up the cannon to bear once more, BlackOmnimon fired another OmniCannon attack in ZeedMillenniummon's numerous faces! The Virus Digimon howled in anger and pain while shaking off his opponent.

"Let's see how you like this attack-it may really take you for a spin! TIME DESTROYER!!!"

Grunting loudly, BlackOmnimon barely deflected that attack with a shot from his OmniCannon! It was at that moment that Ash decided to test his plan out.

"Okay, guys-enough sitting on the sidelines! Charizard-Flamethrower! Pikachu-Thunder Attack! Bayleef-Razor Leaf!!"




"Poliwrath, Golduck-use your Hyper Beam attacks!"

"Vulpix-use your Flamethrower, too!"

"Zippo, Sparky-use your Flamethrower and Thunder attacks!"

"Bayleef, use your Razor Leaf, too! Beedrill, time to show this Digimon a Twineedle attack!"

"Arcanine-Fire Blast attack!"

"Arbok-Poison Sting attack!
 "Weezing-use your Sludge attack! Victreebel, use your Razor Leaf!"

Surprisingly enough, the attacks caused ZeedMillenniummon damage! Yet, it wasn't enough to defeat him…only to get him angry!



"Ash, I think your plan may have had some flaws in it…"


"No kidding…"

"You would dare to challenge me, after I have shown you all how effective my powers are?!! Very well. TIME DESTROYER!!!"

Ash, Pikachu, Charizard and Bayleef cried out as the 4 of them were hit by the unseen attack and promptly vanished!


"It…it can't be!" Brock gasped in amazement as Misty sank to her knees onto the invisible ground, unshed tears threatening to fall.

"Any other trainer would probably deserve that, especially if they were evil…"

"Hey!" Jessie and James chorused irately at that second, but Gary wasn't even paying any attention to them.

"…but, not Ash. He was one of the best, if not the best Pokemon trainers around!"

The Tamers were shocked that this had happened to one of their closest companions! BlackOmnimon roared in indignation as he soared forward and attempted to hit ZeedMillenniummon from the side!


The two attacks repeatedly hit their mark, but ZeedMillenniummon didn't even look phased!

"I've got more attacks than just these two, you see. Observe…" Concentrating hard, the Virus Digimon fired a beam of energy that struck BlackOmnimon and caused him serious damage, if not critical!

"Phoenix! Hang on…" DC growled lightly while standing next to BlackTerriermon, clutching his Digivice tightly, not even recognizing that it had started to glow.

Growling lightly, Phoenix and ML struggled against the pain, realizing that their bond with their partners had only intensified when they'd DNA Digivolved.

"Should we try and go all out?" ML asked cautiously.

"So far, our attacks haven't done much damage to him…but, for DC, for Ash, the Tamers, our other friends…we'll give this guy something to really scream about!" Phoenix declared, thrusting her fist into the air.

Roaring loudly, BlackOmnimon ignored the pain, unleashed his weapons once more, and dived forward, stabbing ZeedMillenniummon in the side with his OmniBlade and repeatedly firing at his heads with his OmniCannon. In response, the Dark God simply laughed.

"Please! You think those paltry attacks can stop me? I am a Dark God Digimon, and nothing you do to me can defeat me! HA!!!"


The Warrior Digimon roared in agony as he, Phoenix and ML were blasted back to where the others were at with one shot from ZeedMillenniummon! Instantly, he struck an invisible wall, which knocked Phoenix and ML down to the ground, and nearly knocked them out! As for BlackOmnimon himself, he sank to his knees, struggling to get back up once more.


"BlackOmnimon…it can't be…"

With a groan of pain, BlackOmnimon managed to get to his feet, but his arms remained on the ground next to Phoenix and ML, who were both aghast at what had just happened!

"BlackOmnimon!" Phoenix cried out, fighting tears of indignation, warring with herself to make a decision-to try and continue fighting, or to run over to the arm that had once been Black WarGreymon.

Groaning softly-though to them, it still sounded loud-BlackOmnimon stared at ZeedMillenniummon, even until his eyes went dark and vacant at that instant.

"And, so…The Dark Warrior falls by the hand of the Dark God…who's next?"

"I am!" Holding up his glowing Digivice, DC allowed the colors of darkness surrounding his Digivice to envelop him and his partner at that second!

Biomerge Digivolution!

"BIOMERGE, ACTIVATE!!!" DC yelled out while transforming into data and merging with BlackTerriermon once again.

"BlackTerriermon Biomerge to…CHAOSGALLANTMON!!!"

Chorus: When two shining bodies melt together, Matrix Evolution…

Then you'll understand everything-the meaning of your meeting…

Everyone gaped in amazement to see the Dark Knight Digimon, back and restored!

"But…but how?" Takato couldn't believe it! Neither could Misty or the others.

Inside his own sphere, DC couldn't help but smile. "I based my partner off of the Digimon card game in my world. There, Terriermon can become Growlmon, WarGrowlmon and Gallantmon as well as his other forms. So, my partner can become BlackGrowlmon, BlackWarGrowlmon and ChaosGallantmon as well as his other forms. I haven't figured out what to call his other mode, however."

Phoenix couldn't hide a smile from her face-this time, the Dark Knight was truly on their side!

"As Izumi would say…molto cool!"

"And, now, ZeedMillenniummon, you shall pay for what you have done to BlackOmnimon…DEMON'S DISASTER!!!"

"Not without us helping out! FINAL JUSTICE!!!"




Can you write the shape of your heart on a piece of paper?

It's something that can change it's color in just one second…

Do you know what it means to believe?

Your everything is being tested…

Courage alone can't reach…(Courage alone can't reach…)

In that instant when your fear, too, becomes one…

As for the authors/Tamers that had been returned home, they were shocked, and then angry at ZeedMillenniummon for denying them the chance to battle.

"When I get my hands on that two-headed monstrosity…" Miyka growled angrily before smacking her fist into her palm in anger.

"Calm down! There's nothing we can do about it now." Exoduss insisted grimly.

"Oh, yes, there is! We can get back out there and fight! We can get back up to the others and defeat that God Digimon!"

"And, how are we going to do that? We can't even get there the same way we did last time. That was Millenniummon's doing in the first place." Rei noted.

"Are you supposed to be my Tamer, or not? We can't give up!" Tigramon piped up.

"I didn't say I was going to give up! There would be other ways to get there other than how we got there before!"

The Quantum Ranger nodded in agreement, Magnamon agreeing with his Tamer. "There's got to be some way to get back out there! But, how? The barrier around our world's not going to last much longer, or around any of the others."

"With us to help!"

In surprise, the team turned to see the Legendary Street Racer, as well as the Rukato fan-both were authors, who'd been granted Digimon partners and had become Tamers-appear, with a BlackKoromon tucked in LSR's arms and Katourimon by the Rukato fan's side.

"We missed the plane ticket to go, but that didn't mean we weren't going to miss the battle! We can go, as long as we believe in ourselves and that the others can handle things long enough for us to get there!" LSR advised, instantly holding his Digivice up to the sky. Instantly, it glowed brightly and fired a beam of light up to the air.

"Yeah-you heard him! Let's go!" Digikittyo123 smiled while holding up her own Digivice, the others following suit.

"Don't forget us!" To their amazement, Epsilon, and his own Digimon partner, Galacticmon appeared, the author/Tamer holding his own Digivice upward in the air.

"Hang on, everyone…we're coming back!"

Chorus: When two shining bodies melt together-Matrix Evolution…

The instant everything is fulfilled…now, it's now!

When two hearts change to zero and melt together-Matrix Evolution…

Then, you'll understand everything-the meaning of your meeting…






"Ha, ha, ha, ha! You think the 5 of you combined can stop the might of ZeedMillenniummon? I've just banished your friends away, and I've just sent your other friend outside of time! I could do the same to any of you! TIME DESTROYER!!!"

Rika gasped inside her sphere as the invisible attack headed straight for her!

"Rika…WATCH OUT!!!" Takato exclaimed worriedly as Gallantmon got in front of Sakuyamon and took the attack in the back, groaning in pain and warping out!

"Takato…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Rika screamed out her fury and rage as, once again, her sphere changed into a burst of bluish flames, Sakuyamon charged up to her maximum.

"TIME DESTROYER!!! This is what you get for messing in my affairs!" ZeedMillenniummon laughed as he launched another attack, and didn't expect Phoenix to get hit by it-and, he was right! ChaosGallantmon had absorbed the brunt of it, warping out within seconds!

"DC!" Gritting her teeth, Phoenix allowed some tears to fall down her cheeks and splash onto her hand for a few seconds before holding out her Digivice, watching it glow brightly.

"You'll pay for what you've done…"

At that moment, MegaGargomon, SaberLeomon, HiAndromon, MarineAngemon, Kenta, Antylamon, Susie, Ai, Mako and GranKuwagamon reappeared, holding onto one of Zhuqiaomon's Digi-cores.

"Where were you?!" Rika screamed angrily, not even acknowledging them with a look, glaring hatefully at ZeedMillenniummon.

"It took us a while to convince Zhuqiaomon that we wouldn't use it to destroy the fabric of the Digital World…" Rachel began, but was interrupted by Terriermon.

"All we had to tell him was that we were facing down Millenniummon, and he handed it over to us, but not before we had to promise that we would return it once we were done."

"So…what's happened here?" Kazu asked cautiously, noting that their numbers had seriously diminished.

"I'll be glad to tell you-I've gotten rid of your friends, and your so-called 'leaders!' I've sent them outside of time, where they will remain forever!"

If you carve even your hearts with the same rhythm, you should be able to feel the overflowing power…

You didn't so much become one in order to fight-rather, you became one in order to understand one another…

In the instant when the drops of time that have piled up…(In the instant when the drops of time that have piled up…)

Open the door to a miracle…!

Chorus: When the power to choose the future awakens, Matrix Evolution…

Only you can do it…now, open your eyes!

The answer you've been searching for is Realizing, Matrix Evolution…

Joining the shapes of your hearts, never to be parted again…

(As for Ash, his Pokemon, DC-still merged with his partner as ChaosGallantmon-and Takato-merged with his own partner as Gallantmon: Crimson Mode-they existed outside of time, unnoticeable by anyone…or, so they thought.

"Tamer…your quest isn't over with yet…"

"Huh?" Amazed, Takato turned his head-if he still had one-and found himself staring at Azulongmon! On instinct, Takato willed his stats to pop up, and the Sovereign's stats appeared next to him.

"Here we are: Azulongmon, one of the Sovereign Digimon. Not much else on him, but that'll do."

"As I said, you and your friends have yet to defeat the one evil that could be even stronger than the D-Reaper could ever have hoped to be-ZeedMillenniummon."

"We know that sir, but…we can't do a thing to stop him from hurting the others!" DC noted.

"Yeah, and besides, my Pokemon weren't meant to handle Digimon of his power."

"You must trust in each other, and in your own strengths."

"Azulongmon is correct, Chosen One."

Ash couldn't believe his eyes, and neither could the others, when they saw Mewtwo appear next to Azulongmon.

"I see you've rejuvenated yourself after sacrificing almost all of your energies to assist Ash and his friends."

"I have."

"Hold everything!" BlackTerriermon objected. "Are you telling me the two of you know each other?!!"

"Circumstances allowed us to cross paths one day, but that will be a story for another time. (A/N: AnT, this could be a part of your Digimon/Pokemon crossover story, if you incorporate it in.) Takato, from what I recall of your partner, you can reach a level even higher than Mega. With this level, you could even surpass the Digimon Sovereigns in power. Am I correct?"

"Uh…yeah, but only if I can use the sun's solar energy, and there isn't a sun here as far as the eye can see."

"Yeah, which isn't that far, really."


Seeming to smile, Azulongmon used his powers to show the fallen heroes one sun, surrounded by lots of universes!

"As a friend of yours once stated, 'appearances can be deceiving…' Now, are you ready to challenge ZeedMillenniummon once again?"

"You bet!"


"We're ready!"



At that moment, Gallantmon: Crimson Mode and ChaosGallantmon glowed brightly with power, as the 3 heroes returned to the fabric of time with help from Azulongmon and Mewtwo…)

Mode Change Digivolution!

"ChaosGallantmon Mode Change to…DARKNESS MODE!!!"

Fusion Digivolution!

"Gallantmon Fusion Evolve to…MAGNA MODE!!!"

You don't know what will happen…

Together, you'll overcome the fear of the unknown power…

Now, open your eyes!

The remaining Tamers, authors/Tamers and Pokemon trainers stood their ground while ZeedMillenniummon prepared to launch his most strongest attack ever!

"It's been a real pleasure toying with you all…but, this is the end. Ryo, you should've given up when you had the chance. CHRONO…"


Instantly, two beams of light soared from an unknown position in the air and struck ZeedMillenniummon in the chest, injuring him and dissipating his attack! Inside his sphere, Ryo gasped lightly as he felt that attack.

"Who dares…?!!"

"We dare!" Everyone turned to see Gallantmon: Magna Mode, Gallantmon: Darkness Mode and Ash and Pikachu on top of Charizard, reappearing from outside of time! The skies shined brightly with the appearance of Magna Mode, naturally.




"That's their names-don't wear 'em out!"


"Gallantmon: Darkness Mode, a different form for ChaosGallantmon! He could actually rival Gallantmon: Crimson Mode in power. His Blaze of Injustice and Blade of Darkness attacks are unmatched!"

Astonished, no one moved a muscle, even when several beams of light flew upward from two of the universes and the other Tamers and authors/Tamers reappeared while the beams of light wrapped around ZeedMillenniummon before merging with their respective partners-those who could merge!


"Nothing's impossible, Zeedster-not as long as you believe in yourself and in your pals."

"BlackTerriermon…did you just say something helpful??" DC, and everyone else was shocked at that statement.

"I must have, but it may be because I haven't had breakfast yet."

"And, he's back again…"

"With all of us united against you, we'll defeat you once and for all, ZeedMillenniummon!" Takato declared, smiling as he noted that because of the light radiating from his body, BlackOmnimon had pulled himself together.


"And, yet…it is. Say goodbye, partner! THUNDER CLAP!!!"



"KAHUNA WAVES!!!" (A/N: Yes, I know the little guy's attack power isn't that strong, but Kenta may have used some of the Digi-core to power him up.)



"Okay, everyone-fire your strongest attacks and aim it directly at ZeedMillenniummon!" Ash yelled out excitedly, watching Misty, Brock, Richie, Casey, Gary and even Team Rocket's Pokemon helping out.











Roaring in pain and agony, ZeedMillenniummon was critically injured, but not entirely defeated. That task was up to Takato, DC and Ash.

"ZeedMillenniummon, you've tried to destroy countless lives in your mad pursuit of power, and you even went so far as to destroy our families just to reclaim a Tamer who doesn't even want you anymore! For what you have done, you will pay for all your actions! CRIMSON…ECLIPSE!!!"

The skies behind Gallantmon turned crimson just as his ultimate attack was launched toward their ultimate foe.


"Pikachu, use your Thunder attack! Charizard, Flamethrower!"




ZeedMillenniummon exploded into bits of data that was barely seeable, and at that instant, Justimon fell forward, struggling to stay alive.

"Ryo!" Takato yelled out. "Absorb his data!"


"You and Millenniummon are linked, right? Well, if you absorb his data, that's kind of like merging with him, but on a different level."

"Right…" Managing to stagger forward, Justimon held out his hand and was able to absorb all the data that had once been ZeedMillenniummon, even the specks that weren't seeable.

A moment passed…then, another moment passed…finally, loud, excited cheers were heard from all the Tamers, the authors/Tamers and Pokemon trainers at that second.

Chorus: When the power to choose the future awakens, Matrix Evolution…

Only you can do it-that's the final Evolution!

When two shining bodies melt together, Matrix Evolution…

The instant everything is fulfilled-now, it's now!

When two hearts change to zero and melt together, Matrix Evolution…

Then, you'll understand everything-the meaning of your meeting…(song continues; fades out)

"Congratulations. You have all done exceedingly well in defeating an evil that transcends time and space."

Amazed, everyone deDigivolved back to their Rookie forms at that second, once they'd all seen Azulongmon and Mewtwo appear, as well as Zhuqiaomon.

"Thanks…I think." Takato replied calmly.

"Takato, as I told you, your Digimon has a level of power that can surpass even the Sovereigns' own abilities, and your Digivice can now tap directly into the sun's solar power, no matter where you're at."

Takato couldn't help but smile. "Once again, thanks!"

"For those of you who used the power of the Digi-core to assist you in this battle, you may keep the power, as long as you don't abuse its use in the future."

The Tamers and authors/Tamers nodded in agreement.

"Are you sure that's wise, Azulongmon? How trustworthy of these humans can we be?"

"Zhuqiaomon…most of these humans were successful in defeating the D-Reaper, while the rest of us were prevented from doing a thing to help, and just now, they've banded with heroes from different universes to save their worlds, and ours, from Millenniummon's threat."

"…Fine. But, as long as they don't abuse the power!"

"So, what about us? Are we all gonna forget this ever happened?" Ash asked cautiously, eyeing Mewtwo with a single glance. The Psychic Pokemon shook his head.

"This is a battle truly worth remembering, so I won't tamper with your minds in this case."

"Well…" Takato laughed slightly while facing DC and Ash. "…I guess this is goodbye, huh?"

"Not, 'goodbye…' just, 'until next time.'" DC replied, a smile on his face as he, Ash and Takato linked hands.

"Okay-until next time."

(Seven plays in background)

The Tamers, Pokemon trainers and authors/Tamers all wished each other a fond farewell and promised that they would never forget what bonded them all together-the separate, but similar experiences they shared with each other. Unbeknownst to anyone, a certain pair of Rabbit Digimon chuckled lightly as everybody abruptly vanished, leaving only one author/Tamer and his partner behind, for the moment.

"Well, Galacticmon, it looks like we've got our work cut out for us. Let's get to work!"

"You got it, Epsilon!"

In the authors' world, everyone reappeared wherever they'd been before Millenniummon had first transported them to, which means that everyone, save for DC, Phoenix and Rachel were back at home.

"Um…I just wanted to say, thanks."

Confused, Phoenix eyed DC with a look of astonishment.

"For what?"

"For saving me back there and blocking ZeedMillenniummon's attack."

"Hey-you took a blow meant for me and got yourself pushed outside of time for me…I should be thanking you."

Before DC even knew what he was doing, he leaned forward and kissed Phoenix gently, but firmly, on the lips, with only BlackTerriermon, BlackAgumon, Rachel and BlackGatomon witness to the event. About 30 seconds into the kiss, both pulled out of it, equally amazed, but equally pleased at the same time.

(Seven fades out; The Biggest Dreamer plays in background)

"Yeah! Way to go, DC! I knew you had it in you!"

"Lophead, quit interfering in his personal life."

"Hey, Puss 'n' Boots-he's my Tamer, and if I want to have a helping hand in his personal life, then I can!"

Rachel laughed while picking her partner up at that moment. "Come on, Mr. Sarcastic-it's time for us to go home."

"Hey! I resent that."

"Excuse me, Phoenix, but isn't it time for us to be getting home, too? It's probably morning back there!"

"Oh…right. Well, guess we'll be hearing from each other later on, right?"

DC grinned a grin that made Phoenix think, for a moment, that she was talking to Taichi Kamiya, before he responded.

"Of course. Ja na, Phoenix-chan."

"Ja ne, DC-san." (A/N: Both ja na and ja ne are Japanese for "so long.")

DC couldn't hide a smile as Phoenix and BlackAgumon merged to form Black WarGreymon once again before the Mega Digimon skyrocketed up into the air, until BlackTerriermon ran up to his partner.

"Ha! I knew you liked her! Didn't I tell you, DC? You should listen to me more often. Hmm…I almost feel bad for doing what I did, but…"

"Very funny…what?! What did you do?"

"Not just me. Terriermon had a little hand in it, too."

DC groaned while picking his partner back up and racing back home, thinking of the many apologies he would have to give to Phoenix, considering he survived this. "Why me…?"

(The Biggest Dreamer fades out)

After getting home, Phoenix barely found time to get changed before she realized something-there was something inside her pockets. Confused, she reached inside both pockets and pulled out some sticky substances! Irritation and anger flashed in her eyes once she realized what had happened-BlackTerriermon and Terriermon had put taffy in both of her pockets! An evil grin crossed over the authoress' face at that moment.

"I may not be able to get my revenge on Terriermon, but as for BlackTerriermon…even Rookie Digimon need their beauty sleep."

As for Ash and co, they'd all ended up where they'd been beforehand-just barely getting near Vermillion City!

"What an adventure! Now, that's something I won't forget about, ever." Ash noted calmly while recalling Charizard and Bayleef to their PokeBalls.

"You did a great job, Ash."

Ash couldn't help but smile, as well as blush. Truthfully, he hadn't done that much, other than get himself and his Pokemon sent outside of time, as well as figuring out a way to beat Moon=Millenniummon.

"Hey, don't count yourself out, Mist. You were pretty great, too."

Misty smiled gently as she pulled Ash into a sweet, but passionate kiss. Sadly, what could've turned into an extremely tender moment was ruined by Brock.

"Of course you guys were amazing-Ash, careful with those lips, now-but now that we're back home, it's time to venture off into unexplored territory as Ash tries once again to claim the title of Pokemon Master!!"

"The next time you interrupt a moment between Ash and me, you'll experience unexplored territory as I give you 2 black eyes!" Misty growled while yanking Brock away by the ear.

It took Ash a moment or so to realize that Casey, Richie and Gary weren't around, then figured they'd probably gone to the Pokemon Center, which was where he would have to go, too-after getting his girlfriend and friend to calm down, and getting his stuff out of their room.

"That was an exciting adventure, Pikachu! Are you ready to tackle the Pokemon League again?"


"Then, let's go…!"

Team Rocket grinned to themselves, as well, while hiding in one of the emergency rafts.

"Now that we're back home, we can focus on doing what we do best-grabbing Pikachu and messing up at the same time!" James advised calmly.

"Whatever, James. Pikachu…"

"…we're coming for you…"

"That's right!"


Not even knowing what had happened to Team Rocket, Ash was about to go and see what was keeping the others, when he'd heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from inside their room.

"What's going on here?" Ash asked worriedly, only to see Misty, with a look of pure hatred in her eyes.

"Those Rabbit Digimon! They ate all the food in my backpack, and only left empty wrappers-as well as taffy-inside my backpack! When I get my hands on those little Digimon…!"

Ash sighed to himself, thinking that it was a good thing that they'd all separated. He hated to think what would've happened if Misty had found that out beforehand.

(Yuuhi no Yakusoku plays in background)

As for the Tamers, they'd all returned to the scene of their battle prior to the one where they'd just faced Millenniummon.

"What a day! We've run into other Tamers with Digimon, Pokemon trainers and faced down one of Ryo's old foes, who turns out to be his partner." Takato declared.

"Yeah-if we were at school now, I'd be catching up on my sleep in my AP Calculus class."

"Typical Kazu." Rika joked cynically.


"Anyway…" Takato quickly put himself in between his wife and his friend, not wanting an argument to break out. "I think it's time for us to be getting home, so we'll catch you guys later on."

Agreeing with their leader's statement, within seconds or so, everyone had disbanded, until only Takato, Guilmon, Rika, Renamon and Calumon remained.

"Come on, you two-our Tamers need to talk." Renamon advised calmly while grabbing Guilmon by his tail and noting that Calumon had hopped up to her head.

"But, why can't they talk with us? And, I'm still hungry!" Guilmon whined.

"Is there really food over here, Renamon?" Calumon piped up as they headed to another place in the park.

"So, Rika…any reason why we haven't left yet to go home?"

"Actually, there is. Look, I didn't get to say this beforehand, so I'm just gonna come right out and say it, okay? I'm…"



Takato was getting pretty worried at this moment in time, but he forced himself to remain calm…until he virtually snapped.

"You're what? You're in trouble? You're dying? I hope not, 'cause that wouldn't be good. There's a Digimon about to ambush me from behind-?"

"I'm pregnant, Takato!"

Takato's eyes widened in astonishment at the joyful news, and still, he couldn't find the words. Getting worried herself at how he was going to react, Rika shook Takato for a while.

"Well? Say something, Gogglehead!"

"…..You're really…?" Takato stammered in surprise, a faint smile appearing on his face.


"And, that means, I'm gonna be…?"

"Yeah, it does."

"YES!!!!" Takato cheered loudly while grabbing Rika by the waist and hugging her tightly, being careful not to cause any unnecessary pain near her stomach as he stole a kiss. That's when Guilmon, Renamon and Calumon raced back in.

"Guilmon, did you hear? I'm gonna be a father!"

"Is that like a mommy, Takatomon?"

"Uh…yeah, but it's different, and they have the same kind of job-to take care of their families." Takato shrugged while grabbing Rika again and holding her with ease.

"We're gonna be parents, Rika…and you're not gonna end up like your mother-I'll make sure of that."

"…Thanks, Takato."

After being locked in a passionate kiss, Takato chose that moment to pass out, drained of energy, as well as in shock because of the news, and his head gently landed on Rika's shoulder.

"Stupid Gogglehead…"

It was at that moment that Rika realized something was wrong with her teeth. Confused, she went to check-and felt some kind of substance on her teeth. Getting irritated-Takato chose that time to wake up, which was a good thing-Rika's eyes narrowed when she spat out the piece of candy given to her.

"Where are they?!! Takato, those two lop-eared Digimon gave me some pocky, and now my teeth are all black! When I get ahold of them…" (A/N: Pocky-a term meaning Japanese candy.)

Takato groaned while Guilmon just stared, with a confused look on his face, Renamon, a passive look on her face and Calumon, a joyous look on his face.

"There's never a dull day around here!"

"This isn't over…one day, I will be strong enough to separate from you again, and we shall see which of us would make a better partner for Ryo…"

Cyberdramon growled angrily upward to the skies, not in the mood for any kind of philosophical talk, especially from his DNA Digivolved partner, at this particular time, or any time.

"Cyberdramon? Are you okay?"

"…I'm fine, Ryo."