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Oh and yes Bruno Jinja's puppy WILL be in this fanfic, CxJ and DxJ included!

Jinja, Chase, Bren, Beyal and Dax where under a large tree all around them it was pouring rain and Beyal had predicted that it was only going to get worse before it got better. "What does everyone have against us in this town!" yelled Bren.

Chase sighed, "I don't have any idea B" he said leaning up against the thick trunk of the tree".

"I mean literally NOBODY even said that we could even sleep in their shed, all they said was "No room try the next place" I mean come on!" yelled Bren slumping down on the ground.

"OH SHUT UP BREN!" Yelled Jinja standing up and glaring at the negative Bren, "You haven't stopped moaning and muttering after the first house that didn't have any room. Bren glared up at Jinja.

"Hey! It's not my fault that everyone said no!" he yelled standing up and glaring at Jinja, Bruno barked madly up at Bren, Chase moaned he knew that when the weather got bad Bren an Jinja got worse.

"Come on guys cool it!" he said as a car screeched around the corner. Jinja sighed.

"Whatever then Bren came go back off to la, la land" she grumbled stepping towards Beyal. Bren wasn't finished, just for fun he poked out his left foot to trip Jinja, his plan worked but not the way he wanted it to. Jinja tripped over his foot and skidded onto the hard wet road just as the car was about to pass them.

"Jinja!" Everyone screamed but Dax who screamed Princess and Bruno who barked like mad. But they only heard a scream.

About 2 seconds later

The car screeched to a bone chilling stop. Chase, Dax, Beyal and Bren immediately raced out onto the road, the car had stopped about 1 CM away from Jinja. She looked like she had just seen a ghost.

"Jinja?" said Chase the worry and fright clearly showing in his tone. Dax quickly came to Jinja's side and picked her up by her shoulders so her feet where still placed on the ground.

"Oh gosh Jinja I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that" rushed out Bren who was panting from fright. Beyal quickly examined her over.

"She is in deep shock" he said, "I wouldn't be shocked if she started crying soon" he said in deep thought and just about a second after Beyal had said that Jinja started crying, Chase quickly pulled Jinja into a hug when suddenly a new voice came into the conversation.

"You kids alright?" asked a man getting out of the car that had almost ran Jinja over. Bruno started barking at the man. A black haired lady came out of the other side of the car.

Dax glared at the two people, "No well at least my friends not mate you almost ran her over!" he growled. The man and women glanced at each other, the women whispering something to the man.

Finally the women spoke up, "You kids have a place to stay for the night, you can always come with us if you don't it's the least we can do". Chase looked at Beyal his facing asking if Beyal thought these people where trouble but Beyal just shook his head.

Chase who was still holding Jinja nodded, "We'll come with you then" he said. The man and women smiled, well come on then.

It seemed like hours had gone on as the car drove on through the town. It wasn't very pleasant in the backseats of the car, they had all some how fitted into the car, the man and women in the two front seats and the 5 friends in the back with Bruno. Bruno was happily sitting on Dax's lap while Jinja had to sit on Chase's lap so the others could fit in.

"Um Mister and Miss whats you'r names anyway?" asked Bren who was sadly mushed up against the car door and Beyal. The man looked in the review mirror.

"My name is Dr Sealy an my partner here is Dr Webb" he said moving his glasses up slightly.

"Nice to meet you guys my names Ch….." Chase was cut off by Doctor Webb.

"We don't need to know your name" she snapped grabbing 5 tarts from her bag. She handed the tarts to them. "Anyway save your breath for later dears just eat up for now you all look starving".

Chase, Beyal, Bren's, Jinja's and Dax's suspicion quickly faded at the sight of food. Soon all 5 tarts where gone Beyal had given some of his to Bruno and soon all 5 of them even the dog where out cold.

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