Have no fear, a very exciting chapter is coming for CH. 13! It has to do with what happens to North after this chapter. ENJOY!

Chapter 12- Not Again!

If the Sandman is really mad, hope you're not on his bad side when it all goes down. If the Sandman is tired, have no fear. It's in his nature. If the Sandman has a gleam of mischief in his eye…pretty much run for the hills and pray that you are not his target. North must have missed the last one.

Sandy had teamed up with Monty, and THEIR first prank was going to be to knock out Santa Claus. It was simple. When North left his personal workshop for a while, Sandy sprinkled dreamsand in with the cookies on his desk. Monty was hidden behind the Christmas tree in his office when North barged in again, barely giving Sandy time to get on his "I am so very innocent and just wanted to visit" face and giving Monty only a few seconds to freeze under the pile of boxes.

"Sandy! Was it you that—no, there was no dreamsand. Jack's unconscious. No one knows the cause and Tooth is having minor freak out because he won't wake up no matter what. Which includes dirty elf clothes, pinching, slapping, smelling salts, cookies, lemon juice and icy water." North huffed, grabbing a ginger cookie and rushing out of the room again.







"Why do I have a strange feeling that if North ever finds out I did this with you, I will have coal in my stocking or presents for years?" Monty whispered as he and Sandy walked quickly out of the room to where North had flopped halfway over a banister. Sandy made a dreamsand exclamation mark over his head.

"Yeah, you are right. It is so worth it, and he's SO lucky he wasn't any closer to the edge there!" Monty said. Sandy used his dreamsand to move North to his workshop and locked the door. Without a backward glance, the two decided to make their way to the next disaster that currently was brewing in the infirmary (again.) Pranking North Part 2 could wait.

The last time Jack wouldn't wake up, it was entirely a fake-out and his own design. This time was turning out to be not that funny. He actually WOULD NOT WAKE UP. Bunny conveniently forgot to ask Mother Goose if the "Little Boy Blue" spell had a counter-spell. Not to mention that no one but Bunny actually knew a spell was keeping Jack Frost asleep.

When Sandy and Monty got to the infirmary, they were hit with a brilliant array of colors. Tooth, Jamie and Pippa were still covered with paint and yet somehow a certain little lion cub remained white as snow. The infirmary was also quite silent, because everyone appeared to be in deep thought. Monty and Sandy joined the thinking circle around Jack's bed, staring at him with complete mind-blanks.

"Yarggglinreg Araglerg?"

"No, that definitely won't work. That's exactly the reason why we couldn't do that when he was stuck to the globe." Tooth replied to Phil the yeti's suggestion.

"What happened to you guys?" Monty asked Jamie as Snowball rubbed her side against his legs.

"Paintball. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories up in Canada. Jack just collapsed. Are you teamed up with Sandy?"

Monty nodded and pushed his glasses up again.

Jamie was really worried now. Snowball had even resorted to pricking Jack's foot with her claws and he didn't wake up. Saying "I believe" didn't work. Plus Snowball had silently tried talking to Jack in her mind.

Still nothing.

They had used Tooth's emergency snowglobe to get to the North Pole. What went wrong? It was just a simple prank war for the love of cupid!