Okay, so this is a story I adopted from bookworm2001. She said I didn't have to write about me adopting it, but I felt it would be nice to. So this idea came from bookworm2001 but I changed it a bit from the reasl thing. I hope you like it!

Percy Jackson, son of the deceased Sally Jackson is sitting on an everyday park bench doodling on his writing notepad. He is drawing a realistic scene of children playing and laughing, he saw this scene while walking along one of the most popular teen-hangout parks, trying to find something to do with his twenty minute free time from work, he works at the bakery called: Demeter's Sweet Treats. (Percy still didn't understand how Demeter, the owner of the shop, got that ridiculous name, but he doesn't write it on his pad just in case Demeter found it. Then he'd be in even more trouble than the other day, when he gave his brother, Tyson, a cookie for free) So after five minutes of walking around the park for no apparent reason, Percy found a comfy bench to sit on and draw. He is concentrating really hard on a certain kid's face, when he felt sad, the kid reminded him a bit of his mom. Not many knew it, but Percy is and was a talented kid. He can draw beautifully, sing beautifully, play any instrument really good and had a knack for being good at active things like soccer. His mom was/is one of those people who knew, also Tyson. Percy didn't take his mom's death good at all, he stopped talking, smiling, laughing and even stopped his annoying, yet funny sarcasm that use to get many people so angry and happy at him. Even after all of this talent being shown, no one really notice and thought he was a loser. It is really sad, since Percy is actually such a nice kids, yet even his family and friends turned their back on him when he was accused of his mom's death. The clues lead to Percy when he was ten and in fact, mourning his loss. The police took him for questioning, they asked about his hobbies, his favorite things and yet, didn't believe that Percy was innocent so they sent him to juby for "killing" his mother. Percy, now three years later was innocent from the crime, it seemed that the clues were trickery.

Percy felt a person's presence and looked up to see a pretty girl standing there nervously. "Hey, can I sit here" asks the girl, her stormy, grey eyes moving vivaciously with her jumpiness. Percy looks at her sadly and pats the bench's empty space, welcoming her to sit there. She sighed in relief, pulling on her blonde, curly hair that was in a ponytail.

"My name is Annabeth, Annabeth Chase" says the girl, wearing an orange t-shirt and blue jeans. Percy looks up from his drawing and write on another page: My name is Percy Jackson, nice to meet you Annabeth. Annabeth let a big breath go as she read what he wrote, for once she didn't intimidate a stranger. The strangers usually take one glance at her and run, they feel the calculating stare of hers and immediately get scared of her. If this boy was scared of her, he isn't showing it. Annabeth looks over Percy's shoulder, wanting to glimpse at the drawing.

When Percy's drawing meets her eyes, she gasps, it was such a lovely and realistic drawing. "I-it's beautiful, so real and pretty" whispers Annabeth, like if she was loud it would disappear to nothing. Percy looks into Annabeth's eyes and Annabeth then noticed how beautiful Percy's eyes are. Mesmerizing, sea green eyes that holds many emotions like sadness, especially that. Annabeth could get lost in those eyes for hours and not know if the world ended. Percy actually then smiled at Annabeth, flashing white pearls to her. He rips the page out of the notepad and hands the picture to her willingly. Annabeth bit her lip, she really wanted the picture, but her dad taught her to not take presents from unknown people. 'Well, Percy isn't really a stranger' Annabeth thinks as she takes the picture. Percy smiled again as Annabeth's grey eyes wonders around his picture in amazement. Percy didn't really let people know his talents, because he is a freak, a loser, a failure.

"Thanks Percy" says Annabeth brightly, about to leave when her other two friends merge from the attachment of the park to the buildings in New York City. One of the friends is a girl who has punk clothes, her t-shirt says 'Death Barbie' and regular jeans. The girl's wild, electric blue eyes showing her fierceness and scariness. The girl's black, straight hair full of highlights. The boy is pale white with dark and mysterious, onyx eyes. He is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans.

"Thalia! Nico! I met this boy and he gave me a wonderful picture" shouts Annabeth, too busy to notice that Percy cringes at the two people. Thalia and Nico glance nervously at Percy then they both put on a fake smile.

"Well, if it isn't Percy, our little cousin" says a smiling Thalia as she goes to hug him. Surprisingly, Percy pulls away from her and glares at Thalia. Nico walks to Thalia and puts his arm around her, "It looks that our little Percy hasn't forgiven us" says Nico sadly patting Thalia as she starts to cry.

"Oh Percy! We are terribly sorry for blaming you! We were stupid and idiotic and didn't notice the hurt in your eyes" sobs Thalia, shaking her highlighted hair crazily as Nico nodded. Percy looks away, not wanting to see his cousin like that.

"Please Percy, please! Forgive us" says Nico pleadingly, making Annabeth confused. She whips her head back and forth, first to Percy, then to Thalia and Nico.

"What happened?" Annabeth asks confused, making Percy look away again. He started madly scribbling away on his notepad.

He showed all of them: Nico and Thalia betrayed me when I was accused of killing my mother, Sally Jackson. They didn't stand by me at all! They just stood there glaring at me as I tried to explain to the judge that I was innocent. I went to juby as a juvenile for one year! Oh, and say hi to my dad for me. Annabeth's eyes widen as she read the words silently. Nico and Thalia looked down ashamed as Percy stalks off angrily.

"Percy! Percy wait!" Annabeth screams at Percy, but he doesn't turn around. Nico looks at Percy sadly as Thalia sobs more. Percy doesn't even flinch at the sounds.

"Annabeth, Thalia let's go get presents for Bianca" says Nico softly. He grabs Annabeth and Thalias' hands as they both looked at Percy. Neither struggles against Nico's touch as he takes them to the mall. When they got there, Nico let them go.

"Annabeth, Thalia, let's get a small present here at the mall, then go to the bakery shop after" says Nico, Thalia nods. Annabeth just stands there dazed as Nico searches through Bianca's favorite shop The Huntress. It's a shop full of camping things, archery stuff like that. Though, the bows and arrows are only bought if you had a license which really confused Nico. Once Thalia helped Nico pick out a regular black jacket and huntress's boots, they were all set.

Annabeth, Nico and Thalia were silent as they walked out of the mall and near the bakery shop. The big, red words on the front of the shop: Demeter's Sweet Treats. Once they walked in, they saw the least expected boy: Percy.

"Percy! I want another cookie, please?" Asks Tyson, doing the puppy eyes to Percy. Percy shook his head and wrote: No, Demeter would kill me! She said one cookie a day for you Tyson! Tyson frowns and notices Thalia, Nico and Annabeth.

"Hello! I am Tyson and this is Percy! What would you like" asks Tyson, making Percy glance up. When Percy saw them, his eyes filled with anger and he stiffly walks to them, a fake smile on his face.

What would you like? Wrote Percy, making Nico flinch.

"Look Percy, we are so sorry! Please forgive us" pleads Nico hopelessly. Thalia and Annabeth nod with him. All Percy does is shake his head angrily.

"What happened brother?" Asks the innocent and curious Tyson. Percy just writes to Tyson: We just had a misunderstanding, that's all

Bianca's birthday isn't it? Tomorrow right? I have the perfect cake ready, made it a couple hours ago for her. Maybe you should give it to her instead of me. Percy writes, making Nico and Thalia's jaw drop. Percy just walks into the back door to the kitchen and brings out a beautiful cake. It is a white cake with black frosting designs on it. It has silver designs elegantly frosted onto the cake, it also has little cute ghosts around the one inch thick cake. Here, that's on the house, for Bianca because she actually remembered that I love my mom. Percy writes, handing Annabeth the cake and walking to a tall, blue-eyed teenager that is waiting at the cashier.

Thalia just drags the other two out of the bakery, all of them in shock.

What do you want? Writes Percy annoyed. The boy who walked up to the cashier was Travis Stoll, brother of Conner Stoll, one of the biggest pranksters in the world. Travis just smiles happily.

"I want to see Katie, I work at the coffee shop downtown" says Travis, his blue eyes glistening with mischief. Hurt her once more and you're on a skillet, you know how Demeter is. Answers Percy amusedly.

Katie runs into the bakery panting, "Percy! Help, I swear that Travis Stoll is trying to ruin my li-" says Katie, but stops when she sees Travis. Her eyes turn a dangerous green.

"Why you little...First you ruin my life with terrible pranks and then you kiss me! Kiss me! I hate you Travis" cries Katie, running into the kitchen sobbing. Travis looks sad.

"Wait! Katie, can I explain? Please" pleads Travis. Percy just points to the door and writes: Give her time, she is just overwhelmed. You must've had a big crush to kiss her after all of those attention pranks.

Travis nods his head, his cheeks tinged with red. Percy sighs as he hears the door slam, Tyson trying to calm Katie and Demeter shouting at the top of her lounges to get the shop cleaned. He shakes his head sadly, he wished he could forgive his cousins, but they hurt him too much for him to just agree to forgive them.

When Tyson comes out of the kitchen Percy gets an idea. Tyson, we are going to make cookies with your friend Ella, so come on. At this, Tyson nods his head and runs out of the bakery happily. Percy lets out a breath and walks outside, following Tyson from behind. Percy wished that he could go back in time and redo what happened that night his mother died, but you can't go back in time. Or can you?

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