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Rank and File

Chapter One

By Firefly-chan

(Tyson's POV)

The sun had dawned long ago. Another sun meant another day. And another day meant school. And school meant torture.

Joy. How I love my life. Just the repetitiveness of it makes me all giddy inside.

Didn't catch the sarcasm? Tough. I don't really care. I just moved to Akita from Sendai and guess what? Today is my first day at Akita High School. Oh, what fun I'm going to have? Meh, yeah, right. Sorry. I'm probably sounding like one big puddle of sarcastic muck, aren't I? I have a habit of being overly sarcastic at times, but that's mainly to myself. I'm usually shy when I'm around other people. Damn. Probably my zodiac sign's fault or something.

As you can probably tell I like to blame my faults on other things. Even if those other things don't make any sense at times. I'm strange. Beware. I let out a heavy sigh, and shifted my book bag strap to my other shoulder as I continued on my path towards school. Maybe I could *accidentally* get lost or something? Yeah! Then I could have an excuse for not going to school! Wait. No, that won't work. Then my mom would wonder how I even found my way back to the house.

Well, there goes that idea.

I scratched the back of my head for, like, the seventh time that morning. People probably were beginning to wonder if I had lice or something. Jeez. What's with society today? They jump all over you if you brush by them and they claim that you were trying to seduce them or something. Really, people need to get a grip. Or fall off a ledge and spare us from their annoying habits.

Okay, Mr. Sarcastic Guy is probably sounding like Mr. Prissy Sadistic Bastard right about now, huh? Didn't I tell you? I have multi- personalities! Well, not really but y'know. I can see the school now. Shibby. Just what I need. I really don't want to deal with people right now. I'm not the nicest person in the world in the morning. Yes, gasp in shock. I'm actually (insert gasp) vile at times! Oh, no! Not Tyson! And I thought he was such a sweet little fifteen-year-old! What is coming to this world?!

Sorry. More sarcasm. I should really cut down sometimes but then I'd probably be half-dead since it's a part of my personality. Oh, well. Who needs that half anyway?

I shoved my hands into my pockets, stepping reluctantly on the front field of the school, noting with dread all the people standing outside the large building. Maybe I could just wait here where no one would notice me? I could blend in with the trees or something. Yeah, that'd work.

I scowled when someone shouldered me roughly as they passed. Damnit. Well, maybe that won't notice me?

The person turned to me, blinking. Nope. There goes another idea. The blonde haired boy tilted his head slightly, a slow smile growing on his features. "You're new here, aren't you?"

Panic. Anxiety. Gah! Someone is talking to me! Okay-wait. Just breathe and get a grip. Now, talk to the boy.

And despite my inner chaos I managed a nod and answered him. "Yeah. I just moved from Sendai."

"I thought so." He kept on smiling as he stuck out his hand. "I'm Max. Who're you?"

No one important. "Tyson."

"Nice to meet you!" He pressed a hand on my back, leading me towards the group of kids by the school.

Oh, release me, petty blond boy! I don't want to go over there! He pushes me lightly towards a rather small group of three. A girl and two boys. The pink haired girl eyed me suspiciously, but the other two smiled warmly at me. I gave them a short wave, trying my best to smile although it probably looked like I was gritting my teeth or something close to it. What? I don't like to smile. But in regards of being friendly I do.

"Guys, this is Tyson." Max announced, gesturing to me. "He just moved here from Sendai." He pointed to a boy with purple-black hair. "That's Ray." He shifted to the pink haired girl. "That's Maria." And lastly he pointed to a short, brown haired boy with glasses. "And that's Kenny."

Kenny? Bleh. What kind of name was that? It was like his parents were begging for him to get killed or something. I mean, seriously? Kenny? Some bastard is going to end up murdering him now.

"Er, hi?" I said lightly, unsure of myself.

Maria had stopped glaring at me and was smiling softly. "Hi!" Her smile widened into a grin, and she tilted her head slightly. "You look kind of nervous. Don't worry; we won't bite."

"Hey, you guys?" Max spoke up again, dropping his bag to his feet. "Where's the rest of the group?"

"Who? Celestyn, Blaze, and Taikisha?" Ray asked and continued when he received a short nod from the other. "Probably out mocking Kai and getting their asses kicked."

'Kai? Who is this Kai?' I thought to myself before repeating it aloud again to the group.

"Kai is one of those assholes from the 'popular' group." Kenny responded, rolling his eyes as he said 'popular'. "You know; those people who think they rule the school? That's him."

"And what exactly are you guys--er, us?" I asked slowly although I already knew the answer.

"We're in the 'loser' category." Maria said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "We usually rebel against the popular people. They get pissed and beat us up. We have a fun life." She hesitated before adding, "But you aren't necessarily in that group. You probably haven't been ranked yet."

"Oh." I said, not really knowing what else to say. "Eh, cool?"

Maria shrugged. "Your opinion."

The bell rang just then and the large number of kids began to gather into the school. Max tugged on my arm, nodding his head to the building. "C'mon. Let's go." he said loudly, trying to talk over the other people around him.

I followed after him and the others, trying to stick as close to them as possible. I had already been to the school over the weekend to get my schedule, locker number, and other things I would need. I hadn't been past the first hall, though, so I didn't really know where the rest of the school was. Hopefully, one of the guys--uh, and girl, would have a schedule that resembled mine a bit so they could show me where to go. But knowing my luck that probably wasn't going to happen.

"What's your locker number, Tyson?" Max called back to me, turning his head a bit.

"One hundred ten!" I called back, after I racked my brain for it.

"Cool!" He grinned back at me. "Mine is only three lockers down."

Well. Luck seemed to be on my side for a change.

Max kept his grip on my arm as he lead me towards the end of the hall. I stopped at my locker, digging in my pockets for the slip of paper that had my padlock code on it. I found it a moment later, and after struggling with it for a few seconds I managed to open it. Cheering inwardly, I hauled my book bag in the small locker, unzipped it and dug through it for the stuff that I would need for classes. I didn't notice as someone approached me, dragging three figures along.

"Max?" someone spoke from behind me.

I looked up, blinking as my eyes met someone's neck. I pulled away slightly, frowning. "I'm not Max."

The taller boy looked down at me, tilting an eyebrow upwards. He was rather different looking with wild blue hair and two blue marks on either side of his face. Strange, ne? He spoke firmly, clearly annoyed, "I wasn't talking to you." He looked to Max. "Do these three belong to you?" He pushed three people to him.

"Oh, Kai!" Max laughed nervously. "Well, uh, yeah! Celestyn! Blaze! Taikisha! Where were you guys? Uh, I was looking all over for you!"

So THIS was Kai. I eyed him again, folding my arms over my chest. Kai snorted and rolled his eyes, backing away. "Make sure they don't come near me again. I'm not going to be so nice next time." He looked at me again for a moment before sniffing, turning around, and walking off.

Well, fine! I don't like you either. Meh.

A girl that had been pushed towards Max stretched her arms over her head, smiling sheepishly. She was rather wild looking. Her black hair had been tied into two buns on the top of her head and had red streaks in them. Her eyes were a dark amber color and they stood out noticeably when she looked at you. The other two were a bit calmer but slightly goofy looking. One boy had black spiky hair that he wore with a white visor and deep green eyes and the last boy had shaggy, messy brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. So this was probably Celestyn, Blaze, and Taikisha.

"Dude! You're such a liar!" the black haired boy said, shaking his head. "You weren't looking for us."

"Good thing too, Blaze." Max said, turning back to his locker. "Or else no one would have been there to save your ass."

"Maria, Ray, or Kenny could've." Taikisha, the last boy, retorted leaning up against Celestyn.

"Nah, Tai." Celestyn muttered, tilting her head upwards. "They probably would've stood back and laughed at us. They're like that."

"Who's that?" Blaze cut in shortly, nodding to me.

"Oh!" Max turned back around again, glancing to me. "Tyson this is Celestyn, Taikisha, and Blaze."

The three nodded to me and I did the same. Celestyn shifted her gaze to Max. "Is he all right?"

Am I all right? What? Do they think I'm some kind of druggie or something? I'm, er, clean. Meh. Does my appearance look all the startling?

Max nodded, leaning up against the locker next to his. "Yeah, I think so."

After a moment of silence I spoke up again, pressing a book to my chest as I did so, "So, that was Kai then?"

"Yeah." Taikisha snickered to himself. "He's an asshole but he's fun to mess around with."

"Yeah, a lot of fun until he ends up killing you." Max murmured, gathering the last of his things before shutting his locker door. "He's much stronger than you are."

Blaze shrugged. "What can we say? Our pain is short lived but the pleasure just lasts forever."

Max rolled his eyes, glimpsing at a clock that stood across the hall. "You guys better head to your lockers. Class is going to start pretty soon."

"Damnit." Celestyn sighed heavily. "Why did summer have to end so soon?"

"Life's a bitch, Celeste." Blaze slung an arm over her shoulder and Taikisha's. "Let's get moving, my fellow dudes."

The trio moved off, laughing loudly and pushing each other as they did so. I watched them leave, smiling. They seemed like interesting people. I'd have to get to know them a bit better then I already did. Max coughed, drawing my attention back to him. "What class do you have first?"

"Math, I think." I answered, searching my brain once more.

"My language class is right next to it." He nodded to my locker. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah." I shut my locker, closing the padlock and turned him. "Yeah, I'm ready."

We started down the hall, not really saying anything to each other. A loud voice caught my attention and glanced behind me, noticing that Kai and a few other people standing down towards the end of the hall. Max followed my gaze and sighed, nudging me softly with his elbow. "Stay away from them." he whispered, keeping his eyes downcast. "Stay away from Kai mainly. He's trouble."


Oh, intimidating.

Yeah, right. I found Kai much of an ass. And he was rude to me. I wasn't going to stay away from him. Nope, I'm going to do just the opposite. I'm going to be around him as much as possible. The result? Total annoyance from the other. Oh, what fun. How I loved annoying people. And it can be done innocently so he doesn't suspect your doing it on purpose. Yes, this *would* be fun.

This year is actually starting to look up.

End Chapter One.

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