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Percy groaned as he looked up at the clock. Its hand was close to the ending time of school, so close. The clock's tick tocks sounded throughout the silent room as every teenager waited for the stupid dismissal bell to ring. Everyone just wanted to get out of the stuffy, hot room, and into the fresh air outside. It was a beautiful summer day, and wistful glances would be sent towards the window, every once in awhile, in an attempt to imagine the wonderful breeze. Percy contributed most of those looks.

All he wanted to do was get out of school and see his wonderful girlfriend, who was probably waiting for him by the school's curb. Annabeth went to another school, one that got out earlier than his because they took less days off, seeing as it was a private school. Percy had decided to go to a public school, unlike his Wisegirl. His father had argued with him, saying that private school was the best choice, and offered a chance to get into a better college. But Percy was determined to go to a regular school, and act like a regular kid, because spending most of your life as a poor orphan had taken its toll.

Percy scanned his paper, his dyslexic brain still able to make out his answers. He reread what he wrote before nodding to himself. Ever since Poseidon had adopted him, Percy made sure to make his new family proud. Near perfect grades, specializing in art, sports, and anything about the ocean.

Percy went from a talented mute to an amazing 'prodigy' child. Of course, he always denied it, saying it must have come from his family genes. Which was actually quite a good excuse, considering his father to be the famous Poseidon Olympia. His mother had been unknown to the world, but those who knew her couldn't deny the fact that Sally Jackson was someone that is unforgettable.

Now here he was, at the end of the school year, waiting impatiently for school to officially end. Summer break was extremely appealing to the boy. It meant that he could spend more time with his wonderful girlfriend, and his best friends.

Percy set his pencil down, then glared at the teacher's back. His teacher was Mrs. Dodds, his math teacher. She was an old lady that wore a leather jacket and looked mean enough to run you over without a second glance. She happened to despise Percy, while loving a kleptomaniac named Nancy Bobofit. A girl with ugly cheeto colored freckles and hair. She was Percy's worst enemy in high school, makes sense, her being a bully after all. He hated bullies, especially ones that tried to pick on his friends. Let's just say that every kid in Goode High School knew not to mess with Percy's little gang, otherwise lots and lots of pain was ensured.


Immediately, whoops of joy and happiness filled the room. Tests flew into the air, some getting stuck on the ceiling, and some landing on the floor. People knocked over their chairs in an attempt to escape their personal hell (the math room) and get into the free days of no school for twelve weeks. Percy slowly packed his stuff, making sure to savor the moment. It wasn't everyday that you got through a whole year of high school. Which was a pretty amazing feat, to Percy, at least.

With a happy mood, Percy made his way outside. He left the room, entering a hallway full of people and lockers. The bright red lockers, along with ugly granite tiles made the place look like some cliche high school drama show. The sound of sneakers stomping through the school echoed off of the metal lockers as people shoved the doors open.

Percy passed by tons of people, making sure to not start talking, that would probably become a full out conversation if he did.

"Omg, did you like hear about how I'm going to a concert? I'm like, so excited! I'll get some extra makeup because I know that I need to be mega beautiful!" Exclaimed some brunette as she put some mascara on while talking to her friends that stood next to her. She was wearing Goode High School's signature cheerleading outfit. A loose tank top sort of shirt along with a short skirt that had the football team drooling. Coach Ares never appreciated it, seeing as it took away training time.

"Woah, that's like totally cool! I wish I could go with you!" The other girl cried out, jealousy in her eyes. Percy rolled his eyes as the two girls fawned over some concert that one of them was going to.

"Omg, the world is like, revolving around me. Adore me and bow down to me beauty." Percy muttered in a sarcastic voice as he quietly shouldered his backpack. He snorted as some guy shoved him, trying to leave quickly.

After what seemed an eternity, Percy finally made it out of the doors. The sun shining down on him as he squinted. The air was dry, and the sky was clear of clouds; endless blue skies were only seen.

A soft smile made way to his face as he searched for his girlfriend. Today was perfect, perfect to be able to go to Montauk. Percy and his gang had planned to go to Montauk Beach for a week. He hadn't gone ever since his mother had died. Which had been around eight years ago.

Then he saw her. His beautiful girlfriend, Annabeth Chase. She was tapping her foot, a hand on her hip as she stared at him expectantly. Her blond hair was in a ponytail that was slightly hidden by the Yankee's Cap on her head. A grey shirt that matched her eyes, with the words 'I am Wisegirl' on it, matched by denim jeans. A grin plastered his face as he remembered how she got that shirt.

Percy and her had gone to a carnival that did those shirt stands. Annabeth wanted to get matching shirts. Hers was the 'I am Wisegirl' shirt while his said 'I am Seaweed Brain'. He was wearing the shirt today. It was the same color as his eyes, and looked almost identical with Annabeth's. Only different colors.

"Hey Wisegirl," said Percy as he pulled his girlfriend into a kiss. Annabeth wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled at him, her grey eyes lit up with pure happiness.

"Hey Seaweed Brain. I've been waiting for ten minutes. What the hell was the teachers making you do?" Annabeth looked at him, awaiting an answer. Percy shrugged, pulling out of their hug before putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Mrs. Dodds likes to keep us until the very last minute" he replied, putting his chin on the top of her head. The blond teenager just glared at the pavement, quietly muttering...unpleasant words about the teacher.

"Wisegirl, who is picking us up?"

Annabeth looked up, making Percy move his head. "Nico and Bianca are picking us up any minute now. Thals is busy with her lieutenant stuff, she'll follow us to Montauk later on.. The HOA have been very popular, there is now thirty members". Percy smiled. He remembered when the HOA had a small amount of ten members. It made him happy to know that they were doing good right now.

"Well, that's great. So, are you all packed for the trip?" Annabeth laughed before nodding. She kissed her boyfriend. They stayed like that for awhile before a honk interrupted them.

Honk! Honk!

"Come on you two lovebirds. Get in the car before I get sick," joked Bianca as she patted the back seat with her left hand, while her right hand was on the driving wheel. Nico grinned, then started fake gagging. Annabeth shot the both of them a glare, her face slightly flushed. She turned back to Percy.

"You know, when we were younger, I had realized something." Annabeth looked thoughtful as Percy kissed the tip of her nose.

"And what was it that you realized," asked Percy, smiling at the wise blonde. Annabeth wrapped her hands around his neck before whispering into his ear.

"You're talent and I'm wisdom. Talent and wisdom, the perfect mix. That's what we are; a couple." She replied before letting go, and making her way towards the car.

Percy smiled, his sea green eyes gleaming with joy as he followed the girl to the car. "I couldn't have said it better, Wisegirl."