The aftermath of the Mikaelson's ball would engrave itself on Dawn's mind forever. A shadow lingered in the corner, keeping a close eye on Dawn. Klaus noticed it as cold chills ran down his back every time he looked towards it. At first he did not make a fuss, anyway he was a step closer to becoming a hybrid. The latest doppelgänger had appeared and was in his gasp, Katerina Patrova. As Elijah walked Katerina away Klaus walked towards Dawn and her sister.

"Almost complete I just need a witch" He looked at Dawn hoping she'd agree, but she just sarcastically laughed at him.

"Why do you want to break the curse? Does it bother you that out of the three hybrids in the world you're the only one who cannot access your other side?" She gave a cruel smile "I'm not helping you Nik, go and find another witch" Klaus sighed he hoped it'd be easier. The shadow caught his attention again, and a glimpse of a familiar face formed. It was Amber. Before he could think he grabbed Dawn and Annabelle and led them out of the room.

"You two need to get away from here, she has found you!" Dawns face fell, and before anyone could say goodbye they were gone. Kol search the mansion but couldn't find her anywhere, he caught a glimpse of Amber and then realized. They were gone.

Dawn cried as she packed her things, they'd returned to their home to collect their things. Annabelle sat in silence as the maids rushed around the house. They were heartbroken, their lives had changed for the better and they'd finally settled. Kol burst into their house in the hope that they were still there, he was lucky. Dawn sadly looked into his worried face

"I don't want to leave again…" He cradled her head against his chest and sighed, he knew he had to help some way

"Why is she hunting you down?"

"I-I'm the only one who can truly destroy Silas…" She turned away and continued to pack he stood back and pulled out a box from his pocket.

"I must do something" She shook her head at him "There must be something! I'll find some witches we can travel with…" Dawn mournfully shook her head and fell to the ground, but Kol knew he had to save her.

"I have waited 500 years for you! I'm not losing you again" He handed the box towards her as she opened it she began to cry even more, he really was leaving. The box contained a small heart shaped locket; he pulled it out and tied it around her neck.

"I will be with you forever…I will find a way " Her eyes became red from the tears "I will find you again" He kissed her hard "I love you and I always will" As he ran out of the door she sat there crying heavily.

"I cannot live without you…" She whimpered to herself.

Although the danger they stayed, and waited for Kol to return.

Katerina POV-

Amber stood proudly as her prized and most vicious descendants Anita and Henry watched over the petrified Katerina. Amber walked towards her with her wicked smile.

"I can guarantee your safety Katerina, all you have to do is tell me where Dawn is" She spoke slowly and with emphasis.

"I do not know what you mean by safety? Am I in danger?" Katerina was confused, she was used to being an ordinary girl but she was plunged into the care of the powerful.

"Niklaus wants to use you as a sacrifice…to break a curse. You will die unless you co-operate" Katerina's face began to show fear; she'd expected something was different about him. "Now we can and will guarantee your safety, as long as you tell us where she is" Katerina pressed her lips together, and then shook her head. Dawn was so kind to her and she knew that Amber wanted to hurt her. Amber noticed her reluctant behaviour and looked towards Anita.

"Make her co-operate" Anita smirked, she loved hurting people it was in her blood. She pulled tightly at her hair until she screamed. It then hit Katerina, she was either going to be killed by Klaus or by them.

"Fine! Fine!" Anita released her and pushed her head down, Amber turned towards her holding the moonstone.

"Now after you tell me, you will run with this" Ambers voice was powerful and evil, she reluctantly nodded and grabbed the moonstone. As Amber stood up she turned to the descendants and smirked.

"Things are now in motion, when you find her, kill her" As the three left the room Katerina realized what she had done, she looked down at the moonstone, she was by herself now.

Dawn strolled through the gardens one last time before they fled the country. It was a beautiful night as they waited for Kols return in a few hours. She began her walk back as she picked a rose for her little sister. She walked into the house, it was eerily quiet.

"Belle? Where are you?" She walked through into the study and looked up. Her heart dropped and a cold chill went through her spine as she dropped the rose. Her little sister was staked into the wall, her purple gown stained with blood "Belle…" She gasped in disbelief, her eyes veined as she detected the presence of her murderers.

"Time to join your sisters Hage" Dawn turned at them; Anita's face was cold and emotionless just like her mothers. Dawn began to shake with rage this was the last straw, she couldn't contain herself any longer. She raced towards the Descendants and fought against their attempts to stake her. She ripped them apart within seconds. Facing towards Annabelle it switched. A pool of blood covered her feet as she breathed heavily.

"Dawn…" Klaus's voice meant nothing to her, Rebekah screamed at Annabelle's body as Elijah held onto her. "Dawn!" He was shouting now. She turned her face towards them and looked at them with soulless eyes. Her mind had gone. "DAWN!" They screamed after her as she raced out of the house.

She stopped running and found herself in the village that stood by her home. She heard the people's blood pump throughout their bodies and all she wanted to do was kill them. She grabbed a young woman and snarled into her ear.

"Where is Amber Hage" The woman shivered with fear and shook her head, without hesitation she plunged her teeth into her. That's when the screams began; she did not stop and had no mercy. She was going to kill everyone until she found Amber.

The ground ran with blood as Dawn stood in the middle, she turned her head and looked at the bodies. As her humanity came back she began to cry-What had she done? She began to shake at the realization of what she had done. She fell to the ground and cried heavily-She'd lost everything. Klaus fell beside her and held her tight.

"Come on we need to get you away!" Rocking herself she shook her head rigorously and began to repeatedly scream "No!" He turned her face to him so she could look into his eyes.

"Save me Nik" He knew what she wanted of him but could he? "Prevent Sila's return…And keep my Kol alive…Please Nik" He looked around at the massacre, he was in disbelief that someone like her had done this. He had no other choice; he pulled out a dagger from his pocket. He looked into her eyes as she began to lose her humanity again "Please" As her eyes veined he pushed the dagger into her heart, her neutralized body falling into his arms.

"I promise"

As Kol entered the village he sensed something was wrong, he smelt blood and lots of it. He walked into her house, something was defiantly wrong.

"Dawn? Annabelle?" There was silence. He followed the smell of blood into study and looked up towards the dangling body of Annabelle. He looked around and saw the bodies of two descendants. He was too late. He ran towards the village and was horrified at the massacre that flooded the streets. Where was she? Klaus walked towards him

"Kol…she's gone" His face was saddened and shocked by the reaction of his little brother. Kol walked towards Klaus and cried on his shoulder.

"I should never have left!" His tears soon turned into anger, he couldn't bear losing her twice. His head and heart ached as he realized-he was never going to see her again.

Kol left with the witches determined to prevent Sila's return, Klaus wouldn't see him again for another hundred years. Klaus looked at the peaceful face of Dawn; he laid her in a beautiful casket. He still couldn't believe that under her kind and friendly face lingered a monster, and he knew that when she returned she'd never be the same again.