A/N: I don't own Oliver Queen. I'm just playing with him :) SPOILER-wise-nothing actually although you do need to know about the CW's Arrow in general since it follows that mythos.

It was only a matter of time before he came across old photos of him from before. As with the photos of his father, his own photos had been put away because of the painful reminder and memories they brought. So it came as a bit of a shock to him as he gingerly touched his younger, glossy face smiling mischievously up at him.

He had been so carefree and careless with his parents' wealth and his life- much like Thea was now. Now after the years trying to survive on the island- he knew that he had been in the prime of his life in terms of pretty much everything. He had the Lance sisters at his beck and call, he had his father alive and all mighty being, and most of all he wasn't estranged emotionally from his mother and sister.

Now he knew better but back then-on the surface at least things seemed so solid. His life was wonderful.

Until the ship wreck and the island.

Now he was a changed man who had lost everything that he didn't know that he had to hold on to for dear life.

Back then- Oliver Queen had been at the prime of his life. A life that he foolishly didn't respect and treasure.

Now, it was time for his alterego to right the wrongs his father had done to Starling City. It was what he survived and trained for on that godforsaken island.

But Oliver knew that he could never go back to that time.