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Kurumu talking to Naruto outside of his mind

Kurumu talking to Naruto inside of his mind

Legendary Bloodline Naruto of the Mist

Chapter 1 The Mist

First 5 months


Orochimaru stared into the room ahead of him with narrowed eyes. He idly wondered if the person in there was ready yet. He quickly shook his head before turning and stalking down the hall. Stopping and without turning his head he spoke.

"What is it" asked the snake sannin.

"Preparations are complete Orochimaru-sama" said a nameless Nin.

"Good. And the status on Shikamaru?" asked the sannin.

"Still contained" nameless Nin replied

"Good. Move on to the next phase" said the snake-like man.

"Hai Orochimaru-sama" said nameless Nin before he disappeared into the shadows.

"I will have my Sharingan" thought the snake with a smirk before he continued down the halls to his bedroom "Kabuto follow".

"But Orochimaru-sama I was in there in the morning let Guren follow, she hasn't been in theere as yet" Kabuto replied

"No I want to you, Guren can't help me with this problem" Orochimaru shouted

"Yes Orochimaru-sama" Kabuto replied as he walk with his head down.

"Dead man walking" Guren said as Kabuto glared at her.

1 month


Naruto awakes to his lover's arms and she was still asleep and was moving in her dreams. "Right there Ruto-kun" she muttered in her sleep.

"Right here" Naruto replied as he started rubbing her pussy through her see-through night goon as she started to moan then he remember he had to be in Mei office in 5 minutes. He looks around for his Kiri headband and tied it around his head. Naruto, Shizune and Kushina were made temporary Mist Nins.

"Looks like Kushina-chan haven't come back from her mission to the Uchiha girls as yet" Naruto said as he got up and give Shizune a kiss "I wonder if my plan will work" before he left.

Mizukage Office

As Naruto enter the office Mei tackle him to the wall and started kissing him as he kisses her back 3 minutes later Mei started ripping off his clothes and push him to her seat as she kneeled between his legs and pull out his Cock and gave it a couple of licks before she place it in between her valleys. She loved the feeling of hot cock between her breast, and she knew Naruto loved it, she continue going up and down for a few minutes before she ran her tongue over the head of his cock, earning a low moan of pleasure from him. Smirking, Mei pressed her tits tighter together, not stopping massaging his length with them, while she gave the head of his dick her tongue's attention, smiling inwardly at the sounds her Naruto was making.

"A-ah!" Naruto shouted as he came on Mei's face. The redhead cleaned her face with her fingers, sucking them clean off. Seeing her lover's rock-hard erection again Mei took him into her mouth, making him moan. Not wasting even a moment of time, the redhead started sucking him off he fell he was in heaven.

"Look like somebody took lessons from Tsunade" Naruto said as Mei was deep-throating him, few minutes later he came into her mouth as she swallow it all. Naruto brought her face towards his and whispered in her ears.

"I'm not doing it; it's my day off" Naruto said.

"I haven't asked you anything as yet" Mei pouted

"The only time you want to have sex in your office is when you want me to go on a dangerous mission" Naruto replied

"Come on Naruto I make it you wild" Mei said seductively.

"Nope" Naruto said as he walked away when Mai appeared out of nowhere and landed on his back and whispered into his ear.

"If you accept I convince Mei and Kushina to…." Mai said suddenly Naruto vanish and reappeared with his Equipment.

"So what is the mission?" Naruto replied

"I want you to kill Kurosaki Raiga and bring back his swords the Kiba for me." The redhead continued. "He's rumored to be in the River country near the border of Rain Country" Then she toss him and scroll and Naruto started to read it

"Raiga was a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and inherited the dual swords Kiba from Ameyuri Ringo. … he killed unscrupulously and randomly anyone during his missions without any precise purpose in mind" then he close the scroll and vanishes.

"What did you say to him?" Mei asked her sister when Mai whispered it into her eyes which cause blood to shoot out of Mei's nose.

With Naruto

4 days later

Naruto arrive in River country and activate his Byakugan to find Raiga. Finding Raiga was a bit harder than he thought until he heard some talking about a man with Raiga description enter the mountain. Naruto head towards the mountain were he found a good spot among several trees and while he uses his Byakugan. He Raiga coming from a far, he suppressed his chakra signature and waited: Raiga was supposed to pass by this point in a couple of minutes.

Kurosaki Raiga, along with a group of thugs under his command was walking back to the village, when his secret partner Ranmaru alerted him that someone was waiting for them in near the turn of the road.

"Reveal yourself Ikazuchi no Kiba!" Raiga yelled while drawing his Kiba swords and put them together as he sends an electrical essence into the clouds then Lighting strikes where Naruto is. Naruto puts out his hand and block the lighting strikes; the attack fried everything around him.

"Serves you right" Raiga said

"Kurosaki Raiga..." A disembodied voice said, before Naruto walk out of the fried trees "I'm here to get your head and the swords. You can give up willingly or do it my way. I don't care which option you choose." Unfortunately, this didn't have any desirable effect on Raiga.

"Kill him!" Raiga roared as some of the men rush forward when they heard.

"Nova Ball" the attack melted the thugs instantly.

"That attack I know it anywhere it's the Super Nova Naruto Uzumaki" Shouted a thug, his name sends a shock wave of fear throughout the thugs and Raiga.

"Yep that me" Naruto replied as the thugs prepared to run.

"If you run I'll buried you all alive!" Raiga shouted as looks at Naruto and saw his headband.

"I thought you were a leaf Nin?" Raiga asked

"I'm but I working for the Mizukage temporarily" Naruto replied

"So the bitch sends you, wish she had send someone stronger like Number 1" Raiga replied as Naruto growl when he call Mei a bitch.

"Sensei has no time for weaklings" Naruto replied which cause Raiga to growl.

"Fine it's your Funeral Raisō: Ikazuchi no Utage" Raiga shouted as he sticks his twin swords into the ground then it started creating several thunderbolts that started cut through the ground towards Naruto

Naruto started to spin as a tornado form and suck up the thunderbolt.

"Wind Release Wind Tornado"

"Back at you" Naruto replied and send the attack back at Raiga and his thugs; Raiga was the only one to survive.

"Ikazuchi no kiba" Raiga shouted. Moments later a powerful lightning bolt came crashing down onto Naruto again.

"Fuuton: Wind Dome!" A dome of wind surrounded Naruto, protecting him from the attack. "Was that it" Naruto replied with a bored expression on his face, before ran through some hand signs.

Fuuton Slicing Winds" the high speed attack came at Raiga so fast he wouldn't have had anytime to dodge it but he did.

"What going on, he should be dead by now" Naruto

"Activate your Byakugan to see if anybody else his here" Kurumu as Naruto did but he didn't see anybody then he look at Raiga; he could see anything beyond his cloak.

"Kurumu-chan do you think he is using a Jutsu to block my Byakugan?" Naruto asked

"Could be but I'm not sure" Kurumu replied

"Thank you Ranmaru-kun if it wasn't for you I would have died!" Raiga whispered

"You are welcome Raiga-sama" Ranmaru replied

Lifting his swords towards the skies, he summoned powerful lightning, shaping them into a dragon-like tornado.

"Rairyuu no tatsumaki!" The 'dragon' let out a roar and charged towards Naruto, who was paying attention.

"Shinra Tensei" the dragon dissipated, when it slammed into the barrier.

"Raikyuu" Raiga generated a ball of lightning between his blades and threw it at his opponent, who unseal Akanoshi and cut the attack in half.

Seeing the sword brought back memories of him losing the Hawk eye then he started to laugh "I may not be able to defeat number 1 but I can make him feel the same pain I felt when he kill my master Ameyuri Ringo"

More lightning appeared around Raiga's swords. "Ikazuchi no Utage!" He yelled as he slammed the blades into the ground, sending electrical currents towards Naruto who jump into the air.

"No wonder you were the weakest swordsman" Naruto said and ran through some and seal and slam his hands into the ground as he landed.

"Dances of the Three Dragons" and three massive earth dragon surrounding Raiga and slam down into to him at high speed.

"Fool with Ranmaru I am god" Raiga said as he hid behind a tree.

"Raiga-sama move now"Ranmaru shouted too late.

"Who is Ranmaru?" Naruto asked from behind a shocked Raiga. Raiga was send flying into the tree destroying several.

The Destroy trees

Naruto found himself face to face with a boy of about seven or eight years old with red, slightly glowing eyes – doujutsu of some kind. "

"So this must be Ranmaru" Naruto said as he saw Raiga on his back hugging a little boy.

"Kurumu is that a Doujutsu?" Naruto asked

"Yes it could be" Kurumu replied

"Are you alright Ranmaru-kun?" Raiga asked as he opens his eyes.

"It is over" Naruto said as he pushes his sword through Raiga's heart then he picked the twin Kiba blades up, and sealed them away into one of his scrolls.

"Now it your turn kid" Naruto said as he walked over to him.

"D-don't k-kill me!" The young boy finally pleaded.

"Fine I won't kill you, but you have to tell me about your eyes" Naruto replied

he told Naruto that is eyes he told Naruto that it gives him the ability to see through walls, cast illusions, and interfere with even the Byakugan, he can see the physical life force inside a human's body to check their status being alive or dead and he is able to see a person's life form he can predict a series of attacks that an opponent uses against him.

"So that's how the teme keep on dodging my attack" Naruto.

Naruto turn towards him.

"You aren't a part of my mission, so I shouldn't care about what happens to you, but I know the Mei would kill me if didn't bring you back to the village"

The boy didn't look like he believed him much, but still nodded... as Naruto create a shadow clone to pick him up.

"Well, let's go..."the clone said as he jump away leaving the real Naruto who was ran through some hand seals

"Nova Release Nova Pool" as he put his hand on the ground and the Nova appeared around Raiga's and started melting it.

A month later


Mei's Private training Ground

Kurumu I want you to merge my three Doujutsu together" Naruto said

"But Naruto you could lose all of their ability and even bloodlines" replied a shocked Kurumu

"I know that but I want a bloodline of my own, not other people ones" Naruto replied

"Fine but don't blame when you can't use most of your bloodline or attacks" Kurumu replied

5 hour of screaming later

"It's final finish" Kurumu said "Naruto-kun wake up"

"Kurumu-chan did it work?" Naruto asked

"Yes it did, so tell Shizune to wrap your eyes so they can heal" Kurumu replied

"How long will I have to where it for?" Naruto asked

"2 months" Kurumu replied

"So I can use my new eyes in two months?" Naruto said with a smile on his face but Kurumu wasn't.

"Naruto I don't even know if you will still have your Doujutsu" Kurumu replied with a tear falling down her eyes.

"Don't worry Kurumu-chan I won't blame you if that happen" Naruto said as he hugged her "Beside even without bloodline I will still be the best ninja every" as he kisses her.

2 months later

Mei Office

"Naruto-kun we got information that one of our spice know where the Boy is" Mei replied

"So where is he?" Naruto asked

"The spice wants to tell you in person" Mei replied

River country

5 days later

Naruto and his group arrive to see her blue hair, eyes amber with lavender eye shadow, and a labret piercing. Her eyelashes are shown to be a diagonal line at the bottom corner of her eyes. She has a large light blue paper flower in her hair. She was wearing a revealing navy blue robe, with a large hemline on the front, and exposed her arms, her back, the lateral part of her breast, and her belly, with her navel being surrounded by four more piercings; a standard sandals.

"Shit it was a trap" Boa said

"Damn she even hotter in person" Naruto "Konan-chan it's nice to meet you again"

"Uzumaki you will surround to me" Konan said with emotionless voice.

Everyone remained silent awaiting Naruto's answer before he bluntly replied

"I will but you have to let my team go" Naruto replied as everybody face fault and Konan nodded.

"We won't leave you Naruto-kun" Replied a mist Nin

"Boa-chan you and Jane-chan should continue the mission to find the boy" Naruto replied

Konan giggled evilly as Naruto finished his sentence, "The kid is in Kusagakure hiding in a hole…Though he will be the least of your troubles once I capture you, now come.

"I never said I would come quietly" Naruto replied with a smirk on his face.

A smile appeared on Konan face as she looked over his group, "You know…I kind of hoped you would say that…" Suddenly Konan filled the entire room with explosive tags.

"Shit, wish I could use my bloodlines. Oh well" Naruto "Slicing wind" as his jutsu slices the tags to shreds even Konan was cut to pieces.

"This is between me and her, the rest of you go to Kusagakure and find the kid. I'll catch up with you!" Naruto shouted "Now go before she forms back" The group had mixed looks of disappointment as they left the room.

"So Ko-chan" Naruto as Konan glared at him "Are you really the Spice?"

"No I capture him 2 days ago and killed him" Konan replied

"Then Why are you the only one here?" Naruto asked

"Because I know I can capture you" Konan replied as she sends a Paper Spear at him.

"Wind Palm" Naruto replied as his attack destroy the spear and scattered Konan again.

"You are strong Uzumaki" Konan said as she forms back.

"I've been looking forward to this day for a long time." Naruto said

"Oh? Why would that be?" Konan asked as she began to form wings with paper on her back then she began to float in the air.

"I think you know why." Naruto replied

"I don't know" Konan replied as she watches Naruto going down on one knee.

"To finally capture your heart Ko-chan will you marry me?" Naruto said as a shocked Konan fell out of the sky with a blush on her face no man has every told her they love her or brave enough to asked for her hand in marriage before.

"So what do you say Ko-chan?" Naruto asked

"If you weren't a demon container and on our side I might go out with you" Konan replied

"Yes there is still a chance" Naruto shouted with a big smile on his face while Konan sweat dropped.

"Did you even here what I said" Konan shouted

"Oh I heard and I have a plan to change that" Naruto replied

"What is you plan?" a curious Konan asked

"You will join our side" Naruto replied

"I sorry I can't do that" Konan said as she started floating again

The two wings began to launch a nonstop blast of rapid paper shuriken. Naruto went through a series of hand seals and shouted, "Great Wind Dome" a giant dome of wind appeared around Naruto and started shredding the paper shurikens as they made contact to it. Then unseal Akanoshi and shouted "World Strongest Slash" splits her in half as she started to laugh.

Suddenly a dozen paper clones came out of nowhere and started flying around at him. One managed to grab him and exploded launching him out the window. He landed on an outside rooftop.

5 days later

Northern Hideout

Naruto arrive to see a lot of stone statue around the area as he when inside there was more.

"Looks like Boa-chan hand a field day" Naruto said as he continues to walk when he saw his team.

"Naruto-kun" the two girls shouted as they tackle him to the ground.

"I told you I would join you" Naruto replied

"Uzumaki-san we have located the boy" a mist Nin said

"I will deal with him" Naruto said as the girls got off him.

The boy room

Naruto open the room door and enter as the Nins close it. He saw the young he was tall and muscular, he had spiky orange hair, red-orange eyes. He wore a pale blue shirt and pale green shorts.

"Who is there? Is it you Kimimaro?" he asked

"No Kimimaro is dead" Naruto as he fell the young charka spiking

"That can't be true" he shouted with rage

"Yes it is I killed him myself" Naruto replied

Suddenly the young man skin turns dark and his sclera turn black. He also gains a black stripe running from the middle of his forehead and down the bridge of his nose.

"Rena was right again" Naruto said as he dodges a giant hand.

"I WILL KILL YOU" the young man shouted as his hand transform into an axe as he swings it at Naruto who continues to dodge.

"DIE!" He shouted as two axes appeared as Naruto vanish.

"WHERE ARE YOU, YOU COCK SUCKING TEME" He shouted suddenly he receives kick from above slamming his head into the ground cause a small crater.

"Know you place" Naruto said as he jumped away from him a few seconds later the young man got up and charge at Naruto again.

"Too slow Rasengan Armour" Naruto said as the surround by spiral Jutsu he dodges the attack and uppercut to the face send the young man through the ceiling as Naruto follows after him.

Outside the room

They heard and felt a sonic boom that shook the place.

"What the hell was that?" asked a scared Mist Nin

"Naruto-kun" Jane and Boa replied then they heard an alarm going off.

"Shit we have to warn Naruto-kun" The girls shouted as they pull out a device.

"Naruto-kun an alarm when off we have to get out of here before reinforcements arrive" Boa said

"Go I'm be out of here in a short while" Naruto replied

"Fine see you on the outside" Boa said, she was about to cut the feed she heard another sonic boom.

5 minutes later

"Where the hell his he" Boa shouted "Jane-chan how much time do we have?" as Jane was in the air.

"They are 2 minutes away" she replied

1 minute later Naruto was running out of the base with a bloody hand.

"What took you so long" Jane asked as they ran beside him.

"I got lost" Naruto replied as his team Face fault.

North hideout

The reinforcement had finally arrived and enters the build and saw the destruction.

"Orochimaru-sama won't like this" Said a sound jounin he was the leader

"Yeah I feel sorry for the person he invites to his dungeon" said a Chunin

"Don't you mean his bedroom" said the leader as they all laugh and started make bets on who it was.

"10000 ryo Shikamaru" some shouted

"200000 ryo on Kabuto" others shouted

"400000 on Guren" said a lone Chunin when everybody looks at him and started to laugh after him, the poor guy ran away with tears in his eyes never to be heard from away.

"He must be a new guy" the leader said

5 days later

Mei's Office

Mei-chan mission com…" Naruto was cut off with a "shhhhhhhhh"

"Mei-chan is telling us about her fight with Yagura" Kushina said

"As I was saying" Mei continued


All throughout Kiri the battle had escalated and become full-blown. Spies had allowed the rebels to enter and created decoys to confuse the loyalists, and the loyalists were killing anyone who tried to kill them back. Civilians were simply trying to stay out of it, hiding in their homes or bunkers while keeping knives and the like nearby in case someone barged in.

It was clearly a battle that wouldn't end until one side was dead, but the loyalists had the advantage of numbers if nothing else.

"Lava release Lava stream Jutsu." Mei declared just as she tried to hit him from behind with a stream of chakra-generated magma.

Yagura turned around and prepared his defense. "Water Release Water wall Jutsu." As he created a large wall of water right in front of the lava attack which blocks the oncoming attack. The two attacks hit and cancelled each other out.

"Lava release Lava Bullets" the attacks came at high speed Yagura the only thing that saved him was his Jinchuuriki cloak.

"Shit I forgot that there is two of them" Yagura when he heard "Great Lava Dragon" as the dragon crash into the cloak and started burning as he scream out in pain.

"Mai finish him" Mei shouted


Suddenly three charka arm came out of ground two hit Mai in her face and one hit Mei in her stomach sends them crashing into different buildings destroying them.

"Die you Bitches" Yagura shouted as he created and water clone then they ran through some hand signs "Water Release Five Shark Head Jutsu" as ten Shark heads was send flying towards the twins which destroys everything leaving a crater.

"Now for the rebels" Yagura said as turn towards villages.

"Boil Style Skilled Mist Jutsu." a white vapor that looked remarkably like thick steam and blew.

"So you are still alive" Yagura said as he looks at Mei who was covered in blood and could barely stand "You think the hidden mist jutsu can save you, well it can't I invented it so I know all it secret" as he started to laugh until it started burning him.

"What hell is this it burns" Yagura scream out in pain as he ran towards the water to get rid of the mist.

"I won't let you escaped Rock Gloves" said a voice as hands reach out of the ground and grab on to him and hold him in to place for the mist to catch him and it did because he started scream even harder suddenly Mei sense something.

"Mai get out of there now" Mei shouted then BOOM as the Red charka shoots up in air.

"MAI" Mei shouted with tears in her eyes her sister was dead and it was all her fault because she was he one to come up with the plan.

"Foolish little girls you can beat me I am kami" Yagura said as he full transform "No die Great water bullet" as a massive water bullet the Size of the Mizukage office came at her.

"Mai I be seeing you soon" Mei she didn't have enough charka to block the attack so she closed her eyes to embrace death when she heard.

"World strongest Slash and Great Lava Dragon" and then it started to rain. She opens her eyes to Hawk-eye and her sister standing over her.

"Are you alright Mei-chan?" Mai said as she ran over to her sister.

"I fine Mai, I just glad you are alright" Mei said as her sister help her up "How did you escape?"

"I use the replacement Jutsu" Mai replied.

"So you also decide to betray be Hawk-eye" Yagura roared but Hawk-eye didn't response as Yagura stared at him.

"Mei-sama what is the plan" Hawk-eye asked in an emotionless voice as he turn towards her.

"I don't know if we can beat him in that state" Mei replied

"But we have to try" Mai said

"You're right Mai lets go" Mei shouted

"Take this Mei-sama" Hawk-eye said as he gave her a pill, she took the pill and her charka return to her.

"Foolish human do you really think you can defeat me?" Yagura roared as water started to surround the entire village "Water sphere" they were all trapped in a sphere of water.

"Shit we have to get out of here" Mei as Yagura came at them at high speed they tried to but he was too fast as his tails smash into them.

"I have to do something" Hawk-eye as he send flying to another part of the sphere.

"World Deadliest Barrage" Hawk-eye as he swings his sword and a barrage of slashes aim at Yagura who easily dodges.

"Fool in the water I am kami" Yagura said as he laughed as he charges at them when suddenly the water vanishes.

"Shit he trick me he wasn't aiming at me" Yagura when he was hit with some of the strongest attack.

"Lava Release Rising Dragon" as a giant Lava Dragon rose from the ground.

Lava Release Descending Dragon" as a giant Lava Dragon fell from the sky.

World strongest style: Ultimate Slash" a massive wave of green energy came out of the sword.

All three attacks hit Yagura causing a grand explosion that destroys half the village.

"Is he dead?" Mai asked

"Yes he is" Mei replied


"I WILL NEVER DIE" Yagura roared in anger as a massive ball of energy was form at his mouth.

"Shit Mei-sama, Mai-sama you can't let him use that attack" Hawk-eye replied he fell to the ground unconscious.

"Mei let our powers combine" Mai replied as she and Mei started run through 20 hand sign and Mai through the other 20

Combination style molten rock" as they slam their hands into the ground as a Giant Volcano came out of the ground and fire a Molten Rock at Yagura the attack fell on Yagura before he could complete his attack, it cause another explosion.

"Is he dead this time" Mei asked

"I don't know" Mai when suddenly another explosion of Red Charka came out as the twin started to panic.

"Sealing team get ready" shouted a familiar voice.

"Ao what is going on" Mei asked

"We going to seal the Demon before he escape" Ao replied

Flashback end

a month laater

Naruto mindscape

"What did you want to talk to me about?" She asked, looking into his eyes.

"Well..." Naruto answered. "It's time" as he was tackle to the ground.

"Yahoo" Kurumu shouted as she covers Naruto's face with her breast.

"Kurumu as much as I love feeling your breast on my face you need to get up so I can free you" Naruto said from underneath her.

"Sorry Naruto-kun got over excited again" Kurumu as she got of him.

"Here I go" Naruto said as he reached out and began removing the paper seal… only for someone to grasp his wrist and send him flying across the room. Naruto got up and saw his attacker.

. "Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze." Naruto spoke coldly.

"Don't be like that Naruto-kun I am your father after all" Minato replied with a smile on his face.

"You are father, I sorry it good to see you again" Naruto replied this time in a softer voice as he walk towards him.

"It seem like that bitch Kushina couldn't break a father son bond after all" Minato as he walk over to hug Naruto.

"I miss you father" Naruto replied with tears in his eyes as he embrace his father.

"I miss you too son" Minato replied as he hug Naruto.

"I love you my son" Minato said


Naruto`s weapons

The Destroyer (Oc) - it broad like zabuza's sword black blade with red strip going down it, it also about 5ft6 long

Ability (Oc) -has the power to destroy charka coil forever. But it cannot damage the human body physically just it charka but it can Touch other swords.

Flight of the Charka Dragon (Oc) - one of the most dangerous technique that used by Naruto once it cut any part of the body it destroy the charka network in that part of the body for every

The Red Death- the sword that look like hawk-eye sword but as a red blade

Ability- same as hawk-eye one in one piece