Dog Fight.

Author Note: Sequel to "Rogue" would be best to read that first, but for those who don't want to quick run down. Dean is a werewolf, was thought to be dead by John and Sam, but when they were hunting another wolf they are rescued by Dean. Dean is part of a pack that have control over their wolf form and can change any time excepted during a full moon when they force to change, they hunt down werewolves which don't have control or are hunting people. They help the Winchester kill the wolf they were hunting and Dean ends up joining his brother and Dad once again hunting. Some wolves introduced in "Rogue" were Doc (alpha of the pack and a Doctor) and Kit (who is like Dean's replacement Sam).

Chapter 1:

The first vibrating of his mobile snap Dean awake. His heighten werewolf hearing was a plus when Dean didn't want to wake his brother in the next bed. Sneaking out of the motel room on silent feet, he quickly answered the phone.


"Dean?" Doctor Lewis James, Dean's old pack leader, worried voice filled the phone.

"Hey Doc, what's up?" Dean could feel dread settled in his stomach.

"It's Kit Dean. He disappeared. It looks like he could have been taken." Doc rushed everything out. Dean could hear the sounds of packing in the background of where ever Doc was.

"What?" Dean received no answer, he just heard more banging from Doc's end. "Doc, where are you? What happen to Kit?"

"He was out on a run and he never came back." Doc said, "We searched everywhere, but there no sign of him. There one more thing Dean." He waited for Doc to continue, but he could feel worry eating at his stomach. "I think we're been hunted. We can't stay here Dean, I'm not sure if it's hunters or something else, but I can't risk the pack. I need you to see what you can find out on your end. It just doesn't make sense Dean. There was no body, no sign that Kit was even in the woods. I can only hope that he's still alive."

"Where are you Doc?"

Dean sat outside the motel room staring at the location he had written. It was only a couple of hours away from his current location. Making up his mind, Dean quickly began writing Sam a note. It had been good hunting with his brother these past few months, but they always had to be careful. They had to hide what Dean really was from the rest of the hunting community because Dean knew they would not be as understanding as his family. He couldn't risk Sam though if this was hunters, but he couldn't leave Kit either. It was still the middle of the night he could go search for clues on Kit and be back before Dinner. He snuck back into the room; Sam was still dead to the world. His long limbs hanging off the bed. Leaving the note on his bed Dean grabs the key and his coat before heading out to the Impala.

The sun was rising as Dean walked through the woods looking for some sign of what had happen to Kit. He had found the pack camp site, missing them by a few hours. Doc must have packed up and headed straight out after finishing talking to Dean. He couldn't even imagine what must have scared Doc enough to just pack up and leave instead of looking for Kit. The fact that the pack had no luck finding him didn't offer much hope to Dean, but just maybe they had missed something.

It was so frustrating. Dean could find no sign of hunters or anything supernatural been here, not even a scented of anything that he didn't recognised as one of the pack members. His phone buzzed in his pocket. Pulling it out Dean saw Sam's name flashing. He had to smile the kid couldn't even wait until he got back this afternoon to interrogate him.

"Hey, Sam," Dean answered.

"Where the hell have you disappeared to Dean?" Sam sounded pissed and Dean couldn't help smiling more. "I wake up to a note. 'Gone out, be back by Dinner. Dean.' What the hell is that?"

So Dean hadn't really explained where he was going. To be honest he hadn't really wanted to think what could have happen to Kit let lone written it in a note. Part of him hoped that he would find Kit and everything would be okay and he could just forget the whole thing.

"Yeah sorry about that. Look Doc called, Kit's missing. I just wanted to see if I could find him before I brought you into it." Dean could also see the bitch face Sam must be pulling at hearing that.

"So you go off hunting something that has already taken out one wolf by yourself." This had become a common arguement Sam had with Dean. Sam didn't like how Dean threw himself at every enemy with no regard for his safety. Dean didn't understand what was the point of being a werewolf if he couldn't use his ability to protect Sam.

"Look I am not hunting anything. I was just having a look around before I came back to... Ow." Dean felt an insect bite his neck.

"Dean? What happened?" Sam asked on the other end of the phone.

"Nothing, nothing, just a bug bite." Dean told Sam as he reached up to feel the bite. What he founded was not an insect bite, but a hard metal dart embedded in his neck. "What the hell?" Dean felt another sting as a second dart embedded into his thigh. "Son of a bitch."

"Dean what's happening?" Panic had begun to creep into Sam voice.

"Amm," Dean tried to answer his brother, but the world had begun to spin and his tongue felt like it was stuck to the roof of his mouth. Stumbling Dean reached out to stable himself using a tree, dropping his mobile in the process.

"DEAN! WHAT IS HAPPENING?" Sam's voice was yelling from the phone on the ground. "DEAN!"

Dean tried to pick up the phone, but he only succeeded in kicking leaves over the mobile. Crouching on the ground Dean leaned heavily on the tree to stay up right.

"How is he still awake?" The man voice alerted him to the three men who were slowly approaching him with guns drawn. How had he missed them, he hadn't even smelt them. "Should I hit him again?"

"No just grab him we needed to get going." As the other man spoke the other two approached Dean. The drugs coursing through his system might have slowed Dean down, but there no way he was going to let these guys take him. As they reached out for him Dean stuck. He swung a fist at the nearest one making contact with his nose, and then using his momentum he fell into the other forcing his elbow into his gut as he did so. Rolling off the man Dean remained crouched on the ground the world spinning around him as he watched the men try to right themselve and ready himself for the next attack.

"Bastard, I think he broke my nose." Dean didn't wait for them to regroup, he kicked out at the man he had punched in the nose. He connected with the guy's knee and he heard him yell out in pain. Seeing his chance he began to crawl away, he tried to change into to wolf form so he could escape faster, but he couldn't focus his brain was too muddle.

The kick to his side caused him to lose all the air in his lungs. The third man had joined the fight, but unlike the other who had assumed Dean was an easy target he was aiming to disable Dean as quickly as possible. He rained kicks down on him, through the pain Dean noticed he wasn't aiming to injury him, just hurt him enough that he couldn't try to escape.

"Well at least we know we have a fighter here." The man who had kicked him said before aiming his gun and firing another dart into Dean at point-blank range.

As Dean began to disappear into a drug induce sleep he felt the men lift his body up as they carried him away.

"I have a feeling this one is going to make us some money." One of the men said.

As Dean's hearing began to muffle as he disappeared into darkness he heard one last thing.

"That only if he doesn't get himself killed first."