"Crash!" Crunch called out. "Would you mind getting some fruit in the forest? We kinda runnin' out."

Only half awake, the orange marsupial sprang to his feet with a bright smile and nodded.

"Thanks lil' bro!" Crunch replied.

Crash put on his shoes and hurried out of the door so he would get the job done sooner and get back to his peaceful sleep.

Out in the forest, Crash was looking around trying to find any kind of fruit he could take home or maybe even some Wumpa Fruit. He kept walking looking up high and low but with no luck, and soon time went by to the bright sunny afternoon and the forest was getting dim. Crash didn't want to go back empty handed! Crunch, Coco, or Aku Aku would have thought he was off doing something else instead of getting food for his family. The marsupial kept walking and he soon got tired as the sun got lowered, he sat down and sighed. He wondered why wasn't there any fruit when the forest was always sprouting with them! Maybe someone stole them? That probably couldnt be it.

A couple hours passed and the bandicoot just gave up and decided to go back home.

It's not like they're gonna kill him, right? They'll probably understand. Or they might give Crash a punishment.

The night came by and Crash was to tired to even know what was going on. He couldn't even tell if he was even walking or had his eyes open. The one thing he did was just going straight without turning and eventually he'll get home... sooner or later.

Suddenly Crash's ear twitched and he heard something coming his way. Wide awake, the bandicoot looked around in all directions and saw nothing. Could have he just been imagining it from his sleepyness? If not, then what?

Crash didn't even bother to think what actually might have happened, all he wanted to do was go home and sleep.

"Well well... if it isn't Crash Bandicoot." A familiar voice called out from behind him.

Surprised, Crash turned around and saw the yellow skinned evil scientist, Neo Cortex.

"It's been a while hasn't it? I missed you dearly and I plan to rule the world once again!" He cried out. "Although I do suggest that you run for your life right now." Cortex said as he pulled out his ray gun.

Crash's eyes widen and ran as fast as he could. He would have defeated Cortex by now if his blood sugar wasn't so low and tired from all those hours of not eating and walking!

The scientist set his ray gun on a mode to "Faint" and chased after the orange marsupial with his hover board, shooting at the creature rapidly.

Crash dodged at every fire and he was slowly getting worn out by each blast.

He kept running away from Cortex thinking he could get way from him, but as soon as Crash thought that he tripped on a tree leg and painfully twisted his foot.

"GAAH!" The bandicoot cried out. He struggled to get away but failed, he would soon be caught and enslaved or killed.

Cortex slowly hovered over to Crash and saw him trying to escape. The marsupial looked at him with wide eyes and was trembling in fear. Cortex felt a bit bad for the trapped bandicoot in this situation he was in and he slowly put down the ray gun. He realized what he was doing and he shook his head in frustration and aimed the gun at Crash.

"Nighty-night Crashy..."


To be continued...