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"And sometimes...all you need is one. So what do you think, Kurt?"

"I think it's pretty impressive that you condensed five years worth of my life into one amazing article, Tina."

Kurt had been on the phone to Tina for a few hours listening to Tina's article. He could hear Tina's sigh with relief that he liked the story. She had been busy writing the article for months since Kurt went back to Paris and she had been worried that he wouldn't like his private life being published.

"So what are you going to call it?" Kurt asked.

"Heal Me."

Kurt smiled at the name. After he and Blaine got back together a few months ago and took Blaine back with him to Paris, he had been telling his friends and family that although Paris found him, Blaine healed him. Clearly the little quote inspired Tina's article.

"Then I guess I left New York Pavarotti in the right hands," Kurt replied with a smile.

Blaine didn't mind leaving New York for a year; in fact he was actually excited about it. When he returned home, Kurt realised that the reason why he wasn't happy in Paris was because Blaine wasn't there. So that the pair wouldn't have to deal with a long distance relationship too soon after reconciliation, Blaine deferred for a year and was working at one of the hospitals in Paris until the magazine was in full swing.

"I told you that I wouldn't let you down, Kurt. Thank you for trusting me with it."

"Thank you for keeping the seat warm until I return to New York next year. Now, I should be going. Blaine is meeting me on top of the Eiffel Tower for our anniversary."

"Ooh..." Tina cooed through the phone. "I wonder if he is going to propose."

"I just hope that he doesn't accidently push me off."

"I would..."

Kurt chuckled upon hearing the second voice in the background.

"Aw...Sue, you aren't still mad that I chose Tina over you to run New York Pavarotti while I'm away, are you?" Kurt teased.

"Get over yourself, Porcelain!"

"I miss you too, Sue."

"Anyway Kurt, don't worry about a thing. Pavarotti will still be here when Paris Pavarotti is running smoothly. I'll make sure to send you the article when it is published."

"Thanks Tina. I'll talk to you soon."

Tina smiled when she hung up the phone. She laughed as she watched Sue's defeated self walk back out of her office. She let out a sigh and turned back to her computer to finish the final touches of her article.

"And they all lived happily ever after."

By Tina Cohen-Chang.