When An Angel Calls

Chapter Eight

~Rosalie POV~

The others returned a couple of hours later, and Emmett and I went downstairs to tell them the news. Esme hugged us both, and Carlisle shook Emmett's hand and congratulated us. Edward tried a smile, but he just looked plain awkward as always.

As Esme started discussing how she was going to decorate for the wedding, I tried not to think about the last time I had been engaged. It would be different this time, with Emmett. I knew that we would both always love each other - really love each other, not fake love like Royce had given me.

"I'll be right back." I said to my family, and I headed towards the door. Emmett went to follow me, but I stopped him with a smile. "I'm okay."

I went outside and walked at a human speed into the forest. I knew it was different, and I knew that Emmett would never treat me the way Royce had treated me, but it still brought up old memories. Old memories that I would rather have stayed buried.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked from behind me. I turned around and tried a smile.

"I'm fine." I said, but it wasn't convincing.

"Maybe you should tell Emmett about it." Edward suggested. My eyes snapped to his in a glare. We didn't talk about Royce - I never had - but of course Edward knew everything. How could I tell Emmett when half the time I couldn't even admit it to myself? "He might be able to help."

"Help how?" I asked, a humourless laugh escaping my lips. "What can anyone do to help?"

"No body can take back what happened to you, Rosalie." Edward said, "But what they can do is help you forget."

"I'll never forget." I said.

"Not completely," Edward agreed, "But I think Emmett can help you start."

I turned away from Edward. I wasn't used to him being nice to me. It was easier when we were arguing; that was normal. I didn't know how to handle this side of Edward. I heard a soft chuckle from behind me, "You didn't think I was all evil, did you?"

I rolled my eyes. There it was; the annoying mind-reading Edward. "We should go back."

Edward caught my arm as I passed him, "You don't need to worry about him anymore."

Of course I knew who Edward meant by 'him'. I wasn't sure I agreed with his words exactly, but I nodded.

"Thanks." I said, and then I disappeared, running back to the house at vampire speed. Emmett smiled at me when I entered, silently asking me if I was okay. I wanted to nod, but Edward's words stuck with me. You should tell Emmett about it.

If we were getting married, we shouldn't have secrets, right? And I could trust Emmett with this, couldn't I?

He was still watching me, growing worried when I didn't reply. I tried a smile, but it didn't really work. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure." Emmett said, following me outside. Neither of us said anything as we walked into the forest, far enough away that no one in the house would hear our conversation.

I turned to him, but the words caught in my mouth when I saw his bright smile and shining eyes. He was so happy. Like, all the time. Was I really about to come in and tell him my somewhat depressing story? More to the point, would I be able to get through it without breaking down from the memory?

"What's up?" Emmett asked brightly.

"I..." I studied the ground for a moment, before finally looking back up at his expectant face, "I have something to tell you...about my past. My human life. It's going to be hard for me, so I need you to let me get through it, okay?"

Emmett nodded, his smile dimming even though he was obviously trying to keep it in place. I looked at my hands, twiddling them around and interlocking the fingers together. My engagement ring caught in the afternoon sun, and it gave me the courage to tell my story.

I started right from the beginning; how I'd met Royce, and how much my family had approved of him. We'd quickly become engaged, and I'd found myself thinking I was in love with him. My voice caught a little as the story reached that night, but I carried on. I told Emmett what had happened. How Royce had raped and beaten me, and then walked away, leaving me on the sidewalk for his friends to use as they wanted. When they were done, they'd left me too. I'd remained on that sidewalk for hours, in great pain and feeling used and degraded. I'd wanted nothing more in that moment that to be dead.

"Carlisle found me and changed me, and that's how I ended up here." I finished. I'd been looking down at my hands for my entire tale, but now I looked up. He was watching me, an emotion in his eyes that I couldn't work out.

He turned, and calmly walked to a nearby tree. With no warning whatsoever, he tore the tree from the ground and hurled it across the clearing. I shrieked as I watched it smash into a million tiny splinters and leave giant cracks in the trees it connected with. Emmett grabbed another tree and threw this one too.

"Emmett, stop it!" I said, watching in horror as he destroyed tree after tree. I ran towards him, standing right in front of him and grabbing his hands to stop him from throwing anything else, "Emmett, stop!"

"How dare he." Emmett snarled, "How dare he treat you like that, and think he can get away with it? Where is he now? I'll kill him. I'll rip him apart piece by piece."

The look of pure rage on his face actually scared me, "Emmett, calm down please!"

"Where is he?" Emmett yelled.

"He's dead!" I yelled back, "He's dead, and all his lousy disgusting friends are dead too! I killed them, I killed all of them!"

Emmett stopped growling and looked down at me. After a seconds pause, he pulled his hands free and grabbed me by the arms, "I will never - never - let anyone hurt you again. Do you understand Rosalie? Never."

He had a look in his eye that told me he would do something crazy at any moment, like dig up Royce from his grave and try to kill him all over again. He was shaking me and I couldn't push him away. "Emmett stop it, you're scaring me!"

He froze immediately, worry flashing through his eyes. Then he wrapped his arms around me so tight I thought he'd crush me altogether. "I love you, Rosalie." He held me away from him a little so he could look down into my eyes, "You know that I would never ever hurt you like that bastard did, don't you?"

I nodded, "I know you wouldn't."

And I did. Whilst my past experience and instinct told me that men were not to be trusted, that all went out the window when it came to Emmett. I'd trust Emmett with anything, everything.

Just like that, every insecurity and fear I'd ever had vanished. None of it mattered anymore, because I had Emmett. He was all I ever needed.

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