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"Rachel…. Why would you care? It's only Slutana!" Finn said.

"Don't call her that… You don't even know her!" I said.

"Yeah I do… I lost my virginity to her..." He stopped right there knowing his terrible mistake.

It was a hit under the belt for me and he knew it…

"I'm so sorry Rach..."

"Save it!" I reacted coldly in a look that would make even Quinn proud.



I think you haven't really got what just happened have you?!

Well I think it will be the best if we'll get back to the very start…

It all started with one rumor… but it was the one rumor that would change everything…

You'll see…

Now let's get this story started shall we?

"Tell me it's not true San!" I told Santana at her locker while she was pulling out her books.

"Tell you what's not true Rach?" Santana said, "And for the love of god keep your voice down!"

We were best friends for ever but no one noticed.

Oh, why?! Cause we have kept it to ourselves …

The reason… well you guessed right- Sue Sylvester.

When Santana got into the Cheerios Sue told her to get rid of her friendship with me only because it would have lower Santana's popularity and as a result the Cheerios popularity.

So Santana did it but only in the school ground, at home it was completely different.

And back to the story:

"Sorry… but please tell me the rumors aren't true…" I cried out.

"What rumors for god sake? There are many of those…" the Cheerio replied.

"Those about you and Brittany having…you know…" I blushed, I could feel my face get warmer, I was the worst at those kind of talks…I couldn't even say it, especially in front of Santana.

Santana just smiled at me and my innocence.

"Sex? Is that what you wanted to say? Then yes… we've started dating few days ago…"

I choked "How could you…" I held back the 'How could you do this to me' And instead said "…Not tell me about it? Why do I need to hear it from Kurt, no less?!"

"Well I didn't think it would matter to you… You know… You don't have to hear about my sex life…" Santana seemed a little shocked but then smiled again… "It's not such a big of a deal… you know me better than this Rach…" She told me.

"Yeah you are right… I have never got it though… How… Sexual intercourse means nothing to you…" I said, blushing-again (of course).

"Really Rachel?! Do you have to say 'Sexual intercourse'? Why can't you just say 'Sex'? It's not a swear honey." I couldn't hold myself from smiling; I loved those pet names…

She always does that, making me smile, I mean.

Even on my worst day she knew how to make me feel better.

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