Sometimes… he dreams.

He dreams of 6 years ago when he was 10 years old, when his relatives on their way to their new home in Japan stopped by an old abandoned amusement park. When their selfishness reached a whole new high and they ate food from those stalls-of when they were turned into pigs.

Sometimes he dreams… of those days under contract to work in the bath house in the spirit world. Of his friends… Lin... Kamajii… No Face… Granny… Bo..and him.


His dreams mostly featured the river spirit whom he had fallen in love with.

Their last promise echoed in his dreams.

"Can we meet again?"

"I'm sure."



He wanted to cry from the fact that it had been 6 years ago… 6 long years since he had seen his Haku. 6 long years of hardship, of war, of insults by his aunt, uncle, and cousin.

"Hey… come here… come to me. We will see each other soon don't worry." His voice resounded in the dream, his hand out stretched. He started to hold his hand out to grasp the dragons and then…

Harry James Potter woke up with a start gasping for air and clutching at his chest.

Okay so this is my new plot bunny. I just watched Spirited Away for the first time in years yesterday (in original japanese gosh Haku's voice is so cute ;;) so I decided to give this plot a chance. I don't know when my next update is and I'm thinking of having this be a 3 shot or 4 shot or something close to there maybe.

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