This was not possible I could easily count the number of time I had sex in the past month. I was over reacting you know what at my age it was probably… no I wasn't going to think about that either I still had a couple years. I was barely late I was over reacting I was one hundred percent sure of it. So why was I sitting on my bathroom floor again?

It had been plenty of time I should look now, but what if I was over reacting. I wasn't ready for that I couldn't do that on my own. Oh God! Positive. I couldn't be a single parent, but I couldn't tell the father either. We split up weeks ago. Exactly weeks ago so he couldn't be, but that meant it had to be… Not that I could tell him either, I mean it had been one night it had been a mistake I had kicked him out. Damn it! He couldn't be the father. It had to be Matthews it couldn't be… I could not be pregnant with Patrick Jane's child.