Chapter 2: A Nut Job

Location: Planet Nutts

All was quiet from where he stood, his surroundings bare of the obvious disarray comprising crackling fires, crashing debris, and bloodcurdling cries of death and anguish that were taking place just beyond the horizon.

Turles stood rigidly on the rooftop of a building, his typical white cloak flapping fiercely behind him against the harsh wind as he stared ahead at the burning Nutts Prison some hundred kilometres away. He smirked at the chaotic sight and commended himself with a small ghost of a pat on his back.

At age 15, he was not only getting stronger but wiser as well. At age 15, skills of which he had harnessed from the sheer will of survival made him worth an entire brigade. At age 15, he was deadly.

All it took was an energy ball the size of a watermelon, keen eyesight, an accurate trajectory, and a sufficient amount of boost to fling his attack into the prison from where he was.

With that now out of the way and hell breaking loose in the prison, all that was left for Turles to do was to wait. He would be here soon.

Luckily for the 15-year-old, he didn't have to wait long before his scouter suddenly beeped, indicating that his target was fast approaching his way, just as he had predicted. It was the easiest route to escape the planet anyway. Without further ado, Turles sprang into action and, with the ease of a stealthy feline, ran and jumped from rooftop to rooftop, hot on the target's tail.

The man in question was travelling on foot to suppress his ki, as Turles was expecting – considering that he had only escaped from the chaotic prison. No doubt it was to deviate from the attention of the Galactic Police. How classic. The tanned Saiyan could only smirk and mused about how predictable a person can be. It was just as he thought when he read the fugitive's profile.

This man was glorified for the wrongest reasons, and that amused Turles just as much as it piqued his interest enough to want to strike a bargain with the criminal.

The thug was captured and thrown into prison for committing ruthless and heinous crimes. Rumours had it that he was notoriously known to abduct, rape, torture, extort, and kill men, women, and children alike all around the galaxy, and because of his overwhelming power and vicious personality, people from all around feared him. Turles wouldn't call him a warrior though; he wouldn't even call him a man. He was a monster, and a monster like him possessed no conscience or compassion or the ability to be reasoned with, much less a heart.

And Turles thought he was perfect – the perfect tool to keep by his side and be used. All he had to do now was shove him into a corner and will the man to cower before him.

Turles came to an abrupt stop as soon as the man did; shrouding in darkness as much as the man was. His eyes flickered and gleamed against the solar rays of the moon as he watched the man attack his first victim of the night in the dark alleyway; a man and his young daughter, who looked no more than the age of 4.

The Saiyan watched the scene below him unfurl with a detached indifference, his face bored and blank and devoid of any compassion or sympathy for the father and daughter.

The street was dark and lonely, bare of any intelligent life form and even if there were, it was clear that no one would venture into the heart of danger. The father screamed for his daughter to flee to safety, to which the girl responded with a childish wail as she wedged herself into a corner, crouching and completely frozen to the core with fright.

Turles wouldn't blame the girl, though. More blood would be spilled tonight, but at least she would know who killed her father.

A fleeting image of Turles' dead father floated into his mind, his sire's haunting dead eyes looking right at him, but before it could develop into something more disturbing, he shook it away, borrowing the little girl's agonising cries to will it out of his head.

His target robbed the man of his valuables and just as he was about to slay the unfortunate being, Turles leaped off the ledge and landed behind the victim. He clamped a hand down his shoulder and yanked him out of the thug's grasp, wedging himself in between both attacker and victim.

The girl's cries waned as her father expressed his gratitude to his saviour for appearing when he did, but Turles ignored him and glared at the thug with a smirk, taking delight in the way the low-life behemoth was beginning to show signs of fear. The Saiyan scoffed and, without warning, flattened his ki-induced palm and swung it backwards, striking the father in the neck, crushing his trachea and killing him on the spot.

Now frightened for his life, the thug fell on his bottom, and when Turles moved, he scrambled away with the heel of his palms. He stopped moving the second he realised the tanned alien was heading for the girl and not him, and thus watched with morbid fascination.

Turles crouched before the little one, his towering form looming over her tiny frame like a sinister bed of clouds that was about to rain acid. He knew that she saw him murder her kin. She pressed herself deeper into the corner, wishing that she could just melt into the wall and disappear. She whimpered softly, choking on her sobs but dared not cry, her teary and wary eyes glued to Turles' shadowed face.

He cocked his head to the side as he stared at the helpless little child, with eyes dark and as cold as ice, the orbs lacking the remorse or compassion that had been viciously removed from his nature. All he could think of was how miserable she must be feeling now, and how easy it would be for him to end the misery for her.

A pea-sized energy ball spurred to life on an index finger, glowing brightly at the tip in accordance to the unsteady breathing of the child's. His audience behind him watched with wariness, battling between fleeing and staying to witness the inevitable. The girl quieted and observed with big, teary innocent eyes as Turles raised the finger close to her face. He gave her a small deceptive smile, the soft light illuminating both their faces, prompting her to touch the tiny glow.

Like a curious kitten, she reached out for it, its alluring glow captivating and fascinating her young mind. And just as her fingertips grazed the energy ball, the Saiyan charged his palm, discharging a surge of power to consume the little entity before him, effectively killing the cat.

She was gone in an instant, not even a trace of her existence could be seen save for the black soot that was now merely a shadow of where she had hid. The thug gasped when Turles got up from his crouching position, and scrambled to his feet as the urge to flee called to him desperately, but his limbs wouldn't comply. The kid looked young but his physique screamed power, danger, and death; and he thought his judgement day had finally come.

Turles turned around and glared at the man. The thug was on full alert, keeping his guard up and a close watch on Turles' hands, in case they decided to power up again. And even if they did, the thug knew that he wouldn't stand a chance.

Turles studied the being before him with a discriminating glower. He knew the man was frightened to his wits and yet, wouldn't back down, at least not without a fight. With every step forward, the man took one backwards for he obviously had no intention to involve himself with the dangerous spiky-haired entity. And when Turles flashed him a toothy, sinister grin, the man took it more as a shock than surprise.

"Amond," Turles called uncharacteristically in a baritone voice as though they were friends before this, but those who knew him would be aware that the grin was merely a display of deceit and would have noticed when it faltered slightly, "It's nice to finally see you in person. Sorry about the fire. How was the great escape?"

Amond was now confused, flustered even. He backed away a little, wondering who exactly this person was and how the fuck did he know his name and wait… if he knew he had just escaped prison, then that could only mean…

None of this made any sense. Did the kid just imply that he was the one behind the arson? Who the fuck was this brat, anyway?! He growled his frustration, but he got his answers when the kid finally uncoiled his tail from the waist and swayed it lazily behind him, and Amond sneered, instantly recognising his kind. He thought all Saiyans had perished. This kid must be one of those lucky few who managed to escape the meteor shower.

"What the fuck do you want, Saiyan?"

The smile reappeared on Turles' face and was accompanied by a coarse chuckle. "Blunt and unrefined, as always, aren't you, Amond?"

Amond only managed to glare. Time was running out quicker than his heart could beat as distant sirens began to blare closer to where they were. His gaze hardened and eyes narrowed – he would not go back to prison again and this kid was not going to be the cause of it! So he prepared to turn and flee but Turles' voice stopped him once again.

"You can hide from the authorities but you can't run away from me, Amond."

The behemoth snarled, sick of Turles' games, "You have some nerve, kid, threatening me. Do you have any idea who I am?"

Turles' haunting smile remained and he breathed in deeply, closing his eyes, "Of course I know who you are else we wouldn't be standing here," and reopened them, his gaze now deadly and expression blank, "Give me what I want, and I'll give you what you want."

"I don't work with rookies, kid. You're wasting your time," Amond growled.

"Well, then. Your refusal to my offer solidifies the fact that you are no longer useful to me – not that you were of any use to begin with – and it wouldn't be too difficult for me to either kill you here or haul you back to the arms of the Galactic Police. I'm almost certain they'd be more than grateful."

The thug sneered and warily eyed a smirking Turles, but he remained silent. As much as he hated to admit but the runt was right. But why him?

"I'm building a squad that is completely independent from the PTO, and I want your service to purge planets with me and obtain their valuables for our own benefit," he paused, allowing his words to sink into the man's thick skull, then threw in as an afterthought, sweetening his proposal for that one last push, "Imagine all the riches we would be rolling in, all the power we would yield. We would be superior and more people would fear us, and you'd never have to see another prison cell again."

And sweet it was to the ears of a seasoned criminal. Finally comprehending the kid's intention, the corners of Amond's lips curled up ever so slightly before they pulled back into a full blown leer, his eyes smiling as perversely as his lips. Turles' face was shadowed but his eyes gleamed against the moonlight, that little smirk still playing on his lips. A low chuckle reverberated from Amond's throat as he stared at the runt.

The kid's not too bad after all, he thought. And his offer seemed very alluring. It would do him no harm to take up the job and maybe, just maybe, when Planet Nutts was finally out of their radar, he could even escape the boy and be on his merry way. He licked his teeth and smacked his lips, a sight which disgusted Turles greatly, even though he didn't show it.

"When do we start purging, kid?"

Pleased, the young Saiyan's smirk deepened, his face donning a malicious expression, "First, my name is Turles. And second," that smirk of his widened into a devious smile and his canines glinted in the dark, "… We start now."

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