AN- Metaphorical Golden Star to whomever can name where the riddle to enter came from.

1 September 1996

Harry Potter had changed in the last year. While others saw him as an unselfish teacher he was hoarding knowledge. Little did 'his army' know how he slipped books out of the hidden room, and little did they know he was experimenting with dark magic. Harry started out researching dark magic as a means to fight Voldemort, but after Sirius' death. He was angry, he started lashing out but first to suffer was Bellatrix. She screamed under the crucio as he tortured her into madness. Later he received a pardon for his deeds but Harry was not satisfied.

He wanted blood for blood. So while the order allowed him to stay in their headquarters, Harry started reading the old Black family magic. The black's almost literally started Black magic as it was known. They were necromancers not of raising the dead that is mere fiction. However animating the dead and causing death were well within their grasp. Harry soon found the knowledge he was seeking. A small dragon hide bound book with a script of "Black Magic" written across it in small handwriting. It had no author. Harry could tell so by the different scripts used in the book.

Harry was reading his book just now in the final compartment. He hated being around his friends anymore. Their sympathy bothered him to the extreme. He would much prefer apathy to their constant reminders of his loss. Luna his only companion now was reading the quibbler upside down across from him. She and Neville had broken up after the Battle at the Ministry as Neville was now dating Ginny. Harry was thankful for Neville, he dislike Ginerva's constant fan girl nature and now that she was dating Neville he didn't have her blushing so constantly.

Luna did not seem bothered by losing Neville. She seemed quite happy oddly, she told me quite simply "Fate has changed its mind." Which made little sense to Harry, but it was oddly pleasing. Sometimes peace is not in the girl but in the small things, like the kind words of friends and the love of family. Harry with his thoughts running wild dropped his book on accident. "Looks like the wrackspurts are beginning their infestation Harry." Luna said serenely through the Magazine. Harry smiled some things are best left the same. "We all act like fools every once in a while, I am just glad it is my friend who sees it." Harry said it in a conspiratorial tone. Luna smirked and put down her magazine. "How long have you known?" Harry winked and gave her his own smirk "Started making sense once I stopped hearing you and began listening." Luna smiling now said "And that must be why fate has changed its mind." Harry looked confused "Is that a come on?" Luna blushed "Figure out for yourself." Luna then hid behind her magazine once again. Harry laughed and started reading his book again.

"Sectumsempra- Dark Cutting Curse, Near impossible to heal without counter curse. The wand movement is a diagonal slash. The counter curse is Vulnera Sanetur. It must be reapeated five times in order to be effective." Harry decided to save that for Peter. Harry longed to torture him. Betrayal was lower than murder in Harry's mind. If Voldemort would have offered him Peter in his fourth year in order for him to join the dark side, Harry would have seriously considered it. Harry did not hate Voldemort he understood that some are power hungry and cannot be satisfied. However he did not agree with his policies but revenge might have been enough to tempt him in the moment of weakness however. Soon there was a knock at the door and Harry put down his book. Cho Chang was at the door. "Hey Harry, wanna join me and Su in our compartment. It has to be boring with just loony in here." She was smiling but Harry's vision darkened ever so slightly. "Her name is Luna, I choose my friends wisely. My friends do not attempt to have me expelled by sneaking behind my back. I think I am just fine." Harry then gestured for her to get out. Cho looked appalled and flushed and slammed the door on her way out. Harry could almost hear 'prat' through her sobbing.

Luna put down her magazine. "Why exactly did you do that Harry?" Harry shook his head. "I don't know honestly. I am tired of people kissing up to me. I was not good enough for her last year. I have not changed for her but myself. Also nobody insults you in my presence. Though if I were to really think about it, it is actually hilarious. They all call you loony without realizing your brilliance. You use metaphors of hypothetical creatures to sneak messages across. I started reading the Quibbler after Christmas. I found numerous conspiracy theories in the Fudge and beheading Goblin article. The best is the Crumple Horned Snorkack. Funniest name for Voldemort I have heard of yet." Harry was smiling now. Luna blushed "Well you are the first person to figure it out without help. My dad told his cousin twenty years ago and it spread by word of mouth. Did you like my article on Nargles?" Harry's eyes turned teary but he suppressed the emotion. "Oh, you mean the exposition on teenage girls and basically how they are nothing more than animals?"

Luna nodded "It's apt don't you think?" Harry laughed "Yes, yes it is. If I may ask why are you letting your guard down around me? You never did around Neville and I snuck around in my cloak quite often." Luna blushed then grew a wicked grin "I knew that someone was watching me shower! I'm not sure whether to be ashamed or happy. It's quite the compliment." The mirth in her eyes apparent "Well Harry the truth is he never figured it out. He simply thought I was crazy. That's why I broke up with him." Harry was beet red from getting caught still. "Anyways I was waiting for someone to figure it out. I was getting lonely so I hoped he would with my help. But nothing happened. I swear I laid it on thick, even Ronald could have figured it out." Harry nodded "Well at least you weren't hurt." Luna smirked "Oh, so you care for me more than my body?" Harry blushed and nodded "Well your looks don't hurt." Luna shook her head "Well at least you are honest. But you better take me out on a date if you want to continue peaking in on my shower. It was interesting at first but now I have figured it out and it's not as much fun knowing you are there than suspecting it." Harry smiled "Ok, Luna will you accompany to Hogsmeade for the first visit in October?" Luna smiled "Of course, now let's put on our school robes. We have a couple minutes till we are there." Harry stood to leave. "Where do you think you are going? You have already seen me naked, I might as well get to see you in your boxers." Harry blushed but nodded.

Luna started taking off her jeans, she was of above average height at 5'7. She had long legs in proportion to her body. They were slender and toned from her family trips. She wore black lacey panties. Luna seeing Harry staring smirked and said "Well you next." Harry nodded and blushed like a cardinal. Harry started pulling down his boxers. He had experienced a growth spurt this summer and had grown to about 6'0. His legs were toned and athletic from the quidditch. He wore black boxers. He started taking off his shirt when he noticed Luna again. She was wearing a black bra that held her modest C-Cups, with her golden locks falling around the sides of her bra. Luna was smiling at him scratching the back of her leg with her foot. She leaned forward and kissed his lips. She felt warm on his lips, pomegranate flavored almost. She backed off and said "Now stop staring and put on some clothes. Luna and Harry fresh from the kiss then put on their school robes.

Harry opened the compartment after they were done putting on clothes and packing and Luna grabbed his arm. They disembarked from the train. Soon they found a carriage all to themselves. Just as they were about to leave a voice called out. "Wait! We just got off!" Soon Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott got in the carriage. Luna grasped Harry's arm a little more strongly. The girls smiled and said "Hey Luna, Harry" then they noticed how Luna had her arm wrapped in Harry's. Hannah grew a mischievous grin "Sooo are you guys together?" Luna tightened around Harry a little more "Yeah." Luna smiled at the look on Susan and Hannah. Harry simply shook his head. He liked having Luna be possessive of him. Not to mention she was quite warm in this cold carriage and she was gorgeous. Harry started to ignore the girls digging for information much to Luna's joy. Luna was glad to find that Susan and Hannah weren't mad. She expected at least half the girls in the school to have a crush on Harry thankfully these two were not that shallow.

Soon they had reached the path up to Hogwart's and Harry got off first and offered a hand to the girls as they got off. Harry was smirking up the entire path after Susan whispered to Luna and Hannah (where he could barely hear it) "Luna I think you have a keeper!" then Luna decided to play around said "I don't know with the way he handles his broom, he has to be a seeker." Harry blushed furiously and so did the two other girls. Susan and Hannah though beet red were giggling with Luna. Luna seemed quite happy with their companionship, not to mention Harry's arm around her waist after she put it there. Soon they were at the great hall and the group had to split Luna gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. Susan and Hannah simply giggled and said "Bye Harry, Luna." Harry was grinning like a loon when he sat down at the table. Harry didn't hear the speech of the hat or the Headmaster the first thought he really had was when the food appeared and it was 'TREACLE TART!' Harry bit down into it and Hermione started laughing. "Harry what's gotten into you?" Harry swallowed and winked at her and said "Treacle tart, but if your question is my mood and spaced out nature well its my girlfriend." Hermione smiled and Neville clapped him on the back "Right on Harry, who is she?" Harry turned away from Neville "Its Luna." Neville smiled "Just keep her happy, Merlin knows I couldn't. I never could understand the importance of snorkacks." Harry laughed and said "The best part is the trying to figure out what it means. Life's a bit more fun with mystery. Anyways what did Dumbles say about this year? Any threats of imminent death?" Neville nodded "Yeah with Voldemort he recommended school unity and all that. Also he stated that he was starting the team dueling tournament again."

Harry looked up from his plate "What's that?" Neville smiled "Well you see individual dueling is based much more on chance and study in competition whereas team dueling is based more on skill and teamwork. Usually it is 4 people to a team but since we aren't an extremely large school he's limited it to couple's dueling. So 2 person teams, it should be interesting. I know Ginny will already be making plans for me and her to join." Harry nodded "I have a feeling Luna will team up with me on this one. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Any ideas on main competitors?" Neville shrugged "Well my idea of whos who in the teams would be Malfoy and Zabini, Susan and Hannah, you and Luna, Me and Ginny, Cho and Su, Crabbe and Goyle, Seamus and Dean, and a couple others outside my knowledge. It'll probably be anywhere from a 12 team tournament to a 16 team, though I would lean 12 or less." Harry nodded "Well it should be interesting. Especially when you consider I taught most of you how to defend yourselves. Thankfully I never taught you how to duel. I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve." Harry smirked as Neville blanched. Harry then went back to eating.

Soon afterwards Harry went to see Luna before they had to go up to the dormitories. "Luna, do you want to be my partner in the tournament?" Luna nodded "Of course. As long as you promise to help me learn more spells. I have decent reflexes but they aren't the best maybe more practice." Harry nodded "But where you lack reflex you make up for it with creativity. I have quite a few ideas for taking care of an opponent we will drill these into our minds to do on muscle reflex. Anyways it's just another excuse to spend time away from Ron and them. Not to mention I get to have fun with a beautiful girl." Luna glared at him "Who is?" Harry flushed "My girlfriend" Luna smiled "MHMM." And She gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek "Goodnight Harry." Harry smiled "Night Luna, watch out for the Nargles, let me know if I need to take care of them." Luna nodded and took off for the Ravenclaw Dorms. Harry did the same for Gryffindor.

Luna was smiling as she walked up the tower. Harry Potter was her boyfriend! She was ecstatic, not to mention Harry was the only person to ever understand that she is not Loony! Luna was finally at the eagle she waited the riddle to enter her house. "Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. What is it?" Luna smiled for she remembered the riddle. "I was hoping for something more challenging, it is wind." The door opened. Luna walked up to her dorm and looked into her trunk. Nothing was in there. Luna frowned "Why would anyone do this?" "Like what you see LOONY?" Luna turned around and was face to face with Cho Chang. "Why do you steal my clothes? You obviously have your own? Are the nargles bothering you again?" Cho started getting pissed off "There is no such thing as nargles. And the reason that we do that (pointing to Su and Marietta) is because you are crazy and do not belong in Ravenclaw house. Not to mention stealing Harry away from me!" Luna shook her head "You really don't get it. The most short sighted people in this house, I see. Oh well, I'll go see if Harry will help me." Cho laughed "It's too late we burned all the evidence." Luna frowned "Well I guess my pajamas will be my knickers tonight. I better keep Harry close or I'll catch a cold from the nargles." Luna then left with a smirk on her face. The thought of Harry wrapped around her made her flush with excitement and it really pissed off Cho. She could remember one time when Marietta asked what if Harry dated her, Cho was furious and almost completely ostracized her but she later forgave her to Luna's disappointment. Now Luna had to find a place to sleep. "Dobby!" Dobby appeared and smiled "Master's Miss what can I do for you?" Luna was surprised "Who is your master Dobby?" Dobby frowned his ears pointed down "Harry Potter also he is Winky's he was the closest when we were disowned." "Does Harry know?" Dobby was ashamed "Must punish, I'll have to put my hands in the oven again—""DOBBY!" Luna was exasperated "You will do no such thing. Bring Harry to me. Then you will tell him what you and Winky did." Dobby nodded and apparated away, Luna waited and soon Harry appeared with Dobby by his side. "Mind telling me what's going on Luna?""Well my dormmates stole my clothes and burned them so I have no pajamas. I was wondering if I could borrow a shirt and some sweatpants if at all possible. I don't wanna freeze tonight. And the second reason is that Dobby has something to tell you." Dobby nodded "Master Harry sir, We ans Winky is bonded to you." Harry simply said "WHAT?" Luna nodded "It's not their fault Harry you were the closest person by when they were disowned. Their magic clung to yours." Harry just shook his head "Well alright Dobby, I know you would do anything for me. Do me a favor and grab Winky and wait outside the room of requirement with my sweatpants and my Kashmir sweater." Dobby nodded and apparated away. Harry then wrapped Luna in a hug and said "I'm sorry. But don't worry I have a plan for payback. I might have to kick it up a notch though for payback." Luna smiled "It's alright. Just make sure we crush them in the tournament. Ok?" Harry nodded "You can bet your cute rump we will" Luna blushed. "Alright let's get going to the Room of Requirement." Luna walked to the Room of Requirement with Harry's arm wrapped around her and soon they were there. Harry saw Dobby and Winky waiting outside. "Alright, Dobby, Winky, you are not allowed to punish yourself. I know you like work so I won't give you time off. However I am paying you 2 galleons a week from my trust fund. The reason being and stop cringing is to make your own clothes. I would like for my elves to look nice. Thank you for holding the clothes Winky. See you two later." The elves then disappeared. Harry paced in front of the door. Soon a wooden oak door stood in front of them. "Come on Luna this should be perfect." Inside there was a beautiful canopy bed. Yellow was the main color adorning it. It shined like the sun on a cloudy day both bright and yet mellow. Luna smiled "That it is." Harry nodded "Alright well I have to go back to my dormitory. Here are my best sweatpants and my softest sweater. It should keep you warm." Luna nodded and kissed Harry on the lips. Harry started walking out "Wait Harry! Please just stay tonight." Harry looked at her pleading face and Laughed "You move fast you know that?" Luna blushed "Not like that! I just don't want to be alone right now." Harry nodded "Alright" Luna smiled. Soon after she had changed they both hopped in bed. Harry had his arm wrapped around Luna's waist with her sweet smelling hair just below his nose. "Harry why are you still wearing your robes?" Harry blushed "Well I normally sleep in my boxers but I didn't want to make you uncomfortable." Luna nodded "Its fine with me" Harry gaped. Harry realizing that she didn't mind got out of bed and took off his robes and hopped back in. She was warm and he held her close. Luna smiled "Better?" Harry nodded and said "Much better."

AN- If I was bullied out by all my dormmates I would not want to be alone when I went to bed. Also I like a smart Luna. I thought canon didn't do her justice. It basically left her as a spaced out child. She had to be much more than she appeared for all that she did. Also Harry named one of his children after her, you don't do that for just anyone.