It's hard to find a good place to start this.

I guess I should begin with saying sorry that I disappeared.

But that's what happens when you get older-you out grow things you once loved and get disappointed with things that once gave you so much happiness.

I've recently been looking back on my writing files and stumbled upon DC again. It was by fluke that I found it, but once I did, I realized how much I truly loved writing this world and its characters. That's when I realized I've done this story an injustice by not finishing it. When I first started writing Deadwood Covenant, I was so young and was simply weaving a fun idea that I wanted to share with others. I didn't expect people to love it or my style of writing as much as they did. I was just a kid writing about personalities from TV. But despite me working at a steady pace and trying to produce the story the best way I could, it quickly became stressful when so many people wanted too much from me. As for dropping DC entirely, on top of the pressure I also had something big occur in my life that destroyed any desire I had to write or log onto any social media. As a result, writing DC became a chore. I rushed out the rest of the story and ended up hating it. Eventually, I never actually posted the rest of it because I didn't feel like it deserved to be seen as the mess it became.

As a writer, I feel no story should be left unfinished. Even if it's years down the road, every figure born from your mind should come full circle. So here's where the good news comes in: I have been inspired to scrap my original DC write out, and revamp it completely. I have kept the same concept that I loved, but have developed a more thoroughly detailed and solid structure. I think you and I both agree that DC needs proper closure. However, with that being said, I've changed so much as a person and so has my writing. So even though I feel like DC needs a proper ending, I will not continue it on as a A&A fanfic. The characters will remain the same in looks and basic personality traits, but I've changed all the names and a good portion of the plot line. In fact, I've geared it toward a more mature audience than it ever was before.

So with that being said, I hope you all will join me as I fall back into love with Deadwood Covenant and make something even better. I'm truly excited to write again and become close with these characters like I once was. I only ask that you have patience with me and hopefully, we can arrive at the ending I think this story deserves.

As for where I will be posting, I don't think I'll be doing it on this forum. As it is no longer a fanfic, I'll be uploading somewhere else. Specifically, I have no idea yet but will let you know once I finish editing the first new chapters.

If you have any questions-about what I've been up to, about the new storyline, anything-send me a message on this site or you can even tweet me: Tavvy13

I'm more than glad to talk with you guys again.

I hope you are excited about this new beginning as much as me.

See you soon,