It bears mentioning that nothing that has occurred in Panem's history is anything new. In fact, the past has shown us events that are far worse in both scale and proportionality. Of course, war, or at least armed conflict, has been a constant since humans learned to work tools. Mass killing and genocide were the instruments of many despotic regimes, as was forced labor and sanctioned starvation; even the republic that preceded this region played host to both wage and chattel slavery in its early years. Not even the Hunger Games are a novel concept; bloodsport events, be they for entertainment or ritual/civic purpose, were utilized by various cultures, including the one which this nation was based off of, reaching back thousands of years. The only thing that has possibly changed is the technology involved.

So the question arises: is the time of tyrants over? Is there peace and prosperity in the horizon? Are the events such as the Dark Days and Hunger Games things that are to remain firmly in the past? Or are we doomed to repeat the cycle and fall victim to another dystopian vision before this century is over?

As of this publication, the Paylor Administration is still very new. Significant animosity lingers towards the Capitol from the districts, as well as towards the so-called Career districts, especially District Two, from other districts. The issue of having districts work together, be it determining boundaries or resource allocation, is going to be a sore point for this reconstruction period. There have even been calls to reinstate various versions of the Hunger Games as a way to punish various regions.

To that end, there is equal potential for a new despotic authoritarian entity to rule from the Capitol or for a tyranny-of-the-majority mob rule to take hold from the districts. Plus, various external entities are observing the various conflicts and a fledgling administration to determine if this is a moment of weakness for Panem.

At the same time though, there is just as much possibility that the new representative democratic republic concept will stick and lead Panem to a prosperous future. Only time can tell.

The only thing that known for sure is this: the more one is knowledgeable about the past, the more chances to learn from it to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.


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