Jimmy, a young pig. He never wanted that much in life, but very soon after his birth, the war started. For whatever reason, the selfish, fat, big and ugly King of the Pigs decided, that for whatever reason, he needed eggs. Bird eggs, to be exact. Don't question why, just do as the King says or CHOP, it's porkchop time.

He was soon drafted in the war against his will, as was his father. Stationed at a small, wooden post surrounded by a circle of glass (aka, a very feeble defense), he cried. Jimmy the Pig, cried. Because as he saw others die around him, bird and pig alike, he realized he'd be the next, as he was the last pig left. Covered by a wood block, a yellow pig came hurtling through the air, launched by his slingshot.

He wiped his tears, and in his last few seconds, composed his will. Dear Father, I am not sure if you are still alive. If you do live, I give you my love, mother, same as you. ANd young Jenny, I regret that I never told you how I felt in the short time I've lived. Goodbye.

It was a short death, the collision blowing him up and destroying the bird in the process.

Curse this pointless, stupid war.