The Day Before…

Written by Keiko Fujiwara

Disclaimer: I do not own CW's Beauty and the Beast in any way!

Beauty and the Beast


"Just got a hit…and it's not the husband. This guy's name is Vincent Keller." She said as she read the information on her computer screen.

"What are his priors?" her boss asked.

"None…Looks like he's military." Her partner stated. For some reason, this man looked oddly familiar to her yet she did not know why.

"He's dead." She suddenly stated. She didn't tell her colleagues yet; she's met this man before. She was in college as a freshman and was on her way to a family dinner. He accidentally bumped into her…She had completely forgotten about him until seeing his picture. Yet, despite meeting him only once, there was even a stranger familiarity…Like she's met him somewhere else. But she couldn't put her finger on it.

She decided it was best not to tell her partner or her boss that she's met him before. She's met him before, but she thought she would never see him again.


He pulled out an old newspaper clipping and tossed it to his best friend. "It's her."

One of the VERY FEW THINGS he has opted in NOT telling his best friend was that he has met her before…before his time in Afghanistan…before he became a monster…before…before his world turned upside down.

He was on his way to dinner to celebrate his anniversary with his fiancée, Alex. He was in a hurry and accidentally knocked her down. He apologized and for some reason, they clicked. He didn't know, at the time, she would become his main reason for living—to protect her from the people who destroyed his life. He had only met her once before Afghanistan and thought nothing of it, considering he was engaged to be married. Yet, when he went off to fight, he realized he was apart of the platoon her mother was working with.

He never told Dr. Chandler that he's met her daughter. He never told her because he did not think he would ever see her again.

"You're Vincent Keller. You look pretty good for a dead guy."

"I did not kill that woman!"

"And I didn't mention a murder! But since you brought it up, what were you doing at the Ashley Webster crime scene?" She asked, wanting to know why this man—a man she met briefly before—is supposedly dead.

They continued their conversation and when she heard her partner shout her name, he begged her to keep his whereabouts a secret. He seemed desperate and she couldn't help but comply to his wishes. As she hurried back to her partner, she couldn't help but wonder why he didn't recognize her. She didn't tell him she met him once. She didn't tell him because she thought she would never see him again.

"You look ama—"

"I have an engagement party."


"Look, I know you're going to try and kick me out—I get it. I get what it's like to hide out and push people away because you don't feel deserving. Do you know why I keep asking about my mom?" he heard her ask with sorrowful eyes. "Because I'm the reason that she's dead…If I didn't have the stupid vanity mirror open…Vincent, I just found 6 cases of you saving people from all over the city. Vincent, you're not a monster." Hearing those words escape from mouth sent him on a roller coaster ride. Never before did he ever think someone would utter those words to him, knowing about the monster inside.

As he listened to her finish her little speech, he decided not to tell her that he's met her before…before saving her mother…before bringing her into a world of darkness. He decided not to tell her because he thought he was never going to see her again.

Until that moment, neither of them knew just how much destiny plays a part of peoples' lives. They've met before…Before her mother's death…before his time in Afghanistan…before their lives turned upside down.

Both he and she decided not to tell the other that they've met once before because both of them thought they would never cross paths again….even though they both knew they initially met on the day before everything began.