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Two worlds- close together and yet far apart

x-x-x-x-x chapter 1 – the boy – er boys-who-lived x-x-x-x-x

November the first 1981

The day had been a cold but typical British November day. But that did not disturb the wizards and witches whole Britain. You-know-who was defeated. Years of torture, pain and fear were over. And all thanks to the boys-who-lived.

Rumours spread fast and soon both boys were hailed as the saviours. The younger one even more than the older one because Headmaster Dumbledore speculated that Alexander Sirius Potter – Alex for short – had been the one to defeat the dark lord while his brother Harrison James Potter had protected them from the falling debris of the house. Both infants survived with only a scar. Harry with a lightning bolt on his forehead and Alex with a softer S shaped scar on his left cheek.

Dumbledore had guessed that the "S" was the symbol for Slytherin as Voldemort claimed himself to be the heir of the noble house while Harry's scar resembled the rune sowilo as a sign of sun and protection.

Unfortunately Sirius Black who should have been their guardian after the death of James and Lily had gone after Peter Pettigrew and was nowhere to be found.

But the rest of magical Britain did not notice either the missing the Potters' friends or Dumbledore's plight as they were caught up in their relief and parties. Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts and Supreme Mugwump and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot had to sort out the future living arrangements of the twins.

Old magic of blood relation and love had saved them and he had to use this old magic to keep them safe. Even better their mother's only relative was Lily's sister Petunia who had married Vernon Dursley. Both muggles without any connection or even tolerance towards magic.

The two boys would grow strong but moldable there. The ancient wizard had spelled the letter for the Dursleys so that the wards were activated in the very moment they read the letter, together with a compulsion charm that they take in the infants. Another confundus spell was used on his deputy McGonagall. He did not understand why she thought it would be better if the twins grew up in the wizarding world. They would be spoilt and arrogant. No one would follow them into the second war when Voldemort returned and if his theory about the prophecy was correct than Alex had to die in order to defeat the dark lord forever. It would be better when they grew up far away from their fame and would see the magical world as something that deserved to be saved even with Alex's life if it had to be. Far enough away for the wizarding world to forget all about Harry, the other survivor of the night.

The whole discussion and goodbye with Minerva McGonagall and Hagrid in front of Number 4 Privet Drive had gone longer than Dumbledore had expected. Finally the twins were dropped off and he could join the others in one of the uncountable parties.


The Dursleys had not been impressed by the arrival of the additional infants but at least Lily Potter née Evans had been clever enough to register her family, so Petunia and Vernon could get the money from the government and other benefits.

But money did not make family and the Potter boys had learnt rather fast that they were not liked in house No 4.

Several years had passed since the fateful night. Years in which Harry and Alex learnt that they could only rely on each other. And even this was difficult for Harry. He was the older one. He was not yet five years old but he knew already that he had to care for his brother because no one else would do it. He was the older one, Alex was his responsibility.

No one in No4 cared if they were afraid, sick or hurt. But they had to display always the perfect image along the other family members.

Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon always punished Harry for the actions of his brother and his own and left it to him to discipline the younger twin. They got barely enough to eat and only the old clothes of Dudley despite the money the Dursleys got for their care while their cousin was spoilt rotten.

The sad routine of their life was rudely interrupted a month before their fifth birthday with a visit.


"Good morning, Mrs. Dursley, Mr. Dursley." The man greeted the couple neutrally. He was dressed in an expensive, deep blue business suite and his greying hair was short and tidy. Complete opposite to the hair of the twins who were watching the scene from the garden where they had to do their chores.

"My name is Leon King. I'm coming on behalf of Gringotts concerning your nephews."

That was the wrong thing to say. Immediately Vernon turned red and roared what the whelps had done.

"Sir, it's not a topic for the front yard."

Alone the implication that the neighbours could hear them brought Petunia back to her senses and hushed her husband and invited the Gringott's agent into the house.

Harry and Alex looked at each other and stopped weeding the garden.

"What do you think he want?" Alex bit his lips. Harry shrugged.

"The man look really stuffed up. Come on, lets finish. I want to eat tonight..." Harry trailed off and pulled his oversized pants higher. His little brother nodded and soon they were again distracted with the plants.

"Alex, Harrison, come here." Aunt Petunia's voice screeched through from the house to the garden. Alex jumped up immediately, followed closely by Harry but the latter knew something was up.

Petunia never called them by their names and she had used Alex's nickname but not his.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia?" The two boys chorused and waited patiently in the side entrance of the kitchen.

"Quick, wash up and come into the living room." She ordered calmly and without any hint of loathing in her voice.

"Ah, no need. I saw them in the garden earlier. I don't want to intrude on your family any longer." The deep voice of Mr. King came through the open kitchen door.

Mr. King walked in followed by uncle Vernon. The strict man scrutinised the boys in front of him closely. He did not like what he saw.

The boys were too thin as if they had been starved, were wearing hand-me-downs and looked unkempt. Each of them had black short hair with the typical Potter hair. They would need to work on this one.

The boy on his left had emerald green eyes that drew people in. Lily's legacy without a doubt. The lightning bolt shaped scar was nearly hidden beneath his hair. So this was Harrison. Mr. King looked at the other boy. Both were becoming nervous due to the lack of speech while the elderly man eyed them up and down.

Alex Potter looked nearly the same as his brother. Just his eyes and scar made him different. He looked more like a Potter clone with his brown eyes than Harry. When they grew up the differences between them would probably become more obvious.

"Alex and Harrison Potter. Nice to make your acquaintance."He greeted them finally, "Before I am going to explain my presence, I have a few questions. What do you know about your parents?"

Harry and Alex looked at each other before Harry finally answered.

"Their names were James and Lily Potter and married after they left school, had us and died in an accident."

"Ah, yes. Do you know what kind of accident or what they did for living?"

The children shook their heads and King nodded thoughtfully.

"Well, that will take a little more time than expected. Mrs. Dursley, may I? We won't want to soil your beautiful home." He held up a strange stick and Petunia's face became darker but she nodded.

"Scourgify." The business man waved his stick and immediately the two boys were clean and stared at the man open-mouthed.

"Let me tell you a story..."


King had never gone too deeply into details but told them about their heritage as wizards, magic and the wizarding world of course with the vow never to tell anyone who did not already know about magic. He even scrapped over Alex' fame and You-know-who but emphasised their parents' sacrifice instead of some dubious power.

"Have you understood everything?"

"So Harry will get more lessons so we can get out of here?" Alex quipped only registering the opportunity that they could leave the Dursleys someday.

Mr King smiled at their naivety and sent them back into the garden but this time to play and not work. It was sad that the almost five-years old had understood that they could leave their relatives and were looking forward to the day.

He turned around to Vernon and Petunia and shot them a dark look.

"If you don't want a law suit I suggest you start raising them properly. We both need Harrison to grow up independent, responsible and mature enough to gain emancipation as soon as possible or else we could likely gift the Potter fortune to Dumbledore and whoever might want to take advantage of an uneducated Lord. He owns several magical and mundane businesses, your firm Grunnings and even this house belongs to him and any hint of blackmailing or taking advantage of a child will cost you everything and Gringotts doesn't like idle gold and businesses not to mention his political power. Should he be willing to grant you the house or firm later you will have to wait until his twenty-first birthday when it's granted that you did neither steal nor coerced him to do so. Right now the family vaults are closed. Till then you have due to the wills of the Potters right of residence and don't have to pay rent and are allowed to change and decorate it like you want. Raise him properly and he's out of your hair at eleven. He needs magical and mundane knowledge. A suitable tutor for the first introduction will come next week. He will give you a list with neutral magical tutors. I suggest you all take the introduction lessons with him and decide after this how to proceed."

Vernon gnashed his teeth.

"And this title, is it just for your world?" He sneered.

"No, the younger houses that gained nobility are just noble in the wizarding world but as the Potters are one of the oldest houses his title is acknowledged in your world as well. They are not the best known nobles as they tended to stay in the wizarding world and did not socialise with the mundane nobility but his title is valid."

Mr. King bid them farewell and went back to Gringotts to report his observations.

In Privet Drive life was just not the same for everyone after this fateful visit...

x-x-x-x-x chapter 1 end x-x-x-x-x

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