This will act as an epilogue to the story, but like I said in the previous chapter if any of you have ideas you want to see in a sequel I'm more than willing to write it. Please don't be to critical of the whole story like I explained before I did write the whole thing in one night. Please enjoy, as usual I own nothing.

I heard the screaming before we had even made it all the way up the front steps. "You need help?" Patrick questioned taking the baby carrier from me.

"No I was just bracing myself." I smiled, and the minute he opened the front door I had my boys in my arms.

"Mommy's home!"

"I missed you very much and the pictures you made for me and your sister were very beautiful, did Grandpa Virgil help you write her name?" I followed my husband and new baby girl into the house.

"Uh huh." They both nodded with matching smiles, it was hard to believe they were three already. My little boys with their blue eyes and brown curls, and that smile, of all the things they could have inherited from their father that smile was going to be the most dangerous.

"Come on let mommy sit down." I let them drag me to the couch where Patrick was already sitting with Minelli who was holding Riley Marie.

"Yeah come on boy let mommy sit down daddy needs hugs too." Patrick lifted the boys onto his lap.

"Thank you for watching them Virgil." I sighed, "I hope they weren't to much trouble."

"No they were perfect angels." He was busying playing with the little girl in his arm.

"That can't be right." I couldn't help but laugh, "You know they are half Jane's." And like their father they had a little problem with getting into trouble.

"They behaved really well, there was a problem with splashing at bath time and a refusal to finish their dinner, but that's it."

"Mommy doesn't think you to can behave with out her around." He tickled the boys, "Don't worry she thinks the same thing about me." After a little while Minelli said his good byes and I was left with my little family. The boys had started playing on the floor in front of us while I held our baby girl. And I could tell by the look on Patrick's face that he was about to give his little princess what ever she wanted, and I was okay with that. I was happy I didn't have to this on my own.