She is struck speechless the first time he comes to request her services. The dim light in her ship's bay glances off his golden hair, effectively dazzling her. Montparnasse elbows her in the gut, bringing her out of whatever trance this man put her under. She turns to smirk at her pilot, knowing these pretty, rich boys are going to be easy pickings. She unfolds herself from the chair she's been sitting on, and her smirk turns in to a smolder as the blonde man (who is even more beautiful up close) and the two men flanking either side of him (she could probably take on the one with the glasses if it came to that, but she would not want to tangle with the giant brute of a man next to him) approach her.

"You boys lost?" She addresses the blonde, but her eyes never waiver from the large man standing on the right, cracking his knuckles. The blonde looks her over and replies, "I don't know, you tell me." Her smirk is back as she informs him that there are no companions who would stoop so low as to offer their services around these parts.

"I'm not looking for a companion," he retorts. "But perhaps you can point me in the direction of Thenardier?"

She should have known this pretty boy would be looking for what her father sold. Thenardier was involved in all sorts of black market schemes. And until she'd severed ties with him a couple of years ago, she'd been smuggling his goods. She and Montparnasse had out maneuvered the Feds more times than they could count. She knows that she's one of the best smugglers in the 'Verse, and that her father wanted her back more than anything. She smiled sweetly at the men in front of her, and hooking her thumbs through the belt loops of her pants, she replied "You don't wanna get involved with Thenardier, Pretty Boy. Someone might come along and mess up that nice face of yours."

The blonde shifted and smirked. "I'm not looking for Thenardier. I'm looking for his daughter. 'Ponine. I've heard people talk that if you want something… relocated, she's the one to talk to."

She can hear Montparnasse shifting behind her, ready to attack if need be. She sends him a pointed look before turning back to the blonde. "I may or may not know where she is. But she doesn't do that anymore. She goes by Jondrette now. And she don't like people trying to get all up in her business. Now, if you boys wanna leave a message, maybe she'll get back to you."

The big man on the right whispers to the one with glasses, who elbows the blonde with a pointed nod in her direction. The blonde purses his lips, and gives a terse nod to the one in glasses before turning back to her. He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, looking her dead in the eye before saying "Tell her Enjolras is looking for her. If that doesn't entice her, nothing will." With that, the three men left. She is once again struck speechless, her mind trying to reconcile the impertinent pretty boy who just stood before her with the faceless revolutionary who pokes as many holes as he can in the Alliance. She shakes her head, and starts to go back to Montparnasse and her chair, when she hears a man's voice yell out "Eponine." She turns in the direction of the voice before she can realize what she's doing. She sees the blonde man (although she guesses she will now have to refer to him as Enjolras) grin at her, his smirk wide enough to tear his face in half, and the other two men chuckling beside him. Ta Ma De Hun Dan. She can't believe she'd be so stupid to fall for this. Of course they had known who she was since they had started talking. She takes a deep breath before turning around to address the men.

"Eponine Jondrette at your service, boys. Now, what exactly can I do for you?"