Hey guys I'm back! Ok this next part is kinda

IMPORTANT in some of my stories it takes out some of the words so yeah.


Ughh Jake is such an idiot! So we went to the doctors' and I sprained my arm. So I have to use an ace bandage for about a week and then go back for another x-ray. When we got home Mom made Jake apologize and then Elliot came back over and all 3 of us headed up to Jake's bedroom. He has a metal bunkbed so while the guys were sitting on the floor playing a game, I was hanging upside down from the top bunk like I usually do. I know probably not a smart idea but oh well. Anyways while I was hanging up there Colby texted me.

(colby-bold sarah-regular)

Hey beautiful. ;)

Hey :)

I heard about ur arm :( r u ok?

Yea I just sprained it. I'll be fine thanks :)

Alright let me know if u need anything.

Ok I will thanks! :)

Luv u babe

Love you too

Apparently I was smiling because next thing I know is Jake steals my phone and is going through my recent texts with Colby! Then he starts reading them out loud!

"Hey give that back!" I say and I do a flip to get down from the bed.

I'm about to get to Jake when all of the sudden Elliot grabs my waist and is holding me back while Jale reads the most embarrssing part of all of the conversations I've ever had with Colby!

"Lu-" Just as he is about to read the next part i break from Elliot ,grab my phone ,and run to my room and delete the messages.

Jake pov

"I saw the whole message. He doesnt love her!" I say.

"How do you know?" Elliot asks me.

"He said 'Luv u babe' spelled L-U-V not L-O-V-E then U not Y-O-U!" I exclaim

Elliot then tells me about earlier, when he encountered Colby. That boy is dead.