Hey guys! This is my new story for Cheaper by the Dozen. So yeah. If anyone wants me to update alot specifically on any of my stories u can pm or comment about which story/stories.



Sarah was sitting in her room singing along to her iPhone while her brother,Jake, and his friend,Elliot, were spying on her. Sarah and Elliot secrectly liked eachother, but never said anything. "All she's doing is singing" Jake nodded. Sarah stopped "You guys can come in ya know"Sarah said to the boys. Jake opened the door with Elliot following him. "How'd you know we were out there? Were you stalking us?" Jake said. He wasn't the smartest person on earth. If you know what I mean. "Yes,Jake I was just sitting in my room minding my own business while you sat outside my door,spying.I'm totally the stalker in this situation."Sarah said laughing. Jake looked down in defeat. It is a year after the summer at Lake Winnetka, (Sarah and Elliot's date never happened)the Maurtaughs moved across the street from the Bakers."Elliot is sleeping over tonight." Jake said "ok" Sarah said not looking up from her cellphone. "Who ya texting? Your boyfriend?"Jake said teasingly "Shutup!" Sarah said elbowing Jake. "Who's your boyfriend?"Elliot said teasingly but he was dieing inside. "Colby Jackson" Jake said before Sarah could answer. Sarah looked down.

ELLIOT POV (point of view)

I can't beleive it! I'm gonna kill Colby. How could she even like him he gets a new girlfriend like every week. "I left something at my house I'll be back in a few minutes"I told them and ran out the door to find Colby. I saw him walking down the street with a group of ! He's got backup. I heard Colby say something about asking some girl Olivia out. "Aren't you dating Sarah?"I asked walking up to them. "You won't tell her will you"he said meanly. He was about a foot taller than me and so were his friends I had no chance of telling him off "no I won't I dont want to be the one to break her heart I'll leave that to you."I said just as mean then I walked away. As I walked back to the Bakers' I couldn't stop thinking about Sarah,her brown hair,brown eyes,and her amazing singing voice. Before I knew it I saw the Bakers' house with Sarah and Jake skateboarding in the driveway. I saw Sarah and Jake collide and Sarah fell,HARD. I heard a crack! Anything but her bone,please anyting but her bone! "Ouch! Ughh really Jake?!" Sarah yelled I ran over "I heard a crack is your arm broken?"I asked concerned "I cant bend it and it hurts really bad so probably" Sarah said. Jake had run off with some friends when I had run over to help Sarah. I help her up and we walked inside. "Mom,I fell on my Jake pushed me and I think my arm is broken."Sarah said calmly. How can she be so calm wth a broken arm?