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Chapter 5 - Home

(Carries on from last scene)

SNAPE: Kids, what're you doing here? Get off the train! (To Ron and Mione who scramble over to where Harry is stood and just as the three are about

to leave Snape speaks) Why Remus Lupin.

Everyone looked shocked for a few seconds before the laughter erupted. Remus was looking highly insulted by his character representation, but joined in the laughter soon after.

REMUS: Severus Snape.

RON: (Stage whispers to Harry) That's Snape! He's evil!

"Trust me Ronald, He is not evil. Just a very good actor." Tom and Dumledore said together, looking at Ron who was looking sheepishly at Snape who had a scowl on his face.

SNAPE: Get off the train! (Three start to leave) Not you boy! You sit.

"What am I? A dog?" harry asked affronted.

"Nope, that's me. WOOF!" Sirius replied with a grin on his face making the girls giggle and harry to throw a pillow at his head.

(To Harry and so Harry sits) So, you must be Harry Potter. I can tell by not even talking to you that your no good, good for nothing, nobody like your father.

Three growl were heard simultaneously as Harry, Remus and Sirius looked at Snape menacingly.

"OH you know we hated each other, get used to it!" Snape snarled back. He suddenly got hit with what looked to be rolled up socks. He looked around the room for the culprit and found Lucius looking around 'innocently' for the suspect. That is however, until he got a head full of sock. He looked at Severus with a glare. "You know, before acting innocent, you should learn to hide the evidence." Severus said looking at his friend's ankles. Lucius blushed.

REMUS: You know what, just leave the poor kid alone kay? God you haven't changed at all since our school days at Hogwarts. Hey Harry, don't pay any attention to Sour-Grape Snape!

"Seriously, I couldn't come up with anything better than that?! I must be losing my brain cells." Remus sighed, putting his head in his hands.

SNAPE: How dare you use me nickname!

"What exactly was your nickname, Professor?" Luna asked airily. At this Sirius burst into laughter.

"Can I tell them?! Can I please?!" He begged. Severus shook his head no, but Sirius didn't care. "Oh come on Snivellus, please?! Oh dear, too late!" Sirius grinned as Severus had a scowl on his face.

"Really? That's it? I'm positive you could've done better Sirius, even if you are just a mangy mutt of a dog." Hermione said smiling sweetly.

"Woof!" Sirius repeated grinning at Hermione before giving her a little wink. Hermione blushed at this and Draco wrapped his arm around her shoulder to show who she was with. Hermione blushed more at this but snuggled more into Draco's side.

REMUS: I've said it before Snape, and I'll say it again, you always have been, and you always WILL be, a BUTTRUMPET!

"Really?! A Buttrumpet was the bet you came up with wolfy?!" Ginny said with a raised eyebrow.

"Aawooooooo!" Remus grinned and Ginny giggled and threw a chocolate at his head which he managed to catch in his mouth.

You know why? 'Cause you've got a trumpetty butt!

SNAPE: No I haven't.

"Have you walked behind yourself after breakfast Sev? Seriously, a trolls arse smells better." Lucius said in sheer disgust while the comment had the whole room bursting with laughter. Umbridge however was just wondering why she was still here when she got a pillow in the face for sitting nearer to Lucius.

"Oops. That was meant to go to Lucius, but that's a good place for it too." Severus smirked.

REMUS: Yes! (Holds hand in front of mouth and blows raspberries with his butt pushed out and starts jumping around doing it)

"And this is where it becomes clear that the two of you have been friends for years." Harry said grinning at his father's best friends. They both gave wolfish grins.

"You know it!" they said together before High-5ing. Ginny leant over to Cho and whispered,

"You know, we are onto like the third pair of Fred and George's here!" Cho giggled back at her friend.

SNAPE: Stop it! Stop that!

"Yes please do." Tom said in disgust.

"Oh cheer up you guppy!" Luna said poking him in the side, while smiling up at him. He smiled back down at her. "See! You're much nicer looking with a smile." She said serenely. Awwwwww, aren't they cute?! Dumbledore thought as he looked on with a smile.

REMUS: Hey guys, I'm Snape's butt! (Does it again)

SNAPE: No he's not! He doesn't sound anything like my butt!

"Your right, its much, much louder." Ron said grinning ear to ear before promptly hiding behind Cho as a shoe came his way. Unfortunately for Ron, the shoe hit Cho meaning that after a good bashing with the shoe from Cho, he received the silent treatment.

REMUS: Hah! Who looks stupid now? You do.


SNAPE: Alright! We're both adults now, so I demand you stop acting like a child or I'll tell Dumbledore and have you expelled.

REMUS: I don't thinks so Snape because I'm a teacher now, you can't expel me, I'll expel you. In fact, your expelled I just expelled you!

"Wow, you're really trying to expel each other? That's just childish." Tom muttered.

SNAPE: What?! That's absurd! You can't expel me! We can't expel each other... Can we?

REMUS: I won't pretend to know.

"You can't expel professors, its kinda impossible." Hermione, Cho and Tom said together.

SNAPE: Fine, then I will. Snape Vanished! (Runs off stage and Remus tried to grab him but doesn't manage it.)

HARRY: Woah, what a jerk!

"Harry! That's not very nice!" Hermione said with a scowl.

"Sorry Professor." Harry mumbled while Snape looked shocked from having the apology.

REMUS: Yeah, now listen Harry, don't let him bother you okay? You're finally where you belong - At Hogwarts. (Music starts) The place where, your parents spent the best years of their lives.

"You mean when Mum wasn't trying to kill dad just to make him leave her alone?" Harry grinned.

"Yeah, then too." Remus smiled at his young cub.

So go on Harry, go and find what you were always meant to be, in the home you never knew you had.

HARRY: I'll see you Lupin!

REMUS: See you in class Harry. (Walks off stage)

"Wow, sentimental Remus John Lupin. Never thought I'd see the day." Dumbledore said grinning at the blushing Remus.

HARRY: (Sings) Home. I've heard the word before, but its never meant much more than just a thing, I never had.

At this, Sirius looked down. He figured it was his fault that Harry had never known home before Hogwarts. Harry realising that his Godfather was a little down, took his hand in his own and gave it a squeeze letting him know that it wasn't his fault. Everyone just smiled sadly at the two. Tom especially, as it was actually his fault for Harry not having a home with people he loved.

A place, they say hey, know your place. I've never had a place to even know, or a face that I could go to if I needed someone there.

Sirius actually let lose a tear as the thought of Harry being all alone with nobody to talk to for the first eleven years of his life started to sink in as the lyrics were sung. The girls all saw this and their hearts melted for Sirius. Harry hugged himself into his Godfather while Umbridge scoffed.

(Hides from Seamus and Dean) I'm laughing, it's hard to hide a smile. My god it's been a while since I have had, a reason to. To think, it's been here all along, somewhere to belong and a reason, a something to believe in. I finally found it, a place where I'm wanted.

"Oh Harry, you were always wanted! ALWAYS! Don't you EVER think any different! Understand?!" Sirius said holding his son to his chest as Sirius and Harry shared a moment. Harry nodded and looked around the room at everyone smiling over to them both.

This must be how it feels, to have a home. I used to dream about it! But never schemed or counted, on fantasies or wishes, it breaks a man to see what he misses! And so many nights I prayed for a better life, a better day. And I never thought that it'd come true, now it's finally here, and I don't know what to do. And I'm trying not to cry.

"You shouldn't hold in your feelings. They build up inside you and you just crack." Came the wise words from Tom. Harry smiled at his brother in thanks, whereas Sirius scowled at the young Voldemort.

RON: (Pops head around a curtain) Hey Harry, lets go get sorted. (Exits)

HARRY: This must be how it feels, to have a home! (RUns off stage)

(Enter Hogwarts students who then set the benches into the houses)

(Enter Hermione who is straightening out her Gryffindor tie. Then enter Ron who puts the blue head band on and sits by hermione)

(Enter Harry)

HARRY: I've finally made it! I've hoped and I've waited! And for the first time in my life, I don't feel so alone! My heart starts to heal(Enter Snape with the sorting hat), to know this is real, this is how it must feel to have a home!


"Awww, that was a sweet song." Ginny and Luna said smiling. Harry blushed.

"Hey Harry, what would you say to not being my godson, but actually being my son?" Sirius asked. Harry looked up shocked before launching himself at his godfather.

"Do you mean it?" Harry asked into Sirius' shoulder with tears dropping from his eyes when he felt Sirius nod.

Tom's heart sank at this new revelation. If Harry was going to be adopted legally by Sirius, he wouldn't want or need to be Tom's brother anymore. After all, wasn't it just to give the two a family member to hold on to? Luna took Tom's hand and smiled reassuringly at him.

"Wait! I'll become your son on one condition, Siri." Harry said, pulling out of the hug. Tom's head shot up. "You have to adopt Tom too. Now before you yell at me about how he's evil and a demented five thousand year old prick, let me finish. Tom has changed, more than anyone could've imagined. It was a good change and he now sees himself for what he used to be, a monster. He hates himself for what he has done. But, this Tom isn't Voldemort. Before you came we had started a blood bonding ritual that will be completed after the musicals are completed. It means that after the ritual, he will be my brother in everything but parentage. I need you to accept that and him before you dish out adoption papers. He goes where I go, and if you want to adopt me, then you have to adopt him too." Harry said looking over at Tom every now and again to see that Tom was shocked as hell. Sirius smiled as did the rest of the group.

"I figured you'd say something like that. I did ask you to see if it would stop you from becoming his brother. But if it mean that much to you and you trust him, then I trust him. Tom, would you like to become a Black?" Sirius said, smiling towards the boy who was holding dear Luna's hand for dear life.

"Are you serious?" He asked. At this everyone face palmed.

"I should hope so, it's what is printed on my birth certificate." Sirius replied with a grin. Tom laughed before nodding and accepting becoming a Black. "Oh and don't worry, you won't have to call me dad, either of you." Sirius said grinning. The group stared at the three men who were now hugging and couldn't be happier for them.

"So, umm, can we get onto the next clip please?! ON the picture for the clip there is a male looking woman who is wearing a lot of pink." Ron said giddily as he jumped up and down in his seat. Everyone laughed at his antics and nodded as they all settled into their original positions to watch the next clip. This time however, Tom had picked up Luna and placed her on his lap with her leaning on his chest, before wrapping his arms around her waist.

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