Author's Note

I'll try to keep this short and brief. I wanted to drop by and say a few words to properly conclude this saga.

This has been the longest non-profit project I've undertaken to date. I have no idea when it started but I know it was long ago and that should be enough. The idea for Wraith came from a dream (nightmare), a weekend of geeking out on the sci-fi series Star Wars and a very boring car ride, which helped me flesh out the initial outline of the story.

Now as I'm sure many of you are wondering; yes, this is a conclusion. You will not see Wraith for a very long time, if at all.

Let me get this straight – there is a part 2 but it's buried in my head. It concerns the six characters Wraith sees in his Force vision in the final fight. However, that particular project is at the very bottom of my to-do list. Heck, it's not even listed: it's just a foot note.

For those of you who are no aware of it yet, I am a full-time novelist/author. I write books. Awesome books. Most of them of a much better quality than my fanfiction because they go through some very harsh editor who whip me if I don't obey them.

Right now I am swamped with the Legacy series. I am rewriting/ editing Book 1 First Born, tweaking some short stories from the same series and editing Book 2 (title still in progress). I have been signed on with AEC Stellar Publishing, and am now working under a very strict deadline. First Born will be published sometime late summer/early fall.

Also if you follow my blog, you might have read an original short story entitled Genesis. That was in fact the prologue of Book 1 of the Pandora Chronicles – another series I'm writing.

So you get the idea – Ryan has way too much stuff to do. However, I will keep writing one-off short stories when the mood strikes or I get a break or suffer a nervous breakdown. Just don't hold your breath.

In the meantime, stalk me on social media. I am a Twitter fan ( enkousama) and also have a Facebook page (RyanAuthor). Also follow my blog – Stories From the Voices in my Head (how apt). You might find it easier to type .com. Do it and your life will be enriched with awesome fiction, insane rants and shameless plugging. Plus you'll make me happy.

I sincerely thank you all for your reading and supporting of my work. I hope to entertain you with more stories in the near future.

Ryan Attard