Not a very great piece of writing, but It needed to be done.

Magic Man and Margles, on Olympus Mons. It's truly a great sight, the largest volcano on Mars.

The MM rested his hand on Margles shoulder. "I really do like these moments together, Margles."

Margles smiled. "Me too."

Magic Man had an idea. "Want to arm wrestle?"

She rolled her eyes, chuckling. Then she saw his expression. "Are you serious?"


She sighed, and placed her arm forward. He clasped it with hers, and they pushed, his strength a little bit more than hers. But when he yawned, she lunged her arm forward, almost winning, when he panicked (he was very serious about arm wrestling) and thrust his arm forward with all of his reserve power. Her arm went down- but so did she.

Margles screamed, as she fell over the side and her backpack in the air. Magic Man reached for her arm, but alas, it was too late.

Tears went down his face, miserable.

Memories hurt. He'd sworn to never arm wrestle again.

He bought a loaf of bread, and with a small carving knife, cut figures of everyone in Ooo. Mostly, anyway, people that'd interact with Finn. He'd gone through a whole grocery funding, but he had them. With some paint and a magic enchantment, they were ready. He stuffed them in a bag, and then...

Magic Man popped out of a tiny hole in the ground near the cliff, where Finn and Jake where at. He stuffed it into Finn's shorts, whispered "I'm not coming back," and left. For it was true.

He went home, to his transporter.

This time, he did feel. For Margles. With that emotional energy, he was taken to Mars.

Ignoring everyone else, he went to Olympus Mons, and stood at the top. He took a deep beath, and...

He jumped off the side.