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Chapter 1: Accepting Your Fate

Bella is the bad-ass daughter of American mob boss, Charles Swan. Her brother Emmett is married to Rose, her second in command. No one really knows about her. She wanted to earn her way through the family on her own. Sure everyone knew he had a daughter, but they all just assumed she was some princess away at school. They didn't even know how old she was. She learned everything she could from the streets to boardrooms, from college and from family. She has finally moved up as far as a non-blood member could and she was gonna have a "debut". She has earned dying devotion from her crew and they would be coming to the top with her. Her father asked her if she was willing to truly live, die, and sacrifice for her family. And with absolutely no hesitation she looks deep in his eyes, "Yes, with everything I am. Yes."

Edward is the only son of the Irish mob family, Cullen. He is known for having no mercy, no remorse, and no heart. The only emotion he's been known to show is anger to several different degrees. Never betray, lie to, or hurt his family or you will feel the worst of all his rage. He would do anything without question for his family. No one will touch you if your last name is Cullen. Family. They are the only people who know what his real laugh sounds like. Not that evil petrifying one he gives when someone is tied to a chair bleeding in front of him. They know his real smile. Not the sadistic one that snitches see right before he pulls the trigger. Family. They are why he does this. He vowed his existence to them. When his father told him the Italian mob, the Vulturi family, was becoming a threat and he needed his help to strengthen the family, he simply said, "Anything."

Charles Swan was a man of few words. He didn't beat around the bush. So when he stalled, Isabella knew something was up.

"Dad, let me make this clear. I meant it when I first told you that I wouldn't be just some socialite princess, and that I can handle whatever this business can throw my way. Trust in me, the way that I trust you. Please tell me what's wrong. Let me in, I can handle it."

Charles sighed and stood up to pace in front of his desk. "It's the Vulturi Family. As you know the Swans are the oldest and the largest organization in all of Washington. The Cullen Family is second in age and size, but much more ruthless. The Vulturi Family has been slowly increasing their numbers and is trying to move in on both Swan and Cullen territories. They also have a tendency for human trafficking, of which neither families condone. We need to form a stronger alliance with the Cullens."

Bella was on track so far. In fact, her blood boiled at the thought of young girls being forced into slavery. She had heard of Caius and his sick and twisted desires. She also knew that her family and the Cullens were already allies. "Dad, I thought you and Carlisle already had an understanding. In fact aren't you friends? What more can you do?"

"Bella, do you see them at holidays? Do you ever get invited for brunch or dinners? Would you go to war for them?"

He had a point. She had only met Carlisle and Esme. And even then only briefly and they didn't know who she was. If they were not trusted with her identity then they weren't that close.

"So you're sayin' we need them? Don't you think we can handle this by ourselves? Do we really need the Cullens?"

"Iz, I'm not ready to kill off a third of my family to get rid of them. Do we have the numbers? Sure, but victory would be costly. The Cullen Family is in the same situation as us. They don't have the numbers we do, but they tend to be as brutal as you and your crew. Together we may be able to shut them down with few losses for the family."

Bell's crew had a rep for being unforgiving. She had to be harder, smarter, tougher, and a bit more evil than other crews. Being run by a female and having more women than most others meant having to prove that you belonged.

"How can I make this happen, Dad?" She would step up. She would do whatever it takes.

"Carlisle has a son. If you marry him our families will be forever bound. It would create an alliance that would not only crush those Italian bastards, but prevent this kind of crap from starting up in the future."

Bell was speechless. She kept her composure. She could see that it made sense and that her father would not suggest such a thing unless it was for the good of the family.

"Isabella…Bells, at your twenty-fourth birthday we will announce your engagement."

Her father could see her shock. He sat at the edge of his desk and patiently waited for the storm to come. "I have been receiving marriage proposals for months now. Mob members from across the country know of your 'coming out' and have been itching to get their hands on you. I know your mother has told you that you would have to pick someone from a family like ours. At least this way I will be able to keep you close by."

She knew this of course. It had been drilled into her that she would be married off to some other family. She just thought she had more time. She thought she would have at least some say in who it was. Her mother had told her that her party would be where she'd meet all her potential husbands and then have a year to decide. That it would be at her twenty-fifth birthday that she would make that announcement.

Her father steeled himself when she stood. He knew his girl had a lot of fire in her veins. Imagine his surprise when instead of a broken nose or cracked rib, he received a tight embrace. "Dad, I get it. It was gonna happen anyway and at least I won't be dragged across the country to a new family. I trust you and I'm happy to do my part to preserve and protect our family."

"I don't deserve you."

She gave him a small smile as she turned to leave. This is the life she was born into. This is what it means to be a Swan.

Edward stood as still as stone as his father laid out what was to happen. He made no comments. He asked no questions. In less than a week he'd be announcing his engagement to some teeny-bopper-princess-socialite-brat. He had met too many to count. They were all the same. He knew that this would happen at some point. At least he was marrying into the Swan Family. He had respect for their organization. He even thought he could learn more for them. They had a rep for being cunning in their business arrangements. They did have one crew that stood out. It was full of chics and its lead was a girl named Izzy. He also recognized that his family didn't have the numbers to eliminate the Vulturi on his own.

"Cancel any plans you have for tomorrow evening, Son. The Swans will be here for dinner. And I expect you to be…charming. The last thing I need is for you to scare her off. Her father has been getting offers for her hand from New York to L.A. Charles Swan is a man of his word, but I will be on edge until I see you two walk down that aisle. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes sir. Don't scare the princess, got it."

Carlisle sighed. He loved his son and wanted to see him happy. If he went into his marriage with that attitude, he'd only make himself miserable. "Look Son, I know this isn't ideal, but try to give her a chance. I have heard she's a beautiful girl and that she has actually earned her degree. It wasn't bought for her by her dad like some others. Give her a chance, you never know."

"I don't believe anyone knows, Father. Nobody has actually seen her. Look, I'm going to do this alright. I would do anything for this family and this is no exception. Just don't try to sugar coat it. I'll man up. I'll play my part. I'll do this and not complain because it's for my family. I'm a Cullen. And this is what we do."

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