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The Embarrassment Prank Gone Wrong

Chapter 1-Global Resistance

"Akkkkk! You little…get BACK HERE! JACKSON OVERLAND FROST!" E. Aster Bunnymund, the Guardian of Hope (aka the Easter Bunny) bounded after the laughing Winter Spirit, who now held his boomerangs."Ahhhhh. How about no?" Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun smirked as he landed on a rafter in North's palace. "How about—SANDY!" Bunny yelped as the Sandman shot a baseball at him, unfortunately made of dreamsand. The Easter Spirit was knocked out cold, and Jack floated down to see Sandy and the unconscious Bunny, just as North, the Guardian of Wonder walked into the hallway. "Not again Jack…" North groaned, gazing at the two laughing Guardians. They didn't reply. He was about to walk back to the Globe Room when an elf scurried up to him. It was Dingle.

Dingle whispered something in North's ear, causing the man too practically scream. Both Sandy and Jack looked up from their current position, which now included the floor. "Yeeeaaaa…sorry, but um Jack? Help, THE KITCHEN'S ON FIRE!" Santa Claus dashed out the door with Jack Frost flying right behind him (the Sandman fell asleep again.)

"Normally, my objectives include going AWAY from a fire, not TOWARDS one! Maybe it's being a Guardian, can't think properly." Jack said from the window sill nearly 40 minutes later. The fire was successfully put out. "Nah, it's the elves and egg-nog that do that one to ya." Bunny muttered almost angrily from the Globe of Belief's balcony. Jack laughed and replied "You can say that again! North's disasters always seem to be our mediator, don't they?" Bunnymund said nothing, but continued examining his boomerang (the one Jack eventually returned.) Sadly, a few minutes later, Jack Frost would learn that not all the current problems among the Guardians were North's.

After receiving a dreamsand message from the awakened Sandman about the fire, the Tooth Fairy and her helpers had rushed to the pole. They rushed WAY too fast because they flew through an open window, not exactly seeing the winter spirit in front of it. Their collision was audible throughout the entire workshop. Everything went flying. When Sandy and North rejoined the Easter Bunny in helping Tooth up it was to find blue dye and now green egg-nog covering her, the floor, the elves (Dingle, Jangle, Finny and Cringles,) Phil the yeti and Jack's staff. Mini Fairies lay scattered in giggling multi-colored heaps.

"Thanks guys. Sorry for the mess, I can get it okay? Hey, ah, where did Jack land? Does anyone see him?" Tooth realized that the person she crashed into was now missing as she straightened up and tested her wings. "Nope, I have no idea where he landed. Tooth! Your wings! They are green from egg-nog and the dye!" Bunny openly gasped at the green stained wings of the fairy. Before Tooth could reply, she saw just where Jack had landed.

Even in the awkwardly weird and messy situation at hand, she burst out laughing. "He's…he's over Ghana, Liberia and the Côte d'Ivoire!" Tooth collapsed back into the mess she'd just gotten out of on the ground. The three other Guardians failed to see the humor in the occasion. ("Sure, and I was born on Mt. Everest." Bunny said sarcastically.) At least, they didn't get it until Tooth pointed at the Globe of Belief and repeated her sentence. "I mean, like, he's actually covering up the Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Liberia! On the Globe!" North looked at her like she was crazy, but followed her shaking finger. He took one look at Jack Frost, and broke down laughing, as did Bunny and eventually the Sandman laughed silently.

Jack had been blown backwards into the four elves who were carrying the blue dye, dropped his staff, accidentally been dyed blue and had the not-so-pleasant experience of being flung into the Globe of Belief. Not to mention get his hood get caught on the outline of Africa and have his powers react faster than he could control them. This was how he ended up dangling from the Globe by his hood, frozen diagonally in that undeniably uncomfortable position. And as it turns out, a dyed blue Jack Frost stuck quite literally to the continent of Africa… is not a happy Jack Frost.

"This. Is. Not. Funny. At. All!"He snarled at the Guardians, who had lapsed completely into laughing hysteria. It was very funny, just not to Jack and this was proven by Sandy flopping to the floor and the dye) silently giggling his head off. The four Guardians could still hear Jack yelling as the Globe turned around. "Can we please leave 'im there?"Bunnymund gasped for air as the Globe turned Jack towards them again. "I HEARD THAT KANGAROO!" Jack glared at them all as once again the Globe twisted around, revealing the Americas. Bunny didn't really care.

Still, a problem came with this funny/ hysterical incident. How in MiM's name do you get a quite literally FROZEN winter spirit off the Globe of Belief? There really is not right or wrong answer…depending on how one looked at Jack's situation.

Believe it or not, the elves of all things had the answer. Well, they had an answer that everyone assumed would work. (Two words: It didn't.) Because, you see what happened was that a)It involved tug-of-war, b)It was the elves that came up with the idea and c)Jack Frost was...well...mad.

The plan had been to take a rope, tie Jack to it (somehow) and basically yank him off. But once the Guardians and yetis actually got the plan into motion, they realized that they forgot to factor in that the Globe was moving and no, they could never ever on purpose turn it off. Enough problems happen when the Globe is accidentally or evilly turned off! *yes Pitch we are all looking at you*

"We could...pour water on-"

"North, it'll just freeze."

"Right. So, what else?"

That was the question. WHAT and HOW do you deal with this situation? The next few minutes would reveal the answer, including introducing a few more, er, disasters...like a magical lion on the loose, a Boeing airplane, two or three believers, a four year old with a snowglobe and the process of cleaning permanent dye out of ones hair.

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