Chapter 7: Telling the Truth

Tigress awoke in a cold sweat as her heart was racing rapidly. That dream she had of Po in Morgan's arms scared her. It felt so real that she could still feel her own heart breaking. Was it a dream or a vision to come whatever it was she had to stop it? Morgan seemed like a nice person but Po was Tigress's and she was going to fight for him. In the dead of night she left the Jade Palace to find Po and make him talk to her and bring him back home. Po was already packing up his stuff for he had talked to Morgan and realized he should give his friends a chance to explain. She was a very good friend to him during those weeks and Po realized he couldn't just throw away all those good times he had with his friends over a stupid dare. So, he said his goodbyes and headed outside towards the Jade Palace. It was pretty late out but he was hoping to just sneak in his old room and talk to all of them in the morning. Walking down the deserted streets he heard footsteps in the distance and out of the darkness a figure knocked him to the ground. Po preparing for a fight leapt up but saw a pair of golden eyes. "Tigress, is that you?" Po asked in utter shock. He wasn't expecting to see her so soon but might as well face her now then later.

"Po I found you we need to talk. Do you have any idea how worried we all were about you? Why did you leave and what possessed you to give me the Dragon Warrior Title you are the Dragon Warrior not me and please don't be dating Morgan I love you I am sorry I didn't tell you sooner but please don't leave me for her", Tigress said in a sad tone. She was so happy to see him, angry that he still left and worried that her dream was real.

"Whoa, whoa slow down rewind and freeze now what was that about Morgan?" Po asked getting very confused. "Sorry if I worried you all but I know", Po said crossing his arms.

"You know what?" Tigress asked not sure as to what he was talking about.

"I know about the dare between you and Viper", Po said firmly.

Tigress's face fell as she said", I can explain".

"Okay I owe you that much so please do explain", Po said trying to be understanding. He just wanted to be friends with all of them again and wished that he never knew about the dare. He was hoping it was just a big misunderstanding and they could all be friends again.

"As I told you I or tried to tell you that I love you Po more than just a friend. I wanted you and me to be boyfriend and girlfriend but I was too shy or scared to say anything", Tigress began. Po was about to speak when Tigress held up her paw and said", Please let me finish". So, Po closed his mouth and let her continue. "Viper knew I cared for you and when we were playing truth or dare that time you had to help your dad. She asked me if I was in love with you and I wouldn't tell her because I wanted you to be the first person I tell. So, to give me courage she dared me to spend the whole day with you and told the boys not to blab for she thought if you knew you wouldn't want me to go through with it. But I did have fun Po I was not lying about that and it was the best day of my life. We never meant to hurt you Viper and the boys were just trying to help me tell you how I feel. If I just told you sooner none of this would have happened. So, please come back home and be my Dragon Warrior again I don't want the title I just want you", Tigress said now in tears. Po felt his heart melt as he was jumping for joy thanking every star above that his friends did care about him.

"Please Tigress, don't cry I am so sorry I jumped to conclusions and left you guys without giving you all a chance to explain and I love you too Ti, but like you I was afraid", Po said as he held her. Tigress rested her head on his chest as held him tight not wanting to let go. "Please forgive me for leaving Ti I am so, so sorry if I hurt you all", he whispered.

"Just promise never to leave us or me again", Tigress whispered firmly.

"Promise", he said.

"Good let's go home", Tigress said smiling. They walked back to the Jade Palace and Tigress wanted Po to stay in her room. He was happy to oblige as he held his sweet kitten in a protective embrace. The next morning everyone rejoiced at seeing Po cooking breakfast and Tigress sitting by her panda. Po told them his story and that all was forgiven and he was back with his family. Promising never to leave them again and Po always kept his word. He still helped out all of his friends and Tigress went with him enjoying his world and the rest of the Five went with him. As for Morgan she wound up dating a gorilla bouncer and living happily. Tigress and Po continued dating both knowing that they belonged together and vowed to never leave the other. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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