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Kurumu talking to Naruto outside of his mind

Kurumu talking to Naruto inside of his mind


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Chapter 4 final Months

Last Time on LBNM

"Wow it seems like everybody is working real hard" Naruto said as he closes the book.

"Every expect you" Kushina replied with a smirk on her face.

"How about I show How hard I can work" Naruto replied as he tackle Kushina to the ground and started ripping off her clothes.

1 hour work later




The buxom blonde Hokage cast a subtle glance to the darkened corner of the far side of her office and nodded her head slightly before turning around and walking out onto her balcony overlooking the village.

As Tsunade stood on the balcony of her office, she saw her student training.

"I should have given you this training a long time ago" Tsunade said as she turns back to the mountain of paper work in front of her.

"Damn where the hell did these papers coming from" Tsunade shouted as she ran through some hand signs.

"Fire Release Fir D….." Tsunade shouted, when a knock on her door interrupted her.

"Enter!" Tsunade said

Tsunade looked on as Tsunami opened the door to escort in Councilman Danzo and the two Council elders Koharu and Homura into her office. Gesturing for them to take a seat, Tsunade ordered her new assistance to bring in some tea for her and her guests but Danzo polity refuse as he was still afraid of drinking any kind of tea after the Wolf instance.

"It seem like Naruto really got to him, I never seen a man so afraid of drinking tea before" Tsunade as she laughed to herself.

While they waited for tsunami to return, Danzo groused with annoyance at Tsunade.

"I didn't come here to drink tea and exchange pleasantries Tsunade. I here to discuss the Uchiha being my apprentice who will take over the Ro… Black ops" Danzo said

"Well first off Danzo you will address me as Hokage-sama or Lady Tsunade now, if you dear call me Tsunade again I will crush ever single bone in your body to dust?" Tsunade answered with malevolence ringing in her voice as she crushes a paper weight in her hands to dust.

"Yes Hokage-sama, I understand." Danzo replied through clenched teeth.

Tsunami returned carrying a tray with a kettle and cups on it and started to pour the tea. The elders pick up the cup and drink the tea.

"Fools" Danzo replied as he watches Tsunade drinking the tea too.

"Tsunami if you would excuse us please and before you go please activate the silencing seals around my office. The matter we are going to discuss is not for everyone's ears." Tsunade said as she walks up to Tsunami and whisper into her ears.

"I'll tell you and the girls later at dinner"

"As you wish Tsunade-sama." Tsunami replied as she walks out of the office and put her hands on the seal on the door and activates it then locked the door behind her and left.

"Now why are you two here, I already know why Danzo here?" Tsunade asked as took a sip of the tea.

"We wanted to send Tenzo to help train Sasuke too" Koharu said then she was send flying through the window.

"Do you agree with her too" Tsunade said as she looks at Homura.

"No Hokage-sama" Homura reply quickly.

"Good, now get out of my office" Tsunade shouted as both of them ran out of her office.

"So Tsu-chan why don't we blow this Popsicle stand and eat some Ramen" Tsunami said as he enters the office.

"You are the best assistance ever" Tsunade shouted as she hugs Tsunami while crying Anime tears.

With Naruto Lighting Rock

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto scream out as Ryo approach him as the lighting stop and Naruto turn to face him.

"Now it time for you to learn the other ways to go into sage Mode Naruto" Ryo said

"How many ways are there?" Naruto asked

"More than 2 but for Now I'll show you only one" Ryo replied as he look into the sky "You can absorbs the lighting charka from person who has a Lighting nature charka"

2 months later

In burst of speed Shizune shot off towards Naruto as she pulls out her sword and swings it.

"Water release: Neptune's swords!"

The water swords came at him at high speed soon; it became a nothing more than streaks of silver as the sun light shine off it as they head for Naruto. Naruto just stood and took the attack. However Shizune knew that he had already substituted himself for the pebble or some other thing that was lying around already.

"Where are you Ruto-kun?" Shizune as she put some charka into her legs as she vanishes and reappeared behind Naruto and swung the massive sword at Naruto's head, who duck and deliver a swift kick to Shizune's stomach which send her flying back a few feet as she regain her balance and landed on her feet.

"Water release: Neptune's Trident" Shizune shouted as the Trident came at Naruto who jumps out of the way only to see Shizune turn into a puddle.

"Shinobi Rule Never let your guard down Ruto-kun?" Shizune said cheekily from behind him as she kisses Naruto on his cheek as his eyes widen a bit.

Shizune hit him in the back of his head as Naruto felt forward Shizune went down and pushed herself into a handstand and started spinning, launching a kicks that managed to hit Naruto all over his body. Pushing herself into a flip Shizune went for an axe kick to Naruto shoulder that sends him crashing into the ground with leaves a massive crater.

"I did it, I final manages to defeat your blood Clone" Shizune shouted as Naruto came out.

"You know that have 15% of my power" Naruto said as Shizune glared at him.

"Shut up and send out the next one" Shizune said as Naruto created another BC.

"Sky leg drop" Shizune shouted as Naruto put up both arms to guard and immediately regretted it as he was forced to a knee by the power behind the kick as a small crater form beneath him.

"It seems like Zune-kun is getting stronger than Tsunade" Naruto from the top of the tree.

BC Naruto grabs Shizune's leg with both hands and was about to slam her into the ground when Shizune substitutes herself with a log with an explosion seal on it which explode in BC Naruto's face who escapes in time. Naruto senses somebody behind him and turned around and managed to kick Shizune in the stomach. Shizune choked out salvia from the force of the kick, but grinned as she moved back to recovery.

"His that all you have Shizune chan" BC Naruto mocked her as Shizune took out a kunai and threw it at Naruto who stood there with a smile on his face...

"Ninja Art: Kunai Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

One kunai multiplied into 40 as they all headed straight for Naruto. Naruto just looked at them with the same smile as he put his hands ii to an ox seal and slams his hands into the ground

"Earth tomb" A large Earth Tomb came out of ground formed around BC Naruto blocking the kunai and once Shizune was sure the last of them hit his shield she jumps into the air and swung her sword down on to the Tomb destroying it.

"No Jutsu can protect you from my sword" Shizune shouted only to find out that Naruto wasn't there.

"Nice try Zune-kun but you must remember I am a god" BC Naruto said from a few feet away as he ran through some hand seals

"Nova Dragon"

"Water Dragon Jutsu" Shizune said as she swung her sword

The wall of water began to swirl around Shizune at high speed before taking the shape of an enormous water dragon with glowing yellow eyes as the two dragons hit each other cause a massive steam to appeared.

Naruto's voice echoed through the area. "Eight choices... Liver, Lungs, Spine, Clavicle, vein, Jugular, Brain, Kidneys and Heart which one should I go after?"

"I hate when he does that" Shizune said "Wind Style: Gale force winds!" as wind blew harder and blew away the steam and BC Naruto but he manages to land on his feet as Shizune appeared behind and pushes her sword through his chest.

"I win" Shizune.

"No it's a draw" BC Naruto said as he explode which sends Shizune flying into the trees.

2 weeks later

With Kushina

Kushina was come back from her mission when a man appeared before her he had dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his white hair combed back, a small moustache and beard. His face is very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead.

"You must be Uzumaki Kushina?" A' asked

"Who the hell are you" Kushina shouted as the man approaches her.

"You will come to Kumo with me" A' replied

"So they still want me" Kushina "you will have to kill me first" as she unseal Kyōka Suigetsu.

"What is going on here, I can sense the power come from her sword"A' as he looks at Kushina.

"Are we going to fight or you going to look at me all day?" Kushina with a smirk on her face "You and I know that you will never hit this" as she rubs her hands all over her body suddenly she sidestepped a punch form the now pissed off A'.

"I will have you" A' shouted

Kushina smiled as she swings the sword at him but A' dodges it.

"Your sword reaction time his too slow" A' "You will never hit me with it"

"You are right" Kushina said as her sword vanishes as A' appeared in front of her and throw a punch at her but she dodges it.

"To slow" she whispered as he delivered a powerful knee to A's ribs. Sending him crashing in to the ground but stopped as he regained control of his body.

"Damn that hurt" A' "That was quite a hit girl but I felt harder."

"Do you ever shut up" Kushina replied

"I will once your back in Kumo and in my bed" he yelled as lightning chakra started to flow around him. He then took off right at Kushina.

In less than a second his fist was just an inch away from Kushina face. Right before it made contacted.

"Kurumu now" Kushina said as she brought up her hand and caught the fist.

"I-Impossible" A said with disbelief in his voice. Again Kushina couldn't help but smile as she slams him into the ground creating a crater over and over again then she throw him away but A' manages to land on his feet.

Kushina quickly delivered a punch to A's abdomen, effectively knocking the air out of him and making him bend down. Kushina didn't stop her assaults with that, an elbow to A's chin followed by a spin kick to the face sends him crashing to the ground.

The A' coughed up blood

"Still alive I see but with most of your ribs broken, you no trait to me" Kushina as she began to walk away

"How dear you turn you back on me" A' shout as he started to charge up his lightning armor again.

"You're strong, you will make a fine breathing machine for my future children" A' shouted as A' ran forward. His arm out and flexed.

"What is he trying to do?' Kushina quickly thought of a way to dodge but then a thought came to her.

"Let try out Kyōka Suigetsu ability" Kushina as she pull out the sword

"Let's see who's stronger!" Kushina said she points her sword towards A'.

Within seconds, the two were already just feet apart.

"Lariat" A' yelled as the reached each other THEN SUDDENLY Kushina head was off her body'

"What a waste of pussy" A' said as he deactivates his Lighting Armour when he heard

"Shatter" and Kushina body turn into glass.

"What the hell AWWWWWWWWWWWW" suddenly chains rise from out of the ground and wrapped its self around and started to squeeze him as Kushina arrive before him.

"Now to leave you with my signature mark" Kushina as a chain wraps around A's left hand and started burning him as he scream out "Now the next stage.

5 Minutes later a group of Kumo found a naked A' bend over a tree log in a 69 position with a stick shove up his ass.

"Not a word to anybody or I'll kill you myself" A' shouted.

Flashback end (Before he became Raikage)

"And that's how I kick the Raikage's ass" Kushina said as everybody started to laugh...

A month later

Name: Chouji
Alias: The living Boulder

Gender: male

Age: 18

Hair colour: brown

Eyes: brown

Height: 5ft8

Affiliation: Village Hidden in the Leaves

Classification: Ninja

Rank: mid B class

Rank: special Jounin (Taijutsu)

Kenjutus: N/A

Taijutsu: mid Jounin

Genjutsu: high Chunin

Ninjutsu: high Chunin

Clan: Akimichi

Family: father (Chōza Akimichi)

Mother (No Name)

Kekke Genkai: N/A

Other Ability

Hand–Hand combat

Reward Dead 35,000ryo Alive none 45,000ryo

Justus he used regularly: Jutsu that Enlarge his body

Known for: squash the One man band (B class see page 97) after he call him fat

Warning: Don't call him fat and watch for the human boulder.

Name: Rock Lee
Alias: Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast

Gender: male

Age: 19

Hair colour: Black with white highlight

Eyes: black

Height: 5ft8

Affiliation: Village Hidden in the Leaves

Classification: Ninja

Rank: mid B class

Rank: special Jounin (Taijutsu)

Kenjutus: N/A

Taijutsu: elite Jounin

Genjutsu: N/A

Ninjutsu: N/A

Clan: N/A

Family: father (Rumoured to Might Gai)

Mother (Unknown)

Kekke Genkai: N/A

Other Ability

Hand–Hand combat

Reward Dead 39,000ryo Alive none 48,000ryo

Justus he used regularly: Drunken Fist and the Charka Gates (rumoured is that he can open 7 of them) and the Sun set Jutsu with Gai that cannot not be broken.

Known for: for killing Breath lee (B class see page 87) after he was stinking up the Land of tea with his breath.

Warning: close your eyes and run away screaming like a little girl if you see him and Might Gai together.

1 week later

Naruto enter his bedroom only to see Mai, Mei and Kushina on his bed.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked

"Remember that promise I made you" Mai replied

"Hai" Naruto replied how he could forget.

"Well we are here to complete it and Mei decided to help us" Mai said as Mei drags Naruto into the corner of the room and put him to sit done as she took off his pants.

Naruto watched in the dark shadows as the two young women made out before him while he Mei was sucking his cock. Mai and had her hands around Kushina's waist, while Mai had her hands in Kushina's long red hair pushing her down below the soft pillows.

Mai moaned as Kushina softly kissed down her body to her the all so soft delicate breast, taking the nipples playfully between her teeth. Mai bucked her hips at the friction and moaned passionately at her lover's action. Kushina's hands were trialing down her opening, running her finger up and down her soft moist flesh.

Naruto moaned out in pleasure at the sensations and feelings she was pleased…even more so when Naruto moaned out her name in a very aroused fashion.

"Mei -chan…that was…."

she licked his cock from base to tip and she would gently nip and suckle on Naruto's testicles…mindful not to hurt her lover too much and Naruto's pleasure shouts told her that her actions were doing what she hoped they would do at the moment and she continued until Naruto was shouting her name in pleasure…but she was going to make him scream out loud as she reached the tip and with several licks she opened her mouth and took in Naruto's full length into her mouth and the moment she took in Naruto's length the red head screamed out her name.

"Mei -CHAN!"

Mei -CHAN!"

she slowly took in Naruto's hot and hard length slowly as to get used to the sensations once more, it had been a while since she had done this and she recalled that Dan had the very same reaction when they did this during their younger days and when they were dating…she placed those memories aside and focused on making Naruto more into the pleasure and as soon as she took in his length to the point he touched her throat she relaxed…fighting the gag reflex and then she was assured that she was ready…she began to move her head up and down…careful not to scrape her teeth on Naruto's cock… Naruto looked at Mei as she moved her head up and down with his cock in her mouth and working her magic on him as she licked and sucked on his sex then he went back to two red head

"Mei -chan….that's soooooooo good!"

Kushina, removing her lips from Mai's breast, trailed her lips down to her most private area. Spearing her legs, And knowing that she and Mai were not alone, Kushina smirk Naruto as Mei continue to work his cock as she leans downed and took Mai's clit between her lips, sucking lightly, taking her fingers placing her fingers inside her opening slowly thrusting in and out.

''Oh, Fuck Kushina! Eat me harder,'' Mai moaned. Gasping as she felt Kushina hit her spot once more. Kushina removed her lips earning a groan from her lover, smirking against her thigh when to BC Naruto came over.

With real Naruto

Naruto pushed his cock quickly into Mei's pussy, parting the outer lips with ease and also the inner lips, he moaned out deeply as he was quickly surrounded by her inner walls, both of them moaned out deeply at the feelings of pleasure that flowed through the two of them and as soon as Naruto thrust deeply into Mei, burying himself all the way to the neck of her womb, as Mei cried out in joy.


Mei shouted cried out as she felt herself being filled to the brim by her lover's cock and it was a delicious feeling that she relished deeply as Naruto also stayed still to savour the feel of her pussy surrounding his cock to the brim, Naruto felt the wetness there and began to move slowly, making the moves have this moment last much longer than before he slowly pulled himself out of Mei's pussy until only the tip of his cock was there, he listened her moan deeply for more, making him even more aroused by the second. He then pushed back deeply into her pussy, making Mei cry out deeply and he repeated the process.

Naruto then placed Mei's legs on her shoulders and began to move faster in and out of her vagina as he watched the result of his actions on the Mizukage as she was blushing deeply while looking at him with passion, love while her beautiful face was covered in sweat that make her glow in the light that was coming from nearby , her breasts moving back and forth as her body moved with each of his thrusts in and out of her pussy as she played with her said breasts with her hands in time with the pleasure that he was giving her. It was a beautiful picture to say the very least. And hearing her cries of pleasure also added to the whole picture as it made Naruto happy and proud to be the one who made Mei cry out that way.

This carried on until Naruto was moving in and out of Mei 's pussy with great speed and power, thrusting hard and deep into Mei's pussy and the two lovers were relishing each hard, fast and deep thrust as Naruto then moved to kiss Mei while still having her legs on his shoulders she could see the look on his face and in his eyes as he continued to thrust his cock into her vagina, the two of them kissed and deeply until they broke away for air and then afterwards, they both came at the same moment Naruto moved back and gave his final thrust, hitting Mei's pussy right at the sweet spot and brought the two of them the orgasm they both were looking for as the two of them cried out.


Mei felt the very first stream of her lover's cum hit the inner walls of her pussy just as she climaxed and that amazingly doubled her pleasure as she felt Naruto fire several more hot and thick streams of his cum into her pussy, the feel of the hot, and thick liquid filling her body to the limit was something that she relished greatly and she held onto Naruto tightly as she felt her pussy milk him for all he was worth as they then kissed one another deeply.

Naruto himself felt the waves of pleasure hit Mei at that exact moment and it was delicious as he felt her inner walls milk him for all he was worth and the feel of that was very good to his senses as the two of them kissed one another deeply as he thrust into her pussy a few more times to make sure that she got the pleasure that she wanted from him. As soon as they parted, Mei turned and licked her lover's cock clean of her juices and his as well, making her blush a bit and when she was done

With Kushina and BC 1 Naruto

"T-That's great mom. It's amazing," Naruto told her

Kushina continued to lick, kiss, and suck BC Naruto's cock while using her hands to pleasure his balls and at times used her own mouth as well and when she was able to lick and kiss BC Naruto's cock deeply, she then took his cock deeply into her mouth, sending pleasure running through BC Naruto in that moment as he shivered, then she started babbling her head up and down on his cock

"D-Dammit mom. I'M CUMMING!" BC Naruto yelled as he passes out from the pleasure Kushina paused as she felt her son semen rush into her mouth. She slowly took her mouth off BC Naruto's dick as she felt some drop on her fingers. She made sure not to spill the rest as she savoured the taste of her son cum for a while before swallowing it. Naruto pushes her on the bed and enter her.


Kushina cried out as Naruto's cock was deep inside her pussy and she could feel him touch her face with his hands as she took one of his hands and ran it on her breasts, as soon as she let his hand go, Naruto was quick to start playing her with breasts while he draped one of her legs on his shoulder as he began to move his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, as soon as he was nearly out, he drove his cock deep back into her pussy, making the woman cry out even more.


The position they were in was rather arousing to see at the very least as Naruto held up Kushina's leg while her other leg was below his as he was straddling it and moving his cock in and out of Kushina's pussy at an angle that ensured that he was able to bring the woman to full pleasure while he was still able to play with her breasts. Kushina moaned and cried out with each thrust that Naruto was making and the feel of her lover's cock burying deeply, his mom was more than happy to make her pleasure obvious to herself and her lover as well.



It was not long before the two finally reached their own personal limits as both of them cried out at the very same time.


Kushina's orgasm hit her hard just as Naruto's own orgasm hit him hard, Kushina felt her lover's cum flow into her pussy and she felt her inner walls milk Naruto's cock deeply and she could feel the heat of Naruto's cum continue to flow into her vagina.

With Mai and BC 2

Naruto pushed past her outer vaginal lips, making Mai tense up as the feeling of her lover's cock parting her vaginal lips was delicious to her senses. As soon as he was able to get past her outer vaginal lips, Naruto surprised Mai by lifting her up and then letting her sit on his lap and that allowed him to thrust deeply into her pussy just as she was going down, allowing him to be buried to the base in her pussy.


Mai moaned out deeply as Naruto thrust his cock deep inside of her at the very same moment that she lowered her body through sheer instinct, and the feel was wonderful and she wasted no time as she began to move her body up and down slowly to get used to this position, and as soon as she was used to this position she moved on with great desire as the pleasure flowed through her body as she could tell that it also flowed through Naruto's own body as he blushed deeply at her actions.

The two carried in this position for as long as they could manage as the pleasure grew with Naruto thrusting upwards as Mai thrust downwards at that very same time. The two lovers were completely in sync with each other's movements as the pleasure for the two of them began to grow even more by the second, and it was obvious that they were not going to be long in reaching their respective orgasm.

Mai looped her legs around Naruto's waist and Naruto wrapped her arms on Mai's shoulders as they continued to move in sync, Naruto then kissed Mai deeply and sucked on her tongue, making her blush even more in deep pleasure as he kissed her senseless as their tongues duelled with one another in their mouths, it was after the two of them parted from the kiss that they began to touch their lover's body. Naruto was the first as he then moved his head to lick and suck her breasts, sending more pleasure up and down her body.

Mai responded in kind by rubbing her hands on his back and shoulders while kissing his shoulders.

It was when they parted that they finally reached the end of their respective ropes and both of them were hit by their respective orgasm.


Mai screamed out in pure joy as she thrust down deeply as Naruto thrust upward at that exact moment of her own release and she felt his hot and thick cum flow into her pussy like a river of heat that really filled her to the brim, she moved her hips a bit more and deeply kissed Naruto as she stayed there for a while longer to relish the pleasure as she felt him fill her up to the very limit that she had in her body.

2 weeks later

Naruto and Kurumu were making out when a figure appeared.


"How is everything in Red dawn?" Naruto asked

"Quiet Pein isn't telling us anything until the last minute" The figure replied

"And the toad sage" Naruto asked

"He trust me to a certain point, he was trying to teach the Uchiha your fath…." The figure stop when he fell Naruto's K.I. "I mean the 4 Hokage jutsu the Rasengan but has been a slow process" the figure look at Naruto to see his reaction but he had a could care less look on his face.

"What about his sage mode?" Naruto asked

"He is trying to fuse with the elder toads but the curse seal is preventing them, so he and perv is trying to figure out a way for him to use it without fusing." The figure said

"Did Sasuke attack you again?" Naruto asked

"Every time I visit them" the figure replied

2 month later

"I-if I may, Orochimaru-sama, is there a reason why I need that many men for a capture mission?" a Sound Nin asked. He finally trembled visibly when Orochimaru allowed a feral smirk to form on his face.

With Naruto

Naruto, Kurumu, Shizune and Kushina was at the gate and ready to go they had already said their goodbyes and was about to jump away when.

"Naruto-kun waits for me" a red head shouted

"Mai-sama you are going with them?" asked the guard.

"Hai my sister gave me permission" Mai said as she hands him the paper.

"Ever thing is clear" the guard said as she and team Naruto jumps away.

5 mile later

"Mei why are dress as Mai?" Naruto asked as Kushina and Shizune did a double take.

"You are the only one that could tell us apart" Mei said as jumps into Naruto hand and kisses him.

"Because I want to spend time with you" Mei replied as she turns back into herself.

"That all I need to know now change back before someone sees you" Naruto said as they head towards the leaf village.



Jay3000: that it for the training trip now to part 3 of my story Legendary Bloodline The power of a god and the fans of the Living Force I will try to update it before Legendary Bloodline The power of a god if not then after it.

Naruto`s bloodline

Nova Release

Charka Chain

Naruto's bloodline limits absorbed


Naruto`s weapons

The Destroyer (Oc) - it broad like zabuza's sword black blade with red strip going down it, it also about 5ft6 long

Ability (Oc) -has the power to destroy charka coil forever. But it cannot damage the human body physically just it charka but it can Touch other swords.

Flight of the Charka Dragon (Oc) - one of the most dangerous technique that used by Naruto once it cut any part of the body it destroy the charka network in that part of the body for every

The Red Death- the sword that look like hawk-eye sword but as a red blade

Ability- same as hawk-eye one in one piece