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None of the other guardians had a clue of what to do with Jack, they only knew he was a memory. His hair started to frost and his skin was cold and just got colder.

"You leave and come back with a child Tooth?" North asked, "That is against the rules no?"

Tooth shook her head "Death told me to take him."

Bunnymund was confused, "Death? The Death? You saw him out of his cave?"

"He said that he couldn't miss he gave the boy back his life I guess." Tooth said.

"This must have been important for Death to come out and do it himself." North said looking at the changing figure.

It wasn't too long until his eyes burst open and he was gasping looking around. This process actually happened quite fast, it was just over an hour since Tooth got him back to the Pole. He looked around at the familiar faces around him. It was like a click went off in their minds and every memory they had of him came back. "Jack," Bunnymund stood next to him wondering how on earth he could have forgotten him. They all spent hours trying to figure out what happened and how it all happened. It was when the Northern Winds died down and a misted fog started to seep into the small room, did they all freeze.

In the window, Karma sat looking in hoping she wasn't seen. She saw how happy they all were and how confused they were when they finally remembered. Karma smiled but then a pit of loneliness filled her chest and then a sad mask tugged at her. She didn't get anything, she was still alone, but she did what was right. After watching she rode far away on her horse, and would face this music another day.

It had been a few months now, and still yet none of the Guardians have seen Karma, not even Jack. They all went back to their jobs and duties. Jack got hold of Winter once more and tamed the wild storms, letting Summer get back to what she did best; being a hot head. Everything when back to how it was. One day when Jack was resting in the center of his lake, it was now frozen, sitting on top of the staff he held so dear. He looked up to the Man in the Moon and just smiled at him, knowing he was smiling back. Bunnymund was sent out to find Jack and thought this was the first place to look and Tooth along with him. They stood on the edges of the lake "Jack, come on we have stuff to do!" Tooth called out to him as he looked back and laughed.

"Okay I will be there in a sec." He called flipping down from his staff and standing on the ice. When the fog started to set in, Bunnymund knew exactly who was coming, and Tooth flew up to take a birds eye view. Jack grabbed his staff and held it ready to pounce. "Karma," Bunny said with disgust in his taste.

Karma and her steed stood on the ledge where Tooth was hiding when she first found Jack. She looked down at Jack and Bunnymund, then up in the sky and saw Tooth. Karma knew what she wanted and she didn't want to be fooled around with, so she leapt from the ledge and landed forcefully on the ice; her dress flying out to the sides and the metal clasps that sat on her rattled. When she saw Bunnymund start to race for her and Tooth swooping in, she raised her arms to the sky with a flick of her wrist the fog got thicker to the point they can't see and rose above their heads. She swiftly found her way to where Jack was, he sat blindly waiting to attack. Karma swooped her hand and just enough fog cleared so Jack could see her. He held up his staff ready to attack. Just as he is about to strike, she drops to her knees in front of him. He stops, and looks down at her lowering his staff.

She looked up at him with pitiful eyes cold eyes, she held up her she then put her arms out in a surrender, letting all the fog run and hide in the trees. Bunnymund saw Karma on her knees in front of Jack. Tooth saw also and flew in ready to fight. What they saw didn't stop them, they were mad and angry that she had come back for only she might know but they knew it couldn't be good. Bunnymund raced over and grabbed her hair making her look higher now up into his eyes, "What do you want Karma? You hide and now you come back for more, not this time." He threw her down but she did not resist. "Fight back Karma, I know you can!" Bunny let his long hidden anger and hatred for her now grow and build. He hated her even know she wasn't fighting back just sitting on the ice looking up at Jack. Jack stopped them before they could do anything else, "What do you want Karma?" he asked.

"Justice." She said out to him, "I owe a debt to you for doing you wrong. So do what you may to me, have your justice."

Jack looked down at her, "And what if I refuse?"

Tooth looked at him as if he was crazed and Bunnymund said, "She killed you?! She made us forget you! She made you suffer, and you ask to refuse a stab at the keeper of Justice, who brings pain to people for fun? If you won't I will." He rose his paw, Karma kept her eyes fixed on Jack with her stone face.

"Stop." Jack caught his paw before he could strike, "I do not want justice. I give you mercy. What good would violence do, if I replace the pain for more pain just for another?"

Karma looked up at him, "Mercy is a waste, I do not deserve to be let alone. Take what is yours. I am Justice and that is what I am due."

Jack looked down at her, "Mercy is apart of Justice, it is kindness and forgiveness. You even showed everyone mercy."

Karma almost looked disgusted, "How? I do not?"

"You stole away their memories of me," Jack said.

Tooth said, "That was not a favor."

"Yes it was." Jack said, "She took them-"

"Because she's a selfish little brat and likes things that people care for." Bunnymund said.

"She took them because it was showing you all mercy. You all didn't feel as much pain as you could have if you remembered." Jack said.

"How can you defend her?" Tooth said to Jack.

Jack looked down at Karma, "She is justice, and mercy is apart of it. So I choose to give her mercy, because she gives mercy and she should receive it in return." Karma looked up to Jack and knew this is what he wanted.

Karma stood and smiled at Jack, "Thank you."

"I told you," Jack smiled, "you were so much more. What you did, convincing the Man in the Moon to let me come back. Taking their memories so they could feel less pain. Mercy is something you have been giving for a long time."

Karma felt the pangs in her chest float away, she knew now that she was more, no one ever talked to her like this. For once, what she though was weakness, she found she was that all along. Karma is Justice, and mercy is what she always needed. Her mother was begging for mercy on Karma when she died, and now she understood what mercy was. It is not a weakness, it is what makes her justice.

Jack barely ever saw Karma, it was those few occasions he did, a smile always slipped her lips. He couldn't help but look at her and know she is better, knowing that she is more then just pain.

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